‘Climate Change’ To Make Vancouver Like San Diego Or Something

From the Department of Everyone Panic at the University Of Climastrology

Climate change predicted to transform Vancouver into San Diego, but at a heavy cost

Goodbye Vancouver, hello San Diego.

A major climate-change study predicts temperatures in Metro Vancouver will exceed those of present-day Southern California in the coming decades.

Frost and ice will become virtually a thing of the past, heating bills will drop, and farm crops will flourish virtually year-round in the Fraser Valley.

That’s the good news.

On the down side — and there is plenty of it — the region can expect: air-conditioning costs to soar; worsening smog and associated health problems; increased forest fires and water shortages; summer droughts followed by severe fall rain events; and an influx of invasive species threatening forests and agriculture.

A new 70-page study, Climate Projections for Metro Vancouver, predicts changes in temperature and precipitation that will affect everything from sewage pipes to ski hills in the 2050s — just 33 years distant — and 2080s. Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, based at the University of Victoria, assisted in the report.

The average temperature for San Diego is 63.65F. Vancouver’s is 51.8. That’s a long way to go in just a few decades, but, hey, what’s a bit of scaremongering amongst Warmists?

Even if the temperatures increase by over 12 F, if the rainfall increases as the study suggests, if there are different species coming into Vancouver, if there are more bugs, how do other cities with the same issues survive? Because they aren’t Warmist snowflakes.

Good news, though: they are going to do lots and lots of taxpayer funded studies, culminating in policy prescriptions that cover everything, from building codes, to vehicles, to the economy, to how people are allowed to go about their daily lives. The same old same old.

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3 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ To Make Vancouver Like San Diego Or Something”

  1. Drowningpuppies says:


    Berkeley Earth reports that calculated since 1990, Vancouver, BC (birthplace of Greenpeace) has a temperature trend of minus 1.24 C per century while Vancouver, Wa has a trend of minus 1.62 C per century.

    From the same source:
    Province of British Columbia .. minus .04 C per century
    Washington State ………………. minus .54 C per century
    Oregon …………………………….. minus .33 C per century

    I’m sure they have graphs too…

  2. Phil says:

    British Columbia pays a carbon Tax to prevent warming. Therefore, according to Drowningpuppies, it appears to be working.
    In 1985 “studies” predicted that there would be no snow fall in British Columbia by 2015.
    They are always predicting 35 years ahead hoping no one will remember.

    In Alberta and Ontario already there are reports of graft, theft and finacial loss of Carbon Tax money.
    Who would have predicted. Oh yes. Everyone.

  3. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    And yet my kids DO know what snow looks like.

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