If All You See…

…is clothing totally in touch with nature which means less carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post on a women claiming Senator Al Franken groped her.

A little late, got jammed up with work.

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36 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    That photo is gropalicious.

    —Sen. S. Smalley (D)

  2. McGehee says:

    I see very little clothing. There’s too much of it.

  3. Jeffery says:

    “I would love to grab her pussy! In fact, I think I did!”

    — D. Trump (R)

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Didja hear that Al Franken shortened his name?

    It used to be Frankengropehertitsandassenstein.

    You’re welcome.

  5. drowningpuppies says:


    Washington Post: Eight Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Having Sexually Harassed Them, With “Nudity,” “Groping,” and “Lewd Calls”

    What is it with libs?

    • Rotterdam says:

      The power they have wielded has gone to their heads. These people are perverts and if they worked in a factory would be facing 20 years to life. If they were black they would be facing 50 years to the death penalty but since they are White Perverts in positions of power they get suspended and their response is “Im embarrassed” Only because they got caught.

      The power elite is crumbling. Trump has done exactly what he said he would do. Bring down the establishment and drain the swamp.

      He is the first politician in history I think to actually do what he said he would do. Whats funny is that the Libs and the elites are doing it to themselves in an effort to out manuever Trump and impeach him over nothing so they can all go back to groping women and milking donors for millions for pay to play.

      Even Hillary last night went off on a rant over Trump during a tribute to Bill Clinton. Its so funny. Trump speaks and the entire world collapses to the ground in a fit of hysteria all climbing over each other to attack him when they fail to grasp he is TROLLING THEM.

      Laughing out loud here at the total collapse of the power elite which includes the powers that be in the MSM and hollywood.

    • Jeffery says:

      Libs like Don tRump, Roy Moore, Mark Sanford, Robert Packwood, David Vitter, Charles Payne, George H.W. Bush, Philip Giordano, Roger Ailes, Dick Armey, Bill O’Reilly, Dan Burton, all of FOX News and on and on and on?

      Over a dozen women have accused almost president Don tRump of sexual harassment and assault. tRump has even admitted “grabbing them by their pussy”.

      What is it with Con Men?

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Former IRS executive Lois G. Lerner told a federal court last week that members of her family, including “young children,” face death threats and a real risk of physical harm if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal becomes public.

    That’s too bad, sugartits.
    Should be in prison with the rest of the Obama crime syndicate.


  7. drowningpuppies says:

    Oh my goodness…
    Charlie Rose suspended by CBS, PBS, and Bloomberg for being such a lib poonhound.
    Sorry, Charlie, you won’t be missed. Maybe Rather can help.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Why is it lib men who claim to be “feminists” do so simply to sniff and track poon?

      Hmmm, maybe we’re begining to see a pattern .here?

  8. drowningpuppies says:

    Democrats; Party of pervs and poonhounds.

    Is there any wonder why the little guy supports them?

    • Jeffery says:

      And yet is you and your ilk, including Dotard tRump and most of the GOP, that support a known child molester for our US Senate. Just because Moore is a Republican who will vote tRump’s way…

      Moore didn’t just touch a grown woman’s butt. He didn’t just try to snatch a kiss from an adult. Moore transported a female child to his home, undressed her and himself and tried to have sex with her. And it appears there are other occurrences of this kind of criminal behavior by Moore.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        And the little guy continues too smear others without any proof whatsoever while refusing to deny he assraped his young grandson many years ago.
        Keep it up, perv.

        • Jeffery says:

          You support a known child molester for our US Senate. Care to explain? We didn’t think so.

          Why do you live in the only state where “puppy love” is still legal?

  9. Jeffery says:

    Roy Moore, then a 32 year old assistant DA, sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl.

  10. Jeffery says:

    Why does the far-right support Moore? He’s the tip of the spear for white christian nationalism with one tenet being the subjugation of females to male superiority.

    In the white evangelical nationalist movement the possession of teen girls by older men is accepted and encouraged. It’s just the law of the land that (sometimes) stand betweens these men and their child victims.

    The control of women by male supremacists is also evidenced by the anti-birth control and anti-abortion movements. It’s about controlling women.

    • Dana says:

      “Anti-birth control movement?”

      You remind me of the ridiculous Amanda Marcotte, who, in attempting to ‘prove’ that the evil right-wingers wanted to make contraception illegal, could cite only the very small group Quiverfill, which does oppose contraception and supports large families. The group has microscopic support, and most conservative women use or have used contraception.

      I do oppose the Obumble contraception mandate, which forced companies to include no-copayment contraception in their insurance plans. While I can see how many companies might actually like that — reducing the number of children their employees have would mean lower family insurance costs and less family leave time off — those companies which have objections should not be forced to do this. The scumbags in the Obama Administration wanted to use this punitively against Catholic organizations such as Catholic Charities.

  11. Jeffery says:

    So the GOP will install a pedophile (actually, a hebephile/ephebophile) in our Senate so they can pass tax cuts for the wealthy/corporations, raise taxes on the rest, increase the national debt, kick people off healthcare, and cripple the economy.

