DOJ Initiating Fast Track Deportation Orders For Criminal Illegals

Certainly, supporters of illegal aliens, who constantly tell us they aren’t supporting the bad ones, won’t have a problem with this program, right?

Federal prosecutors inaugurate ‘express’ deportations

Until recently, foreign nationals convicted of a crime in federal court were told that immigration authorities would put them in deportation proceedings upon completion of their prison terms.

Not anymore.

Under orders from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a champion of hard-line immigration enforcement, federal prosecutors are asking district judges to issue what are known as “judicial orders of removal,” which ensure that a convicted foreign national will be deported on completion of the sentence instead of being sent to an immigrant detention center to await proceedings in immigration court and then a deportation order from an immigration judge.

The new legal tactic shortens the wait time for deportation, bypasses backlogs in immigration court, saves the federal government money in housing and food in immigrant detention centers, frees up space in those centers for other detained foreign nationals and sends a message to immigrant communities that under President Donald Trump immigration enforcement is real.

Obviously, this doesn’t just affect illegal aliens who’ve been sent to jail for crimes, but those few who were lawfully present and committed crimes, as well. But, it is mostly illegal aliens, and this way, they won’t languish in detention facilities while awaiting a judge to sign the deportation order, which gives all the illegal alien supporting groups, who, again, say they don’t support the criminal ones, time to find a friendly judge to get the illegal alien criminal out of jail and released into the nation to disappear.

Overall, this will allow the U.S. to deport illegal aliens much faster, and avoid the backlog of cases that has been growing in federal immigration courts.

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One Response to “DOJ Initiating Fast Track Deportation Orders For Criminal Illegals”

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds to me like a way to save money! Upon release from jail, they get put on the bus and sent back to Mexico. Even a leftist like Jeffrey, who has told us that he’s a businessman, ought to approve of the country saving money.

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