Flatulent Shellfish Causing A Stink In Global Warming

Really, is it possible to improve on this headline?

Flatulent Shellfish Causing a Stink in Global Warming, Study Finds

Ever noticed a strange smell when you go swimming in the sea? Well, chances are it is from flatulent shellfish.

Scientists in Sweden have found that shellfish are actually creating vast amounts of greenhouse gases — almost as much as the stench caused by 20,000 cows.

They discovered that underwater flatulence can now be blamed for climate-warming gas in the Baltic Sea off the coast of the Scandinavian country.

Oysters, cockles, clams and mussels actually produce a tenth of all methane and nitrous oxide — both potent agents of climate change — with a warming potential 28 and 265 times greater than carbon dioxide alone.

Now scientists have warned if the same situation is being replicated around the rest of the world’s seas and oceans, then there is a serious problem.

So, nature is releasing vast amounts of methane? How is that possible? Of course, there has to be a man-caused component to this, right?

Dr. Bonaglia explained shellfish were releasing these gases long before global warming became an issue, and believes that the recent emissions may have been exacerbated by the enrichment of coastal waters, due to the run-off from agricultural fertilizers.

The first reaction is to roll your eyes, but, Dr. Bonaglia may well have a point. This is why most Skeptics will note that land use is a component of the current warm period. While nature is still the leading cause of the current warm period, things like agricultural runoff, part of land use, does have a small effect.

Regardless, farting shellfish. Think on that for the day.

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