    That’s how obedient the GOP is to their real base, the wealthy.

    • Dana says:

      Some of us dislike Roy Moore, but think it better to have a Senator who may or may not have tried to f(ornicate) an underaged girl 38 years ago than a Democrat who will try to f(ornicate) the entire country now.

      • Jeffery says:


        Decent society knows exactly what you and your tribe think. It’s your opinion that any Democrat will try to “fvck the entire country”, yet many more Americans are of the opinion that the conservative Republicans led by tRump, are “fvcking the entire country now”. It’s a fact that Roy Moore tried to rape a 14 year old girl.

        After all, you also support tRump.


        We get it. We all give a wider birth to members of our own tribe. Many on the left defended Bill Clinton’s affair with a young intern, but at least he was investigated and even impeached (but not convicted). George H.W. Bush has apparently grabbed more young butt during photo shoots than tRump and Franken combined, but he gets a pass, because Dems, Reps and the media alike liked him.

        Moore tried to rape a child.

        • david7134 says:

          You have no idea of “decent society”.

          Now, prove that Moore tried to do anything with an underage girl.

          • Jeffery says:

            I know “decent” when I see it and it ain’t you, dave.

            Do you believe any of the women who have accused Clinton, Moore, tRump, Spacey, Franken, O’Reilly, Ailes, Weinstein etc of sexual harassment? Do you think all the women and men are lying?

            If that’s the standard then why worry about any of it? Did you support the impeachment of that scalawag Bill Clinton for allegedly lying about blowjobs? Did you believe the stories about President Obama having gay lovers?

            I know “decent” when I see it and it ain’t you, dave.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Moore tried to rape a child.

          From the little old assraper himself.

          • Jeffery says:

            From the little old dogsucker himself.

          • david7134 says:

            From your comments, racism, bigotry, and the support you lend to corrupt officials and known sex deviates you don’t have a clue of what is decent.

  12. drowningpuppies says:

    More news from the party of poonchasers, pedophiles, and perverts…

    Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.


  13. Jeffery says:

    Never get caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy… h/t to Edwin Edwards (D-LA)

    Ralph Shortey, a married family values Republican, Oklahoma state Senator and tRump campaign coordinator elected to get caught with a live boy in his bed. He was busted paying a 17 yr old boy for sex… he can get 10 years to life for paying a youngster for sex. At least Moore was wily enough not to offer the girls money!


    Keep this in mind when listening to so-called Family Values Republicans like Roy Moore.

    “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    • david7134 says:

      You are playing yesterday’s game. You don’t seem to have a concept of the fact that things changed some time ago. You keep on about Republican and Democrat. We refer to them as the uniparty. They are the same. The only difference is that the Democrats are solidly corrupt. The desire is to run all of them out.

      • rotterdam says:

        This is something many are missing.

        Trump was voted despite all his pitfalls to be chemo for DC. So far Id say its working. Hollywood is turning on itself. DC is turning on itself. And don’t forget that Moore is a Breitbart example of Politics. No doubt Bannon is a pervert too. It seems to come with anyone who becomes anyone in this world these days.

        Anyone remember the President of Spain being ousted over his flings?

        The results just keep rolling in.

        Spain’s Playground For The Wealthy Becomes Corruption Scandal Epicenter

        Corruption: Former Prime Minister José Sócrates arrested – Portugal

        UK sexual harassment scandal claims ‘first scalp’

        PARLIAMENT PERVS EU parliament revealed as ‘hotbed of sexual harassment’ after women accuse politicians of indecent exposure, stalking and being ‘treated like meat’

        After the Harvey Weinstein scandal engulfed Hollywood, now workers in Brussels say there is a problem at the heart of the European Union too

        IT goes on and on and on. Folks. The power elite which the Jefferys of the world defend have run amuck. People here at this website want people like Moore hung. Hes a GOP. They want Franken gone. Hes a democrat.

        Most of those who voted for Trump want this new world order put out of business. Period. No matter whose heads have to roll.

        • Jeffery says:

          Rot typed:

          The power elite which the Jefferys of the world defend have run amuck

          Whom am I defending? America?

          Same question to you since you invoked me for no obvious reason, even after you said you were through responding, and since you have the unique experience here of being an unAmerican foreigner: Can you list 5 key tenets of your movement?

          President Trump is extremely pro-Russia and pro-China, the seats of international communism. Does Trump’s pro-communist leanings concern you? (Note: the current Russian government is not communist).

          Trump opposes spending money on international environmental endeavors, including restoring the SA rain forests. According to you the loss/degradation of the world’s rain forests is THE existential threat to humankind. Does Trump’s anti-environmental leanings concern you?

          The GOP (Good Ol’ Pedophiles) continues to introduce traditional far-right bills to reward the wealthy at the expense of the working men and women of America, all at Trump’s behest, and contrary to his campaign rhetoric. The healthcare repeal bill certainly did not offer “low-cost, better healthcare” for all, and the tax bill under consideration is an all out assault on working Americans – drastically cutting taxes for the wealthy (including the Trump family, about 1.1 billion cut) with no reason to think it will “stimulate the economy”. Trump is desperate to sign anything so he can claim victory.

