Goracle: Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause More Hurricanes Like Harvey Or Something

Because Al Gore and his over-sized carbon footprint have been totally right on his other predictions, right?

(Houston Chronicle)  Al Gore warned Texans on Monday that global warming will lead to more Hurricane Harveys in coming years – but he urged them not to be discouraged.

Change, he said, can be made.

“We have to realize how big this thing is,” Gore said. “We have got to change.”

You’re reading this in his voice, aren’t you? And by “we”, he means you. By government decree.

“We can’t treat the world like an open sewer,” said Gore, the 2000 Democratic presidential candidate. “Every day we’re dumping 110 million tons of CO2 in the sky, and it traps heat.”

Says the guy who flies around the world on private jets.

In fact, he said, the amount of global warming pollution produced by humans “traps as much extra heat energy in the earth … as would be released by 400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs going off every 24 hours.”

That has led to the warming of oceans, Gore said, which has led to more intense hurricanes that intensify more rapidly.

If reporters had any cajones, if they weren’t a part of the Cult of Climastrology, they have asked him that if this is so, then why an almost 12 year dearth in landfalling major hurricanes, why so few landfalling minor hurricanes and tropical systems.

Regardless, this Prognostication means that there will be another long period of inactivity, even though there has supposedly been a natural shift in activity towards more systems, which happens every 10-15 years, off and on, lots, few.

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