Funniest Fallout From Georgia Special Election: Democrats Live With Their Parents

And the get out the votes folks had a bit of a problem

(Daily Caller) A precinct captain for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign complained recently that many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents.

“Those were the angriest people,” Jessica Zeigler told Slate, referring to the Republican parents of the young Democrats. “When you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid their child might not think the same way as them, it becomes ugly.”

Ziegler, who has been quoted in a number of Slate articles and a NYTimes piece, added that the police had even been called on Ossoff volunteers on a number of occasions.

One would think these young people who are stuck living with their parents because they cannot get jobs (while sitting on tons of college loan debt) allowing them to do the whole Adulting thing would be tired of the Democratic Party policies that helped put them in this position, but, they’ve been indoctrinated into caring about things that are stupid.

Then there’s this

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13 Responses to “Funniest Fallout From Georgia Special Election: Democrats Live With Their Parents”

  1. Dana says:

    In the initial election, Jon Ossoff received 48.1% of the vote; in the runoff, Mr Ossoff received 48.1% of the vote. Karen Hendel had been the top vote-getter among 11 Republicans and four Democrats other than Mr Ossoff. Mr Ossoff didn’t increase his vote percentage by even a tenth of a point, after the Democrats poured millions in out-of-state money into the race, while Mrs Handel, in effect, picked up the votes of everybody who voted for someone else in the ‘jungle’ primary.

    Of course, we don’t know how particular individuals voted, but that was the effect of the election.

    • An interesting thing I read is that Georgia 06 is one of the most educated districts in the country. They’re apparently smart enough to not vote D, and are probably ashamed that their idiot kids are still living in the basements.

  2. Dana says:

    Mr Ossoff tried to make this a referendum on President Trump, but Mrs Handel won the district by a wider margin than Mr Trump carried it.

    As for Democrats living in their parents’ basements, Mr Ossoff used his parents’ address to run in the district, but he doesn’t actually live there; he’s shacked up with his girlfriend outside of the district.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Hendel must be laughing her Ossoff.
    (I know, I know…)

  4. Dana says:

    Mr Ossoff finally proposed to his girlfriend of 12 years, after it became a political problem for him. Now that he’s lost, is his proposal still good?

  5. david7134 says:

    As the Dems said, this was the referendum on Trump, now that they got crushed, are they going to start acting like adults?

  6. Jl says:

    I saw one that sums up the Democratic Party-“Feminists pissed-off that a woman beat a rich white male”.

  7. ” many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents.”

    “Dude! That was Tuesday????”

  8. Dana says:

    There was always an inherent weakness in the Democrats’ plan to base their constituency on singles, and racial, ethnic and sexual minorities: they were basing their appeal on people who generally have lower voter turnout.

    Barack Hussein Obama fooled them. In 2008, black voter turnout jumped from 60.0% in 2004, to 64.7%, and then to 66.2% in 2012. Great! Then, in 2016, with no black candidate on the ballot, black voter turnout dropped to 59.6%. The Dems, stridently, and very politically correctly non-racists that they are, couldn’t wrap their heads around the possibility — at least, not publicly — that black voter turnout increased primarily due to the race of the candidate, and not the positions of the party.

  9. Dana says:

    Basing your political appeals on single people has the built-in problem that the vast majority of singles want to stop being single!

  10. Jl says:

    Saw another one: “Rumor is that Americans interfered in the Georgia election”.

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