          If you’re interested in what will help the American middle classes (and the world), read Senator Sanders’ platform. In America, we are steadily redistributing the fruits of productivity UP to the wealthy.

          • Rotterdam says:

            Your ramblings make no sense as usual.

            Russia is not communist. It is a Plutocracy with a dozen communist parties influencing not only policy within Russia but they have links to chapters spread all across Europe.

            But lets assume for a moment that the former Communist KGB head who now runs Russia is not communist at heart then why is he the enemy? Why is it such a problem that the USA would cozy up to Putin. Obama did it. Bush did it. Trump is trying to have a working relationship with them. But for some reason the collective left has lost their minds and even some suggested going to war with Russia because they meddled in our election.

            Like this?

            At a crisis meeting with his advisers on Dec. 8 of that year, the Russian leader chose to lay the blame on one meddling foreign diplomat: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
            “She set the tone for certain actors inside the country; she gave the signal,” Putin said of Clinton at the time, accusing her of ordering the opposition movement into action like some kind of revolutionary sleeper cell. “They heard this signal and, with the support of the U.S. State Department, started actively doing their work.”

            The Obama presidential election team has set up camp in Tel Aviv with the mission to defeat Netanyahu in our upcoming election.

            The “Anyone but Bibi” mission is headed by Jeremy Bird, Obama’s National Field Director in his successful presidential campaigns.

            Under Bird, a group called “Victory 15” has been set up. It has recruited the young activists from Israel’s 2013 social protest movement and will man a massive social network and personal contact campaign to defeat Bibi. V15 is financed by an NGO called “One Voice” whose motto is to be “the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians.” Research finds that One Voice is funded by John Kerry’s State Department.

            “Isn’t it interesting that her campaign is now experiencing the same thing that she perpetrated on other countries,” Netherton told The Huffington Post, as she awaited Sanders’ speech Monday night.
            “She did this in Haiti, she did this in Honduras, and now it’s coming back on her and she’s all verklempt about it,” Netherton added. “It’s a little bit of her own medicine, but unfortunately I don’t think she’s open minded enough to see that for what it is.”

            After seeing success in Italy, the CIA took this formula — which involved using millions of dollars to run influence campaigns — and brought it to places like Guatemala, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Afghanistan and beyond.

            The Shah of Iran was propped up by the USA.

            There are many others but Im not going to get into them in depth. Such as setting up most of the leaders after WW2. Including forcing Japan into a democracy as well as Germany and Italy.

            Your continued obsession with deflecting the debate can always be met with facts. The discussion was about your continued attempts at linking the right to perverts and was met with this website wants ALL perverts gone. Not just those on the left but those on the right as well, but instead you then deflect the debate into Communism and Russia while returning once again to calling the GOP Grand Ol’ Pedophiles.

            You are really a very poor paid agitator.

      • Jeffery says:


        What does your new movement stand for?

        Can you list 5 key planks without getting angry and making personal attacks? Thanks.

        • Rotterdam says:

          1. Defeat Elitism
          2. Defeat Super pacs.
          3. Defeat the establishment
          4. Defeat the new world order.
          5. Defeat trade deals that are not beneficial to the USA.
          6. Nationalism and self pride in ones country.
          7. Find common ground with those on both sides of the political perspective to help the working class while not penalizing the poor or the rich.
          8. Get the Main Stream Media in line so that they are once again reporting the hard news rather than mouthing talking points for the left.
          9. Call out hollywood and their perverted society of elitism.
          10. Establish a return to law and order.
          11. Defeat open borders.
          12. Resist the New World Order in which the elites of the world tell the other 95 percent of the world to shut up and to live how they are told.
          13. Reestablish pride in the Flag, America and encourage each nation around the world to do the same.
          14. Nationalism is an important feature but it is a hinderance to the open borders new world order thus the new world order must be defeated before it destroys the economies of the world.
          15. Clean the swamp. The swamp includes not only elected but non elected people who have become obstructionist and no longer believe in the rule of law.
          16. Return immigration to a merit based system in which immigration is encouraged in an orderly fashion in which the immigrants assimilate into the American Culture.
          17. Defeate Political Correctness.

          There are many more. Trump is not a democrat. he is not a republican. He is a nationalist. Even your own ABC news pronounced this on election night. He is willing to work with whomever to get things done.

          The left has become the OPPOSITION. The RESISTANCE. Screw the American people. Trump must be destroyed.

          There now you understand what the new World order in America is all about. Individual soverignty by each nation free from interference by the CIA in meddling in their affairs because it does not benefit some rich Ogliarch in the USA, Europe or Russia.

          • Jeffery says:

            Sounds like totalitarianism. Do you think our America needs a dose to totalitarianism from someone such as Trump?

        • david7134 says:

          No, that sounds like freedom. But why are you worried about Trump? We just finished with the worst president in our history, Obama. Trump is correcting all the wrongs of the last 8 years.

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