Surprise: We’ve Been Calculating Earth’s Warming Trend All Wrong, So We’re Doomed

In Science, if you make a hypothesis, and it turns out wrong, you must match the conclusion to the data. In “climate science”, if the conclusion is wrong, change the data to match the hypothesis. And, if you need to do a bit of scaremongering. It’s the new science

New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought

Climate change could lead to sea level rises that are larger, and happen more rapidly, than previously thought, according to a trio of new studies that reflect mounting concerns about the stability of polar ice.

In one case, the research suggests that previous high end projections for sea level rise by the year 2100 — a little over three feet — could be too low, substituting numbers as high as six feet at the extreme if the world continues to burn large volumes of fossil fuels throughout the century.

I’ll make it easy: they’re trotting out worst case scenarios where you get the type of sea rise that occurred as the last ice age ended. But, of course, even though actual data shows this is all mule fritters scaremongering

“The steady and gradual sea-level rise, observed over the past two centuries [may] not be a complete characterization of how sea level would rise in the future,” the study concludes.

Of course! Their computer models are simply substitutes for palm reading and crystal balls. Obviously, this report is going to be used in the next UN IPCC report.

Another crazy report states that NYC could might possibly maybe WE’RE DOOMED be hit with 500 year floods every 4 years. Mark this prognostication down when it fails.

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16 Responses to “Surprise: We’ve Been Calculating Earth’s Warming Trend All Wrong, So We’re Doomed”

  1. Jeffery says:

    We’re not doomed. TEACH will be dead and his corpse rotting by the time subsequent generations are doomed.

  2. Jeffery says:

    The Government Accounting Office says global warming is already costing us billions of tax dollars a year.

    Do you think the GAO is part of the communist plot with scientists to create a one world government?

    Maybe the tRumpublicans will shut down the GAO to stop global warming?

  3. Jeffery says:

    All joking aside, we get it. tRumpublicans tend to be objectionist “thinkers”, not naturally altruistic, planning hardly a year in advance much less 100 or 500 years hence. So naturally they are suspicious of scientific findings demonstrating that actions today can have largely deleterious effects on future generations.

    But even today, the effects of global warming are costing us billions in tax dollars and harming 10s of thousands of Americans. Try to imagine the impact on YOUR grandchildren. We were all fortunate enough to grow up in a reasonably stable world – the seasons visited about the same time each year. Bird and animal migrations were consistent. Baby maple trees started growing in the gutters about the same way and time each year. YOUR grandkids and great-grandkids, atop the normal struggles live brings, now have to also face, unnecessarily!, a drastically changing climate.

  4. rotterdam says:

    The report predicts these costs will only grow in the future, potentially reaching a budget busting $35 billion a year by 2050.

    Part of the GAO report. However left out of this report is that on an inflation adjusted average this is what the US has been spending on natural disaster per year since the 1950’s. 35 billion per year is not catastrophic by any means to a budget of 4 trillion and by 2050 a projected 5.5 trillion dollars.

    Another alarmist report.

    but one does not have to worry because by 2050 the Rainforests will be about 80 percent razed and this planet will be in total economic ruin with an estimated 700 million dieing annually of starvation. Child birth will be in effect around the globe and drought will be world wide. Oxygen levels will have plunged to around 12 percent while nitrogen levels will have risen to dangerous levels.

    But at least the AGW group will have built a few windmills and solar panels and perhaps the very wealthy will still be able to buy bottled oxygen.

    Yes the planet is dying but not in the way these communist agents are thinking. Notice they always want to extort money from the west. Not Russia, Not China and not poor socialist countries. Fossil fuels is a communist plot to further weaken the west while the real planet killer goes undetected.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Again you make the false claim that transitioning to non-CO2 emitting energy sources and protecting the rain forests are mutually exclusive. Obviously your claim is untrue.

    By all means, we need to protect the rain forests AND transition away from fossil fuels.

    How do you plan to pay nations to preserve their rain forests? Where will the billions come from?

  6. Blick says:

    Global warming is a computer simulation game. It is not science.

    • Jeffery says:

      Global warming is a computer simulation game. It is not science.

      How does a computer simulation cause ice to melt and seas to rise?

      • Blick says:

        That is the point, Jeffery, Ice is not melting and the seas are not rising. Global warming is not happening except in computer simulations.

        • david7134 says:

          No sense in exchanging comments with the fool. He lies, obfuscates, distorts, and is incapable of processing information. He is only committing to get attention.

          • Blick says:

            David, I know. Jeffery is like that little switch box. You flip the switch and the box opens and it flips the switch off. Kind of fun for the first 4-5 times but pointless.

        • Jeffery says:

          That is the point, Jeffery, Ice is not melting and the seas are not rising. Global warming is not happening except in computer simulations.

          LOL. Good one. Oh, you’re serious!

          • Jeffery says:


            Seriously? You don’t believe that the Earth is warming? That’s Level 1 Denier stuff… very rare. Even TEACH and Tony WUWT admit the Earth is warming. You’re like a unicorn!

          • Blick says:

            Sure the earth has been warming since 1880’s Little Ice Age. but before that, it was cooling. To claim the earth is warming, one must state their starting date. Change is the only constant. There is no optimum climate for humans. To claim that climate should not change is the real Denial of Nature, of Science, of Physics, of Life. There are no steady states.

  7. […] if a theory cannot be falsified, it’s not a theory – at least not a scientific one.  Here are more “we’re doomed” predictions; a $1 bet that when these don’t come to pass, the Holy Writ will […]

  8. Jeffery says:


    Sure the earth has been warming since 1880’s Little Ice Age

    You previously typed, Global warming is not happening except in computer simulations.

    The Earth started cooling 5000 years ago and by 150 years ago had cooled less than 1C. Over the past 150 years the Earth has warmed over 1C, a rate more rapid than when Earth came out of the last glacial period.

    Those denying the role of greenhouse gases in the current period of rapid warming have yet to propose a reasonable hypothesis to account for the warming.

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