People Really Love Carbon Pricing!!!!!

…right up till

(Toronto Sun) Recent polls have suggested most Canadians support carbon pricing, without explaining what it is and what it does.

Carbon pricing means attaching a cost to something that has never had a cost before — emitting industrial greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned.

Politicians from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on down like to say carbon pricing is a mechanism for making polluters pay for the environmental harm they cause when burning fossil fuels for energy.

They’d also like you to think the polluters who will be paying are giant corporations like oil companies.

The problem is, this isn’t true.

Shockingly, the costs that the government/Warmist view of the free market slaps on these companies ends up directly on the consumers. And Canada is looking at both cap and trade along with a carbon tax, really, just about the same, meaning

In either case, the end result is the same –  a higher cost of living for all Canadians, paid either through higher prices or higher taxes on most goods and services.

Years of polling on this issue have shown that most people favour carbon pricing and making polluters pay until it’s explained to them that this means they will be paying more for virtually all goods and services.

When that’s made clear, support for carbon pricing typically drops precipitously, with only a minority of those surveyed supporting it.

Here’s the question for all the Warmists pushing these policies: are they willing to pay the taxes and higher fees and prices and cost of living themselves? We know that the majority are not willing to change their own lifestyles

to accord with their supposed beliefs, much like how Socialists, such as Bernie Sanders, won’t give away their books for free and like to make lots and lots of money. Go figure.

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