Bummer: Abortion And Illegal Alien Activist Held By ICE

There’s a talking point from immigration supporters, mostly in terms of discussing illegal immigration, that they don’t want the bad ones, just the good ones. Which is contradicted all the time when sanctuary cities and states refuse to cooperate with Los Federales in detaining the criminal ones. In this case, though, the immigrant in question is not an illegal, just a jerk and bad one, and has given other activists a sad

(Washington Post) Immigrant groups in Northern Virginia are pushing for the release of a prominent local activist who is being held in Arizona after appearing there for what she believed would be a routine hearing on a pending deportation case.

Alejandra Pablos, 32, traveled to the Phoenix area this week to check in with immigration officials in a 2013 case that stemmed from a felony conviction for driving under the influence in Arizona three years earlier.

Although Pablos is a legal permanent resident who grew up in Arizona, the DUI conviction qualifies as a “crime involving moral turpitude” that, under federal immigration law, makes her subject to deportation.

She will be held in a detention center outside Tucson until December, when she is next scheduled to appear in court, the result of a Supreme Court ruling last month that people being held for deportation are not entitled to a bond hearing.

The WP kinda glosses over that “felony conviction.” She has had multiple DUI convictions, and one of them was bad enough to be a felony and spend time in jail. She also has many minor convictions and failures to appear in court. She may not be a hardened criminal, but she is what the Phoenix calls a troublemaker. She’s also recently been arrested for trespassing and obstruction of justice. Perhaps if she really cared about her green card and permanent resident status she’d have lived a clean life. She knows what the terms of that green card are. It’s on her for violating it.

“ICE lied to me,” Pablos said in a Facebook video she recorded shortly after she was detained Wednesday. “I went in there in good faith.”

She’s actually been under deportation threat for several years

(Life News) Rewire reports she lost her permanent resident status two years ago after a drug-related arrest.

This is on her. She should have kept her nose clean. Life News also notes

Alejandra Pablos, 32, is an abortion and immigration activist who works for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Rewire reports. She also works with We Testify, a pro-abortion group that encourages women to publicly share how they benefited from aborting their unborn babies.

All her supporters are whining about this and that and the other, claiming she was targeted, blah blah blah. All she had to do was keep her nose clean. She can raise her fist in defiance all she wants. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And Other Idiots excusing her criminal actions simply because she is an activist leader is absurd.

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