Thousands Of Little Socialists To Hit The Streets To Protest Trump Or Something

Happy May 1st! Today is the traditional celebration of May Day, an ancient day of celebration that goes back to Roman times. Things changed up a bit over time in what was being celebrated, and you can bet all the Special Snowflakes won’t be dancing around a Maypole nor holding devotions to the Virgin Mary. Nor towards St. Joseph The Worker, surrogate father to Jesus. Nor any of the other things it stands for, except for being a Socialist day of whining

(USA Today) International Worker’s Day

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are expected to take to the streets Monday in massive May Day events across the USA mostly protesting the policies of President Trump.

May Day — also known as International Worker’s Day — has spawned protests around the globe in past years highlighting workers’ rights. But on Monday, the impetus for the U.S. marches span from immigrants’ rights to LGBT awareness to police misconduct.

“There’s a real galvanization of all the groups this year,” said Fernanda Durand of CASA in Action, which will lead a march of about 10,000 people for immigrants’ rights through downtown Washington. “Our presence in this country is being questioned by Donald Trump. We are tired of being demonized and scapegoated. We’ve had enough.”

In all fairness, had Hillary’s campaign been competent, listened to Bill Clinton, and campaigned in a few extra states, they would have still been in the streets agitating for the stuff they agitate for, demanding that she Do Something. Like give them a raise to $15 an hour, which, for a goodly chunk, would equal $0, since they’d be replaced by automation.

CASA in Action is a group in Maryland and Virginia that supports Latino people who have broken our federal immigration laws. And, yes, their presence is being questioned, because the illegals shouldn’t be here.

Durand’s protest is part of the Rise Up umbrella movement that promises 259 events in more than 200 cities in 41 states focusing on immigrants’ rights, she said.

Another widespread effort, dubbed Beyond the Movement, will feature a collection of racial-justice groups and include protests and marches in more than 50 cities, from Portland, Ore., to Miami.

Erick Sanchez, another Washington-based organizer, said he’s seen the melding of different groups in previous events this year, from the Women’s March on Washington to climate change awareness protests. Monday will be the culmination of gelling these disparate groups, he said.

In other words, the same old same old Leftist whiny groups whining about what they whine about. Instead of going to work.

Trump released a statement Friday declaring May 1 “Loyalty Day” as a way to “recognize and reaffirm our allegiance to the principles” upon which America was built, calling on all government buildings to display the U.S. flag and schools to observe the holiday with ceremonies.

Which, of course, means that a lot of whiny leftists will refuse to fly the American flag.

At least in Merry Old England, the youngsters use the day to dress to the 9’s and go on a bender. And the choir sings, the bells ring. And in the exotic vacation spot of Scotland, youngsters jump into the frigid North Sea in their skivvies. A few young ladies apparently forgot to wear a bra, or lost it in the waves, per the pictures.

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4 Responses to “Thousands Of Little Socialists To Hit The Streets To Protest Trump Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Some 60% of Americans are displeased with trump. In addition, trump is talking and acting like a petty tyrant, repeatedly attacking the free press (which he is seriously discussing repressing), attacking judges and our courts when they block his unConstitutional acts, attacking opposition politicians and even attacking private citizens who criticize him. Besides his ignorance of America herself, his other severe personality flaws will keep him unpopular. So, of course Americans will oppose him.

  2. david7134 says:

    No, Jeff, you are wrong as usual. Now you will come up with some stupid internet reference, which does not prove any point.

  3. Jeffery says:


    So you’re going with the “all polls are wrong” position? Certainly you’re not going to claim that trump is more popular than the evidence indicates, are you?

    Listen, we wish that trump wasn’t a royal douchebag and had at least a rudimentary grasp of the nation and its people. And there have been glimpses lately that he was listening to some around him who are smarter and wiser, but he follows up with a vile pep rally undoing some of the good he was doing. He’s a manchild, dependent on the adoration and adulation of his largely white nationalist “base”.

    To his credit, he backed down on insisting the wall be in the continuing budget resolution. He has toned down his bellicose rhetoric toward NK. He is contemplating leaving the ACA largely intact.

    But dj trump is a showman, a salesman and a liar. He’ll do or say anything to get applause at the time. He’s been throwing red-meat to his base, white nationalists such as you, but the mass of American people oppose him.

  4. Jeffery says:


    Do you really believe that only avowed socialists oppose trump and his policies, or are you just calling people names like your god-king trump does?

    Do you oppose workers? One of trump’s primary campaign themes (long forgotten) was to help America’s working classes. He has proposed helping the wealthy and corporations. He has been busy tracking down a few Mexicans for show. He lobbed some missiles at some Muslims. He backs GOP proposals to pull healthcare from millions of working class citizens. But his jobs reports and GDP updates have been tepid.

    The facts are that neither trump nor the GOP have any interest in helping American workers and even if they did, they are bereft of ideas other than cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations to “create jobs”. Been there, done that, didn’t work then either.

    Why do right-wing elites hate workers?

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