We Could End ‘Climate Change’ By Doing Just One Thing Or Something

And preferably with the Helping Hand Of Government (rules), as brought to us by Jimmy Pierson, the UK director of ProVeg International

We could end climate change by 2057 – we just have to make one very simple change

It’s 2057. Forty years from now. What does the world look like? Forget any dystopian visions you might have seen – there can be a glorious future ahead of us all. Here’s a quick look.

Let’s start with one of the greatest achievements in the history of humankind: curbing climate change. We did it. We managed to halt its seemingly unstoppable path to destruction. Best of all, it was done by the people. Through individual action alone, food emissions are down by around 70 per cent.

Our oceans are once again full of life, our rivers repopulated and unpolluted. Trees are back on previously bare hills, and wild animalshave taken up residence in our countryside. We’ve re-engaged and reconnected with nature, and we are much happier for it.

It’s kumbaya land, where type 2 diabetes is virtually gone, no one is obese, heat disease is way down, beating cancer is almost here, children are playing outside (only if they get rid of smartphones), hunger is gone, and

We also fundamentally overhauled our food system. The UK took the opportunity presented by Brexit to become a world leader in creating a sustainable food system that provided jobs, fed families and consigned food banks to the past. Other countries soon followed our lead.

As part of this shake-up, fresher, healthier foods now enjoy government subsidies, making them more affordable and accessible for all. Good health is not determined by class, race, gender, financial status or any other factor.

Isn’t it interesting how everything revolves around giving Government massive new power? In the UK, they already control healthcare. Now the Warmists want to give them control of our food.

How was this new world achieved? By major technological breakthrough? Did science come along to solve all our problems? No. It was a change so simple you probably wouldn’t believe it. We just started substituting meat with plant-based alternatives. Meal by meal, day by day, we transitioned to plant-based living.

And if we do this (by government force), we’ll live in this awesome vegan utopia where the weather is 100% predictable because it doesn’t ever change!

These people are such nags.

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4 Responses to “We Could End ‘Climate Change’ By Doing Just One Thing Or Something”

  1. david7134 says:

    It is now being shown that meat and fats are much more healthy than fruits and vegetables. Our great scientist and politicians got the diet thing all wrong 50 years ago and caused an epidemic in global obesity.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    One of the biggest problems with this is that a complete diet based upon only veggies would require much more acreage than is currently available to feed the world.

    If we did just this one thing about 25 percent of the world would starve causing even more wars and chaos. But honestly it doesnt matter. By 2100 this world will be way different than the one we are looking at. Not because of AGW or CO2 but rather because the rain forests will be gone and the nuts will have forced us to eat veggies but that wont work so well because their will be massive droughts of unheard of proportions.

    I feel for my great Grandchildren. No one is even addressing the real problem facing this world and that is not overpopulation or AGW or Nukes. Its of course the Destruction of the rain forests along with massive over use of fertilizers.

    Soil in Indian farms has lost its fertility because of overuse of chemical fertilisers, according to C.T. Ravi, Karnataka Higher Education Minister.

    Vibha Sharma
    Tribune News Service
    New Delhi, August 23
    “Unscientific” use of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) nutrient ratio has had a “shocking” impact on nutrient elements in the soil and reduced the crop yields in the grain bowl of the country — Punjab.

    For anyone that cares about the scientific stupidity of what this idiot is suggesting in the name of curing AGW.

    Curing AGW with this mans idea would destroy the worlds growing regions reducing the world to a famine plagued world in which the population would reduce from 7 billion to 1 billion by 2200.

    Remember the rain forests cannot replant themselves. As a result of losing the rain forests we will not only lose a substantial co2 sink and oxygen generator but it will cause tremendous droughts through out the world because the rain forests actually produce their own rain, not to mention throwing moisture into the air for the rest of the world to use in rain and snowfall.

    • Interestingly, there was a study by an Indian scientist, which is somewhere way, way back in my archives, that showed that plants release vast amounts of methane, so, getting rid of meat animals wouldn’t really change that dynamic.

      • Rotterdam says:

        This is true. Methane has been traced back to plants for a number of years now. However since it is Anti-AGW it has been an area of contention.

        The scientist doing the bulk of the work come from the University of Heidelberg as well as the Institute for Chemistry in Mainz.

        What has been discovered so far is that the sulphur containing amino acid methionine is the actually verifiable culprit in releasing methane into the atmosphere.

        Basically the AGW footsoldiers have actually bought into this CO2 bandwagon and have a sincere desire to save the world. The biggest problem with their blanket coverage is that they have quite honestly covered up the real culprit of what is going to kill off most of mankind.

        I liken the AGW movement to a EMT who sees a bleeding artery and put a bandaid on it while getting out the entire bag of goodies to stop the bleeding from a broken finger.

        They have so taken the worlds attention that the world now thinks the only ecological problem with this world is AGW and Not the clear cutting of the rainforests and the massive over used of nitrogen based fertilizers which are killing phytoplankton in the oceans but are also destroying the ozone layers around the world in addition to rendering our farming lands infertile without MORE AND MORE of the fertilizers.

        Honestly we are doomed because you have the entire world mobilized for AGW and now how do they pivot to take on the real culprit? All my foundation can do is slow down the onslaught by perhaps .1 of a percent per year with our limited funds and resources.

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