Trump Sends A Whopping Seven People To U.N. Climate Meeting

This has given Chris Mooney, the Washington Post’s resident uber-Warmist, a big sad, as repeated in the Chicago Tribune

Trump administration’s delegation to UN climate meeting totals 7; France sends 42

The United States government has sent just seven registered participants to a key United Nations meeting on the Paris climate agreement — a smaller delegation than Zimbabwe — underscoring the Trump administration’s deep ambivalence about the historic agreement.

White House officials are expected to huddle on Tuesday to discuss the fate of the agreement — with business leaders and the international community pressing the U.S. to stay in the agreement, and Trump’s conservative allies urging an exit.

The meeting in Bonn, Germany, represents the first of two gatherings this week where international partners will pressure the increasingly recalcitrant U.S. to affirm its role in the agreement of more than 190 nations.

Other industrialized nations such as China, France, and Germany each sent dozens of officials — the French delegation alone had 42 official participants. The U.S. sent 44 official participants just last year.

Hey, maybe President Trump is attempting to show the rest of the members how they’ve made sure the U.S. carbon footprint for the meeting attendance can be kept low.

Lots of different groups are trying to pressure Trump

Meanwhile, a wave of international and domestic lobbying has intensified, with foreign allies and many corporations calling for the U.S. to stick with the deal, even as U.S. political conservatives push for a withdrawal — matching a similar tension between internationalists and conservatives within the White House itself.

“We strongly hope that the US will stay committed to the Paris Accord,” said Francois Delattre, the French ambassador to the United Nations. “This is key in itself but also as an illustration of America’s commitment to world affairs.” (snip)

On Monday, 40 conservative organizations sent president Trump a letter “in enthusiastic support of your campaign commitments to withdraw fully from the Paris Climate Treaty and to stop all taxpayer funding of UN global warming programs.” The groups argue that the U.S. might consider withdrawing from the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change, a 1992 Senate-ratified treaty that is the foundation for subsequent United Nations climate deliberations, including the Paris agreement.

Meanwhile, Google, Apple, and more than 20 other firms took out an ad in the New York Times Monday throwing their support behind the agreement.

Interestingly, so many of the groups advocating that the U.S. stay in a deal that Obama had set up in a manner to avoid the need for the Senate to do its Constitutional duty in ratifying it have large carbon footprints, and their products create large carbon footprints for those that purchase them.

Regardless, what does Trump do? He made very specific promises to end Obama’s agreement that the U.S. join the Paris Climate agreement. Does he break his promise?

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2 Responses to “Trump Sends A Whopping Seven People To U.N. Climate Meeting”

  1. Hanover says:

    No decision on the White House response to the Climate “treaty” has been made yet. I don’t see Trump not keeping this promise, but a response needs finessing.

  2. Jl says:

    Trump sent 7 too many

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