Everybody Panic: Climate Change Means More Oroville Dams!

This is what cult’s do: see something happen, and roll it into their dogma

The dam truth: Climate change means more Lake Orovilles

Just two years ago, Lake Oroville was so dry that submerged archaeological artifacts were starting to resurface. That was in the middle of California’s epic drought — the worst in more than a millennium.

And then the rains came. This winter is on track to become Northern California’s soggiest on record. A key precipitation index is running more than a month ahead of the previous record pace, set in the winter of 1982–1983 (records go back to 1895). Lake Oroville is so full that it spilled over for the first time, spurring evacuations downstream.

California’s climate has always been extreme (even before humans got seriously involved), but what’s happening right now is just ridiculous. We are witnessing the effects of climate change play out, in real time.

Go that? There’s nothing unusual about this, it has happened before, but now it Mankind’s fault! Why? Because shut up, that’s why. The high priests of the Cult of Climastrology have spoken.

Climate science and basic physics suggest we are already seeing a shift in the delicate rainfall patterns of the West Coast. A key to understanding how California’s rainy season is changing lies in understanding what meteorologists call “atmospheric rivers,” thin, intense ribbons of moisture that stream northeastward from the tropical Pacific Ocean and provide California with up to half of its annual rainfall. Exactly how atmospheric rivers will change depends on greenhouse gas emissions and science that’s still being worked out.

How do we know this is different from what’s happened in the past? Doesn’t matter. There’s a Narrative to be rolled out. As for delicate rainy season, the flash floods and things like mudslides have been happening on the West Coast as long as we have recorded history. Sorry, sorry, facts are not necessary, or wanted, in CoC World.

Peter Gleick, chief scientist of the Pacific Institute and frequent visitor to the Oroville area, is clear about what the drama at Oroville represents. “We’re seeing evidence of more extremes,” he says. “To ignore that would be a mistake.”

We’ve built dams based on old weather patterns, not for the extremes we’re now seeing. A clear problem emerges when we manage society for how things were, not how things are. In many ways, we are planning for the future with the expectation that the weather will be more or less the same as in the past. It won’t be.

The talking point about infrastructure being built for old weather patterns is gaining steam within the CoC. Do not expect it to go away.

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One Response to “Everybody Panic: Climate Change Means More Oroville Dams!”

  1. Jeffery says:

    No need to panic, but prudent and rational people should make certain our infrastructure will tolerate the stresses of global warming.

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