Solving ‘Climate Change’ Takes Collective Forced Action Or Something

Warmist Neil Leary at the Huffington Post is super thrilled to share 5 things you can do just in time for New Year’s to overcome Hotcoldwetdry, and unintentionally provides proof that this is all about government dominance

5 Things To Do About Climate Change, Just In Time For The New Year

After I wrote What a Trump Presidency Means for Fighting Climate Change, a colleague suggested that I write an article with “5 concrete examples of on-the-ground things people can do.” I’ve been mulling that over. You can readily find lists online of 5 things, 10 things, 50 and more things to do about climate change. Many excellent suggestions. Nearly all of them call for individual actions. Things that you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Individual actions are important. We learn through personal experience what works and what doesn’t, what’s easy and what’s hard. We prove change is feasible. We demonstrate our seriousness by walking the talk. We help motivate others to act. We move the needle, even if just a bit, in the direction that we need to move as a society.

Obviously, Warmists have discovered that living the life they want Everyone Else to be forced to live is hard, hence the reason so few give up their own use of fossil fuels, slap solar panels on their homes and live off the grid, wash clothes by hand, only buy local, etc and so on. But, see, this is the Talking Point they use, that all must be part of the solution, whether they want to be or not.

But a strategy built solely on individual actions will not prevent the calamitous impacts of climate change that will befall us if atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise as currently projected. That takes collective action, in both public and private spheres. Actions that fundamentally transform the choices that are available to us, and that promote choices that will build a low-carbon, climate resilient economy that provides for our needs, including the need for a healthy and safe planet with a stable climate.

This is all about Governmental control, no matter how pretty the language. Look at the 5 things

  1. Join with others. (This is about joining groups that advocate that Government pass laws, rules, and regulations to force everyone to comply with your beliefs)
  2. Advocate for federal action. (Big Government forcing compliance)
  3. Support state and local action. (lower level governmental force)
  4. Take action at work. (nag your coworkers and bosses, in an attempt to get everyone to comply with your beliefs)
  5. Talk to your friends, family and peers. (turn them into people who no longer want to talk to you)

So, four out of five are about forcing compliance. Then we get to

If you are a teacher, incorporate climate change into your teaching.

Brainwashing and indoctrination for a political viewpoint.

OK, still looking for things you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint? Here are a few websites to check out. A word of advice. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by long lists of things you should do. Start by picking one thing, something that is both impactful and readily achieved. Do that. Congratulate yourself, pause to reflect, then move on to tackle one more thing.

Good luck with that. They’ll replace a lightbulb and call it a day.

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