California Looks To Make Cremations Climate Friendly Or Something

Now, there is nothing wrong with allowing cremation using other methods, ones which have been restricted for really no good reason. There is also nothing wrong with using a method that is actually better for the environment, versus the use of lots of chemicals, such as embalming fluid, and the non-biodegradable chipboard in coffins. But, of course, California is doing this because of ‘climate change’ (you can read a bit more in depth on the process here)

(Fox News) California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law a controversial bill that will allow the state’s residents to select a water cremation, or alkaline hydrolysis, for their end-of-life remains.

The move is considered part of efforts to “green-ify” death, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The theory goes that — unlike with a standard cremation — the funeral home is not putting carbon emission into the sky.

“Burning Grandma in fire seems to be violent,” Phil Olson, a philosophy professor at Virginia Tech, told the Atlantic, “In contrast, green cremation is ‘putting Grandma in a warm bath.'”

The Chronicle, citing a 2016 report from the National Funeral Directors Association, reported that more people selected cremation rather than burial in 2015. The head of a company that specializes in water cremation told the paper that the amount of energy used in one “flame” cremation could heat a Minnesota home for an entire winter.

“Granted, you’re using water. However, you’re not using fossil fuel and you’re not putting a carbon emission into the sky,” Matt Baskerville, a funeral director in Illinois who uses alkaline hydrolysis, told the paper. “It’s definitely a cleaner and greener option than the traditional flame cremation.”

The water is cleaned and reused. It isn’t getting polluted. A lot less energy is used. Unlike with cremation, some metal body parts do not need to be removed. They can simply be taken out of the bath at the end for reuse (after melting down, of course).

The danger is that funeral homes do not dispose of the leftover liquid properly, because it is entirely too alkaline. But, regardless, water cremation is being pushed because of the anthropogenic climate change scam. They’d have a lot more luck if they simply said it was less expensive and better for the environment.

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