California Governor Goes Resistance On ‘Climate Change’ And Illegal Aliens

Moonbeam Brown shows his #Resistance on ‘climate change’ by going hypocrite. Not that anyone should be surprised by a Warmist being a hypocrite

(New Zealand Herald) California Gov. Jerry Brown will travel to China to discuss clean energy policy with international leaders next month, his office announced Friday.

He’ll attend an international energy conference in Beijing with delegates from nearly two dozen countries during his visit during the first week of June.

He will also visit Chengdu in Sichuan province and Nanjing in Jiangsu province during the weeklong trip. Both provinces are, along with California, part of the Under2 Coalition of regions that have pledged to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Brown’s office says the trip will strengthen California’s climate, clean energy and economic ties with China. The Pacific Rim county is the world’s top carbon polluter. The United States generates the second-largest amount of carbon pollution.

How does taking a long fossil fueled flight (will he be traveling coach, or private jet?) along with all the fossil fuels used for automobiles to ferry him around help on climate and clean energy? I wonder if Jerry will note that China is undercutting solar development around the world and in California by selling poorly built solar panels at a market loss.

(Breitbart) Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his May revisions to the state budget proposal he rolled out in January. Buried deep among billions of dollars in proposed new spending are millions of dollars for the state to provide criminal defense for illegal immigrants in California who are facing deportation to their home country by our own federal government. (snip)

It is certainly controversial, to say the least, for a state government, within the United States, to start providing taxpayer dollars to fight efforts by the United States to deport people who have entered the country, or overstayed their visas, in violation of the law.

To find this controversial spending proposal, just in the summary document of the budget, you have to comb through to the Department of Social Services section, and then read all of the way through to page 38, in the Health and Human Services subsection – where you find under “Immigration Services” an increase of $15 million to $30 million “to further expand the availability of legal services for people seeking, “…deportation defense…”.

Imagine how many legal citizens of California could be protected with that money. How many low income people could be given a better education to obtain a good paying job. How many loans could be provided for low income businesses. Or, just to clean the streets.

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