Gun Control From A Racist Point Of View

In Chicago, which has heavy restrictions on gun ownership for law abiding citizens, 8 were killed and 11 were wounded by gunshot. The majority, if not all, were Black. The majority of those involved in gun violence in Chicago are Black. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is occuring, but, then, this is what the Democratic Party has brought about with their policies. Which leads us to this screed by Michael Harriot at The Root, a rather divisive and racial superior website, which also pushes lots of grievances

5 Ways Black People Can Force Commonsense Gun Control

They wouldn’t do it after the Las Vegas massacre. They wouldn’t do it after Gabby Giffords was shot. They wouldn’t even do it after Sandy Hook. Maybe there is no one who can break the toxic romance that America has with guns …

I bet black people could.

You know we have to do all the hard shit. We picked all the cotton. We created every iota of American music, dance and culture. We made this country an economic superpower. We fight disproportionately in every war. A black man gave this country universal health care. We invented the modern air conditioner. If it wasn’t for black people, this country would still consist of poor, backward hillbillies ballroom-dancing to Appalachian bluegrass tunes and sweating their asses off while coughing up phlegm.

You’re welcome, white people.

Except, the air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier, a white man. And we don’t actually have universal health care. But, hey, let’s not let some facts get in the way of reverse racism and playing of the race card.

Anyhow, Harriot has lots of ideas, like

1. Get lots of black people to buy guns.

I know it seems antithetical, but if black people started purchasing semi-automatic weapons legally and in large numbers, congressional Republicans would pass a gun-owner safety bill faster than white people’s fucking tempo.

This is the way racists think. The people who can only live by the race card think. One of Harriot’s other ideas is to make legal gun ownership for Blacks to be cool, thereby similarly making White’s think guns need big-time control. Same thing with “threatening animals.” All of us who support the 2nd Amendment would, in reality, be like “Great! Welcome to the club!”

We also get “Call gun ownership a form of resistance.” This would supposedly be linked to Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. Guess what? All the White people who support gun rights still wouldn’t give a damn. And we get “Lie”

Perhaps we could pay Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to join our cause. Those bastards would do anything for money. They could tell their followers there is a little-known clause in Obamacare that allows people to trade abortions for banana clips. Maybe we could fool those idiots into putting their guns down by playing on their racism and fear of black dicks. We could just mention that there was a recent study that shows gunpowder makes white women prefer black penis, or tell them that every time someone uses the gun-show loophole, a black penis grows an inch.

How is this kind of drivel any different from what scumbags like Richard Spencer push?

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4 Responses to “Gun Control From A Racist Point Of View”

  1. Bob spelled backwards says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this right. “Woke” blacks believe that cops are committing genocide on the black folks, but…. they also want only cops to have guns. Genius.

  2. Rotterdam says:

    I guess instead of Obamaphones it should have been ObamaGlock9’s.

  3. Dana says:

    I wrote about the open buying, selling and trading in firearms at Court Day in Mt Sterling yesterday, complete with photos. Plenty of people walking around, openly carrying firearms, yet, despite the fact that people don’t kill people, only guns kill people, no one was shot.

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