GOP Introduces Bill Which Would Gut Parts Of EPA

I’m personally against doing away with the Environmental Protection Agency. When the Environmental Protection Act was first passed, it was a worthy piece of legislation, which bound the nation together to do what we can to clean the air, land, and water. The created agency was not dictatorial, and worked hard to protect the environment.

Since then, though, like so many other government agencies, it saw massive mission creep, moved to be a hard left activist group pushing progressive (nice fascist) goals, and grew to be a giant, unaccountable bureaucracy.

(The Hill) A House Republican is sponsoring legislation to do away with large portions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including environmental justice and greenhouse gas programs.

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act on Thursday, saying it would save $7.5 billion annually. That would leave the agency with a budget of less than $1 billion.

Major EPA climate change programs would be eliminated under the measure.

The legislation would also close all of the EPA’s regional offices, halt new regulations on ground-level ozone pollution and require the agency to lease unused property.

Rolling back the power of the EPA without doing away with the agency is a good thing (and would be great for most federal agencies). They assume power, often based on the shadiest of rationales as provided by legislation (legislation needs to also be less open ended, which gives federal agencies the ability to do power grabs and create rules and regulations out of almost thin air).

The legislation would keep a goodly chunk of the EPA’s power intact, but erase the mission creep. The EPA should act more like FEMA, where they direct state and local agencies to deal with the situations.

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26 Responses to “GOP Introduces Bill Which Would Gut Parts Of EPA”

  1. Jeffery says:

    progressive (nice fascist)

    And now we’re finding out what NuCon (evil fascist) policy is like.

    The sense of entitlement of the white nationalists and the christian supremacists is breathtaking, and characterized by malevolent incompetence.

    • Rev.Hoagie® says:

      Please check your racism and bigotry. This is about the EPA and has no more to do with “white nationalists” or “Christian supremacists” than pig farming. Your malevolent incompetence by racially and religiously characterizing people is breathtakingly anti American and at its core a racist rant.

      You are becoming known as a racist and Christian bigot. Sadly, you used to give a good argument before you went batcrap crazy with hate.

      You really have become psychologically incapable of posting a comment without calling perfect strangers filthy names. Sad. Is that a form of Tourette?

      • Jeffery says:


        You refuse to acknowledge the spine of white nationalism and christian supremacy that runs through ALL right-wing philosophy and policy.

        You refuse to acknowledge that Black people, Hispanics, whites, atheists, gays, heterosexuals, christians, Muslims, Jews all live here and deserve as much respect as you feel entitled to.

        The perverse fact is that the extremists wanting to eliminate the EPA are part of the right-wing, white nationalist, christian supremacist cabal that co-opted the former Grand Old Party.

        I am more fair to far-right extremists than you are to peaceful Muslim-Americans.

        • Rev.Hoagie® says:

          You refuse to acknowledge the spine of white nationalism and christian supremacy that runs through ALL right-wing philosophy and policy.

          Jeffery, not only is that statement ridiculous but it shows just how much projection you’re capable of when you state such nonsense. Perhaps with the left your racism and bigotry runs through ALL your philosophy but with us sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The EPA has NOTHING to do with either white nationalism or Christian supremacy.

          You refuse to acknowledge that Black people, Hispanics, whites, atheists, gays, heterosexuals, christians, Muslims, Jews all live here and deserve as much respect as you feel entitled to.

          No I don’t. Where have I said that? Now you’re just makin’ shit up!

          The perverse fact is that the extremists wanting to eliminate the EPA are part of the right-wing, white nationalist, christian supremacist cabal that co-opted the former Grand Old Party.

          You have lost your mind and believe everything not leftist is a conspiracy by whites and Christians. Do you hear yourself? You sound like a raving mad paranoid racist and bigot. You have become the very Nazi you call others. The actual “perverse fact” is that the people want to reduce the size and cost of government are not a cabal, they are taxpayers and they have a right to speak without being called filthy names just like you do.

          I am more fair to far-right extremists than you are to peaceful Muslim-Americans.

