California Will Fight Federal Marijuana Crackdown Or Something

Suddenly, Democrats don’t like The Federal Government running things

(ABC10)  California’s Democratic attorney general says his office will vigorously enforce the state’s new recreational marijuana law despite the threat of a federal crackdown.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday criticized U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to end a policy directing federal authorities to take a hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement.

He says California voters decided it is best to regulate rather than criminalize cannabis. He says Californians “embrace, not fear, change.”

Becerra says the state’s Department of Justice will do what it can to protect California’s interests.

Obviously, this is in response to Jeff Sessions deciding that, hey, there’s actually a federal law that says growing, distributing, and using marijuana is illegal, and he plans on, get this, enforcing it. There’s a lot of wiggle room in the order, but, it has given many politicians and growers heartache. It’s even made some worry about (laughably) a midterm backlash.

I’ve made my opinion clear numerous times here: I really do not care if people smoke pot. I don’t. I used to, long ago. I find it boring now, though. Doesn’t excite me. But, if people are allowed to drink alcohol, a much worse drug than marijuana, then pot should be legal, and, more importantly, it should be up to the States. It should not be a federal power, except in terms of importing from other countries or across state lines, and, as to the latter, really only in terms of taxation.

But, it is a federal law that has been on the books since the 1930’s. If they don’t like the law, change it! They can’t pick and choose which laws are OK and not OK arbitrarily. Remember, for instance, how Democrats blew a gasket over Arizona’s SB1070 law regarding illegal immigration. They stated that federal law had primacy, and must be followed to the letter. Why is marijuana law different?

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4 Responses to “California Will Fight Federal Marijuana Crackdown Or Something”

  1. Stosh says:

    Breaking News: in keeping with the strong States Rights being supported by both parties…

    California has announced the formulation of their own immigration laws, totally open borders.
    Texas has announced the immediate deportation of anyone not born to US citizens, no exceptions.
    Illinois has announced the total ban of all guns including water pistols
    Wyoming has announced the legalization of automatic weapons and RPGs

    A large number of states are formulating laws to make the federal income tax illegal and unenforceable.

  2. Uncle Max says:

    Yep… agree with you completely Mr. Teach. It’s not Sessions.. he’s just restoring the law. Congress has to change the law. This whole thing is the perfect lever to attack Federal overreach and commerce-clause games in a bunch of areas. Restore states rights and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. What does “vigorously enforcing” legalization look like? He is going to make people possess weed?

  4. Jeffery says:

    Note too that in these 28 states that marijuana is a multibillion dollar industry involving farming, manufacturing, distribution and finance.

    Do you think tRump will go after the banks that are financing these businesses or will he focus on users, especially in blue states?

    LOL. That’s rhetorical.

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