Study Highlights That People Blaming Syrian Civil War On ‘Climate Change’ Are Full Of Mule Fritters

Seriously, everyone except members of the Cult of Climastrology (especially those who have Big Government and taxes to push) knew this. Weather happens. Droughts happen. The climate is always changing. And war happens.

Climate-Related Drought Didn’t Cause Syrian War, Study Finds

Climate change in the form of sustained drought is not to blame for the bloody and prolonged conflict in Syria, according to a new study.

But drought nevertheless plays a contributing role in creating the conditions for conflict – and a database of 1,800 riots over a cycle of 21 years delivers the evidence to support that hypothesis, according to a second study.

The idea that climate change, with consequential drought and famine in its wake, can drive conflict and topple kingdoms, empires and civilisations is not a new one: climate change has been identified as a factor in the fall of the ancient Assyrian empire and the fall of the Mayan civilisation, and the recent drought in the eastern Mediterranean has been identified as the worst in 900 years.

Interestingly, the first two mentioned were from the on-set of Holocene cool periods. Regardless, this goes to show that there is no need to assign witchcraft carbon pollution as the means

Not so, say the scholars in Political Geography. They argue that though the drought was severe, it was not necessarily caused by man-made climate change driven by profligate combustion of fossil fuels, and that although drought contributed to migration to the cities, this would have involved not 1.5 million people but no more than 60,000 families. Economic liberalisation in any case may have been the more important factor, they say.

“Our paper finds that there is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war. Indeed, it is extraordinary that this claim has become so widely accepted when the scientific evidence for it is so thin,” said Jan Selby, who directs the Centre for Conflict and Security Research at Sussex University in the UK.

In fact, Ms. Shelby goes on to say (from the “not to blame” link above)

“Global climate change is a very real challenge, and will undoubtedly have significant conflict and security consequences, but there is no good evidence that this is what was going on in this case. It is vital that experts, commentators and policymakers resist the temptation to make exaggerated claims about the conflict implications of climate change. Overblown claims not based on rigorous science only risk fueling climate scepticism.”

So, she is a Warmist, but understands that scaremongering and simply making crap up doesn’t help.

Regardless, this doesn’t matter, facts do not matter, science doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, because Warmists have their talking points, and will never abandon. Right up to the point where they each realize “wait, the bad things about Big Government and taxes and loss of freedom wasn’t supposed to happen to me.”

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4 Responses to “Study Highlights That People Blaming Syrian Civil War On ‘Climate Change’ Are Full Of Mule Fritters”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Of course it had nothing to do with the Obama/Clinton gun-running operation to the Islamic jihadists.

  2. Jeffery says:

    President Obama was quoted as saying:

    climate change-related drought ‘helped fuel the early unrest in Syria, which descended into civil war’

    d”he” not a “she”, btw) report disputes that set of weasel words (helped fuel…). The authors agree there was a devastating, unprecedented drought in NE Syria, agreed that it contributed to the migration of some 250,000 Syrians, but couldn’t link the drought directly to human activities. They pointed out that the drought wasn’t the only cause of migration.

  3. Dana says:

    It’s not like the failed ‘Arab Spring’ had anything to do with inspiring the Syrian people to rise against the second generation of a brutal dictatorship or anything.

  4. Jl says:

    Because drought in Syria has never happened before.

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