Good News: Illegal Aliens With Old Deportation Orders Are Being Detained

Of course, this is terrifying people who are unlawfully present in the United States

Immigrants with old deportation orders arrested at check-ins across US

For years, immigrants facing deportation have been allowed to stay in the U.S. provided they show up for regular check-ins with federal deportation agents and stay out of trouble. After a brief meeting, they’re usually told to return months later to check in again.

Now, in cases spanning from Michigan to California, some of these immigrants are being told their time here is up.

Immigrants who already have deportation orders and were allowed to stay in the country under the prior administration have become a target under President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies, with some getting arrested on the spot during check-ins with officers. Such arrests have dismayed family members and sent chills through immigrant communities.

In other instances, immigrants have been fitted with ankle-monitoring bracelets. Others have been released much like they were during President Barack Obama’s administration in what immigration attorneys say appears to be a random series of decisions based more on detention space than public safety.

“Everywhere, people going in to report are just absolutely terrified,” said Stacy Tolchin, a Los Angeles immigration attorney.

They should be terrified. Better yet, they should simply leave. They were ordered deported, and Obama and his administration allowed these people who are unlawfully present to remain in the country. Are there some we can show compassion to? Sure. Most, though, need to go.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it is tracking nearly 970,000 immigrants with deportation orders. The majority — 82 percent — have no criminal record, the agency said. ICE declined to say how many must regularly report to authorities or are tracked by ankle monitors, and it is unclear how many are being arrested.

Wait, 970,000? With deportation orders that were not acted upon? It matters zero percent whether most have no criminal record: they are here in violation of federal law. That number shows that the government is not doing its job. You can bet if you didn’t pay a couple hundred in taxes the feds will come after you. Don’t pay your speeding ticket? You’ll have a bench warrant out in your name, and the police will come pick you up, possibly at your place of work. Be an illegal alien? Get to stick around sucking up the money and services designated for lawfully present people and lawful citizens.

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One Response to “Good News: Illegal Aliens With Old Deportation Orders Are Being Detained”

  1. James Sowell says:

    The biggest problem with this is that from what I can tell, we are still admitting more illegals per month with DACA (and their families) and catch and release than we are deporting. That’s not a reversal of Obama’s illegal policies, it’s just PR.

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