Katherine Hayhoe: You Don’t Have To Be A Liberal Weenie To Believe In ‘Climate Change’

Katherine Hayhoe really, really, really wants you to believe this is about science

Katharine Hayhoe: Why Climate Change Should Matter to You

What’s one of the most insidious myths we’ve bought into, when it comes to climate change?

It has nothing to do with the science: It’s the simple idea that we have to be a certain type of person to care about climate change.

If I’m a liberal, if I bike to work and call myself a “tree-hugger,” then of course I care about climate change. But what if I’m conservative, I drive a car or I worry about the economy—does agreeing with the science of climate change mean I have to change who I am?

When I moved to Texas 10 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I study climate change, one of the most politicized issues in the entire U.S. If we’re serious about it, we have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels. That’s not a popular message in a state best known for its oil and gas.

It’s not a popular message for Warmists, either, since they, including Hayhoe, refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels.

To answer these questions, I’ve teamed up with our local West Texas PBS station to produce a new PBS Digital Studios web series, Global Weirding: Climate, Politics, and Religion. Every other Wednesday, we roll out a new video exploring climate change and what it means to all of us.

This episode tackles the identity myth, head-on. Climate change is not some distant issue that only matters to the polar bears. It’s affecting our lives right now, in the places that we live. And if we’re a human living on planet Earth, then we already have every value we need to care about a changing climate.

Do you know which episode I want to see? The one where Warmists stop using fossil fuels and live like it it’s the 10th century, giving up all the luxuries of the modern lifestyle.

Climate change isn’t a niche issue that only matters to people who think or act or vote a certain way. Each of us, exactly who we are, with exactly the values we already have, already have every reason we need to care.

Virtually every poll says it is a niche issue. And, as long as Warmists continue to be hypocrites and demand that Other People comply, it will be a niche issue. Yes, climate change is real. The debate is on the cause.

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6 Responses to “Katherine Hayhoe: You Don’t Have To Be A Liberal Weenie To Believe In ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Professor Hayhoe is an evangelical Christian and a climate scientist who recognizes the reality of global warming. How does that threaten the conservative firewall against scientific knowledge? She is treated as a traitor by the right.

    Teach types over and over: they, including Hayhoe, refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels.

    And conservatives whine about federal spending yet don’t give up interstate highways, clean air, clean water, Social Security, Medicare, state schools and all the protections afforded by federal taxes paid by others. It’s almost as if conservatives think that everyone should participate in their policy proposals. If cons are serious about small government why don’t they walk the walk?

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Do you know which episode I want to see?

    The one where little loser guy blows me?

    Or the one where little loser guy explains why he lied about serving in in the Army?

  3. JGlanton says:

    I want to see the episode where they play the tape of “Heat Waves” Hayhoe saying that drought in Texas is the “new normal” after one dry year in 2011. Followed by showing a graph of Texas’ increasing precipitation for the next five years, culminating in it being the wettest place in the continental U.S.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Clicked on the Hayhoe site and ad pops up trying to sell me an Escalade.
    Love it.

  5. jl says:

    Actually, you do have to.

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