There’s Only One Solution To Mass Shootings Or Something

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump thinks he’s found it, in what is supposed to be a straight news article, but goes down the opinion road

There’s only one surefire answer to the problem of mass shootings

(He goes through a lot of this and that and the other, blaming White men, not blaming White men (while refusing to acknowledge the mass shootings committed by Islamists, as well as Black in origin shootings), going on about mental health, violence towards women, and even notes that just 14 of 33 mass shootings were by White males. Leading to)

But the picture also suggests there isn’t necessarily a consistent pattern in the characteristics of a mass shooter. If the goal is to prevent future mass shootings, it’s tricky to see where to apply leverage. The only overwhelmingly common characteristic is that the perpetrators were men — but neither gender nor race could form the basis of a ban on gun ownership.

And Bump comes to the realization

In other words, the only surefire way to help prevent mass shootings — or any shootings — is to broadly limit access to guns in general. During the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Trump was in Japan. Last year, as many people died from gun violence in the entire country of Japan as died in the Texas shooting over the weekend (including Kelley). (snip)

Advocates for reducing gun violence, then, are left in an unfortunate position. There are often warning signs that can be addressed before a shooter decides to open fire, but there often aren’t. There are demographic factors that seem to recur — but not universally. The one consistent factor is that the shooter has access to a firearm, and that’s perhaps the one factor that has proven politically impossible to overcome.

Politically impossible, because we have a 2nd Amendment, unlike Japan (which Bump mentions). Regardless, it’s always about disarming Citizens with Leftists.

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16 Responses to “There’s Only One Solution To Mass Shootings Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    But there is something which President Trump could, on his own, do in response to #TexasChurchMassacre. He could order changes which would require military prosecutors to charge to the maximum, and not accept plea bargains for minimum sentences. He could make orders which do not allow administrative closing of cases until all reporting to civilian authorities has been completed.

    Devin Kelley’s case is a bit of an outlier: most of the bad guys have civilian criminal records. We need to have prosecutors charge to the maximum extent of the law, and judges give out maximum sentences. I’ve documented several instances in which the failure to imprison to the maximum has led to murder by thugs who should have still been in jail, Mr Kelley among them.

  2. Stosh says:

    Banning drugs has worked so well, banning guns is sure to be successful…

    • Jeffery says:

      Actually, firearms restrictions work quite well in other advanced nations, but most have a long history of restrictions. This will not work in the US.

      Common sense actions like universal background checks (to catch violence prone individuals such as the Texas murderer), restricting semi to full auto, restricting magazine size, though favored by the citizenry are opposed by conservatives and the NRA.

      Conservatives, lock, stock and barrel, run America now, so any changes will have to go through them.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    The hero who stopped the gunman behind the deadly Texas church massacre said using an AR-15 enabled him to end the bloodshed.

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