Newish Prognostication: Inner California Will Soon Be Beachfront

Here we go again with the doomish fortune telling

A New Climate Change Prediction Is Bad News For One State

California could be in major trouble because of climate change. In some cases, landlocked regions could eventually have beaches.

An updated government report says in one severe scenario, sea levels could rise by 10 feet over the next the century.

That could mean tens of thousands of homes and businesses lost, as well as power plants, water treatment facilities and hundreds of miles of roadways in the coastal state.

Can you guess the cause?

The culprit in the study? It says loosely regulated greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuels are causing ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica to melt at increasingly faster rates.

No, they aren’t.

The government report in question, get this, is all for implementing more and bigger governmental control, as well as taxes and fees. Shocking, is it not? Government proposing more government and more funding for government.

Reading it, it seems divorced from actual data. It claims that sea rise has been occurring at the rate of 1mm per year over the last 8,000 years (prior to that it was much higher, due to the ending of the ice age, and the 8,000 figure is similar to what I use). That equates to 3.937 inches per century. However, the average per actual studies is 6-8 inches per century, so, a median figure of 177mm per century. Which is exactly what we saw during the 20th Century. Nor has it accelerated. We should be seeing much more during a Holocene warm period. In some areas we are, often due to subsistence.

The document is a political document, and the article uses the utter worst case computer modeled scenario, with lots of coulds and mights and maybes and we thinks. Even the best case scenarios are well beyond the reality of the data, and are simply political scaremongering to get people to give up more freedom and money to government. It even blames nature (page 23) for those tide gauges that are not complying with the Cult of Climastrology’s beliefs, particularly on tectonic actions, while those which show higher sea rise (which is still exactly in the sweet spot for an average period during the Holocene) are due strictly to people driving fossil fueled vehicles, living a modern lifestyle, and not giving up their freedom and money to government.

There is so much crazy in this document and not enough time to cover it, so, I’ll repeat for one final time: this is political scaremongering in order to increase government and government funding at the expense of liberty, freedom, and sacrificial earnings demanded by government, all by people who so often do not practice what they preach.

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10 Responses to “Newish Prognostication: Inner California Will Soon Be Beachfront”

  1. Jeffery says:

    TEACH: We understand how busy you are, but it would behoove you to actually read the documents you criticize. Just a suggestion.

    You typed (as you have many times):

    … is all for implementing more and bigger governmental control, as well as taxes and fees.

    Perhaps we missed it, but can you point out where in the CA state doc that they recommended what you claim?

    Why do you think the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting?

  2. Forest Hazel says:

    Hmmmm…. Half of California will be under water, you say? Bad news for California, you say? Well, there’s probably a down side to all that if you look long enough….

    • Jeffery says:

      Perhaps those successful Californians will move to red states and bolster the stagnant economies in backward states like Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi etc. Blue states could use some help from red states for a change.

    • Stosh says:

      Downside?!?! Heck yes, we have too many moonbats moving to Nevada already, this will only make the problem worse!!!

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