We Can Totally Fight ‘Climate Change’ With Mac And Cheese Or Something

For the Hotcoldwetdry virtue signaler in you

Smart Macaroni and Cheese Fights Dumb Climate Change

It’s easy to feel terrified about climate change, mostly because thinking about the Earth’s rising temperatures and how that will decimate life on this planet is terrifying…..

…..But it’s also terrifying because it can make you feel helpless. Yeah you can be guilted into taking fewer showers or eating less meat, but the impact of single person can make is basically non-existent compared to the massive carbon emissions of unfeeling corporations enabled by uncaring governments.

It’s easy to be a raving nutjob worried about the weather. At least back during the days when people were being accused of being witches and mucking with the weather it was simply a matter of a dearth of science. Same when people were sacrificed to the gods for better weather. Now, Warmists have no excuses.

That’s why it’s so encouraging to see larger-scale business take genuine steps to make their practices more environmentally friendly. It briefly stops the terror. Take for example this new macaroni and cheese made with anti-climate change “regenerative agriculture” farming techniques. Finally, a good use for cheese!

Annie’s homegrown elbow pasta and cheddar is the brain (and brawn) child of Montana farmer Nate Powell-Palm. On Powell-Palm’s farm they use several advanced eco-farm strats (I like to think that’s what they are called) to grow crops in ways that help the Earth instead of hurting it. Different crops like wheat and peas, along with livestock and their precious manure, are rotated in a way that helps the soil stay healthy with varied nutrients. This makes it easier to grow stuff all the time, and by making sure something is always growing the soil can maintain more carbon and nitrogen instead of spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

One has to wonder if they really believe this, or if Annie’s is simply patronizing a bunch of anthropogenic climate change believing idjits. Because Annie’s is actually owned by mega-corp General Mills. Anyhow, why doesn’t everyone do this? Good question

So why don’t we just do all farming like this? Well it takes a lot of effort. This macaroni from Annie’s is one of the larger scale attempts but even it is being produced on a limited run. They’re only making as much as the farm will allow, and the food market at large doesn’t have that kind of patience. Capitalism, baby!

Realistically, it simply looks like Annie’s is just doing normal smart things, like rotating crops. I’m not a farmer, but, living in NC for so long one picks up things, especially with NC State nearby, being a massive agricultural school. If they want to go this, great! If they can sell to gullible Warmists, great! Of course, a goodly chunk of these same Warmists want to do away with capitalism.

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