          Fair? You’re not fair to anybody who won’t tote your neo nazi propaganda line. Nobody can talk to you because you have such seething racial and religious hatred you could never sit down and compromise with anyone. You and your fellow leftists have turned politics into a religious jihad where even after the election is over the battles continue. There is no hope for compromise with people like you who venerate our declared enemies while despising the very people who founded and built our nation.

          You don’t even know what a far right extremist is. Where are they? So me one. You don’t even know what a far left extremist is and you see them rioting and setting fires and destroying property while wearing masks every time a leftist doesn’t get his way.

          You really need to decide if you want to have intelligent comments or just call people names like a child.

  2. Jeffery says:

    The GOP is looking to shift money to pay for The Wall!, Mooch-lania’s fortress of solitude in Manhattan, Eric and Jr’s business trips junkets, weekly trips to Mar A Lago, FL, and of course tax cuts for the wealthy (except for the trumps, who pay no taxes) and payoffs to corporations.

    President Bannon’s planned invasion of Syria will cost at least a trillion. He’ll have Little Prince Rebus slide the authorization under Le Petomane’s trump’s pen.

  3. Ray says:

    ALL Government is EVIL. Anything that rids us of Government in any way is GOOD. Leftist are stupid AND evil. Everything else is bullshit.

    • Ray says:

      Jeffery: You are obviously a communist and statist, as such you are a vile degenerate animal with nothing valid to say on any subject. Please start your Great Peoples Cultural Revolution to impose your Great Leap Forward. Come down my road. We have Quick lime and a back hoe waiting. I don’t care what you “Think”. I don’t care how you “feel”. I Don’t CARE what you and things like you want and I carry a gun. Sat Cong.

  4. Jeffery says:


    Really? ALL government is EVIL? Are you really saying nations are better with no government at all? Let’s be blunt – that is a stupid thing to say or believe.

    Let’s say you and your neighbors decide you need a better road. Do you oppose a neighborhood organization that works together to build that road as a single homogeneous stretch or is that EVIL, and a better solution would be for each household to pave the 50 feet in front of their house?

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    About time the fascist EPA was gutted.

  6. Sarthurk says:

    Jeffy boy,
    You need to at least get a chill pill, or maybe a Marxist enema, to rid your soul of the malady of whatever rabid mindless animal that bit you.
    You are either certifiably insane, or you have smoked way too much “Che”uana.
    This article has nothing to do with your idiotic rants, so, what’s your point?
    And by the way, which EPA office do you work at?
    Just curious.
    …Saturday morning humor comes in all forms.

    • Jeffery says:

      Sorryturd boy,

      Thanks for the advice. I am as rabidly radical and extreme against right-wing fascists as the right is against Mexicans, government, environmental regulations, Muslims and Negroes.

      We understand that you don’t wish to be reminded how your policies will destroy this nation and harm its residents, but tough shit. You don’t have to read it, or more probably have your mother read it to you.

      The corporation I co-founded several years ago, and where I currently work, is located in a large midwestern city and is very successful. We have no association with the EPA.

      You’re probably not old enough to remember – maybe you could ask your mommy – but there was a time when the air of our cities was fouled with air pollution and the streams and lakes with industrial dumping and agricultural runoff. Famously, the oil pollution on the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland actually caught on fire in 1969!

      • Sarthurk says:

        well, I’m not going to bother you further, as I feel it immoral to have a battle of wits with an obviously unarmed individual.

        Co-founded corporation…..wait, what? You’re a capitalist?
        Ha! More Saturday humor. Keep diggin’ Jeffy You’re a hoot!

        • Jeffery says:


          I don’t blame you for running scared, it’s a defining characteristic of conservatives. The entitled arrogance derived from your deep-seated feelings of inferiority always display brightly! Look at trumpy!

          Yep, living simply and conservatively, saving and investing, I was able to retire early and start a biotech company! You should hope we continue our success, it may benefit you one day.

          • Sarthurk says:

            Oh no, fuk that! I’m not afraid of you and your condescending bullshit attitude. I’m just trying to be considerate of your special little snowflake personality and your safe spaces. LMAO!

            Biotech? What, you’re a lawyer, and engage in frivolous law suits over environmental issues that don’t exist? Or are are you involved in some energy tech that has to be subsidized by the government to exist? Come on, asshole, who do you work for? What is your non existent “corporation”? BFD! I used to own a corporation too. It was a biotech company as well. It’s pretty easy, and you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I just did it so assholes like you couldn’t litigate me personally. Good luck with that, troll.

  7. Sarthurk says:

    My personal take on the EPA is this. I work on the left coast as a biologist. I was born here, and it wasn’t a liberal place 60 years ago. Things have changed. Mostly because of folks escaping Kalifornia to come to my home, and having detrimentally changed this place forever. They have succeeded in changing this state into exactly what they were trying to escape in the first place. Liberals are hypocrites.
    Like my Grandfather who left Germany in the 1920’s, because things were not looking good, politically, socially, or otherwise,I too feel like I should GTFO before the SHTF.
    But I digress.
    My house is within 100 feet of a prominent estuary on the NW Pacific coast, and I have seen a lot of research activity right in front of my home. The EPA does it, the local State University does it, the state government biologists do it, and the state DEQ does it. Same Methodology, same places, and same time series of field research work.
    My concern is, where does the redundancy of this research end? and, Why are we, the taxpayers, paying multiple times for the same data collection?
    I think the EPA should go. Every State has a Department of environmental quality. What more does one need?

    • gitarcarver says:

      I think the EPA should go. Every State has a Department of environmental quality. What more does one need?

      For one thing, you would need an agency that could do what state agencies cannot – cross state lines.

      Regulations in California do no impact those in Oregon or Nevada. The opposite is true as well.

      While you are correct in that too much research is duplicated and the costs are too high, we should and do need a national identity and policy on what we are going to accept when it comes to the environment. For example, we shouldn’t allow polluters in one state pollute waters that flow into another state leaving the second state without recourse.

      Teach is right on this one. The EPA like so many agencies had a noble beginning and then has blown up to where it is out of control and lacks accountability. We have seen more and more cases in the courts where judges have told the EPA they can’t act like the tyrants they want to be and that has not stopped them.

      Either fix the EPA or blow it up and start again.

  8. Sarthurk says:

    I think it at least, it would be pretty simple to manage across state lines for many things like watersheds. The PNW has done this very thing in regard to fisheries management in WA, OR, and Idaho. Some of the tax dollars saved by eliminating the EPA could be used to coordinated between state agencies. It’s a proven process all along the Pacific coast in many ways. Collaboration is being done as we speak, and it works. Need I go into details?

  9. gitarcarver says:

    You could go into details but allow me to introduce you to a watershed issue that is going on between Florida and Georgia for the last 10 years.

    The lawyer fees alone have amounted to over $79 million dollars with perhaps and end in sight as a judge has finally said “enough. You get this fixed or I will fix it for you and no one is going to like it.”

    My point is while cooperation is a good thing, it is not possible all the time. States, like businesses are going to protect their interests. If you have a state with less stringent laws but whose pollutants impact another state, what happens?

    The Constitution allows for the government to step in and create laws that regulate commerce across lines. Certainly no one would or should argue that in some instances, the pollution from one state impacts the economy of another.

    The Congress and the EPA jumped off the rail when the Congress allowed the EPA not only to make rules, but enforcement laws.

    The EPA became an agency with a political agenda, rather than sticking to its original mandate.

    • Sarthurk says:

      Oh, I totally agree with that. But, there should be a way for states to rectify environmental situations with cooperative agreements that involve that sort of situation. And I agree that bad things happen. The EU is a perfect example, and results in socialistic ends rather than common sense goals.

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  12. Sarthurk says:

    Yeah sure! I don’t have much of a clue as to what you’re saying, but I do have a 4×4 and a motorcycle.
    Skoal! 😉

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