White Working People Voted Against Themselves Or Something

Liberals and their compliant media are still in utter denial as to just why Hillary lost the election. They’ve created elaborate Excuses, rather than simply dealing with the notions that a) Hillary was a horrible candidate, b) she and her team had a poor strategy, and c) Democrats policies are unpopular in practice. Instead, we get things like this (it’s no wonder Trump will continue to tweet directly to the People)

Why the white working class votes against itself

Why did all those Economically Anxiousâ„¢ Trump voters reject policies that would have helped relieve their economic anxiety?

Maybe they believed any Big Government expansions would disproportionately go to the “wrong” kinds of people — that is, people unlike themselves.

Or, maybe the real reason is that they’ve seen that the Democrat Party policies of the past 8 years do little to help themselves, and, instead, help the coastal rich elites while creating more governmental control. And along comes Donald Trump who spoke directly to these people, who campaigned in their home areas, and who never said anything about putting them out of work.

Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss, particularly in traditionally blue strongholds, has led to lots of rumination about what the Democrats must do to reclaim their political territory. Smarter marketing, smoother organization, greater outreach and fresher faces are among the most commonly cited remedies.

But there seems to be universal agreement, at least among the Democratic politicians and strategists I’ve interviewed, that the party’s actual ideas are the right ones.

And opinion piece writer Catherine Rampell won’t disagree. She apparently has orders from the DNC. Regardless, if the Democrat policies are so great, why have they lost so many elected seats starting at the federal level and going down to the local level?

Democrats, they note, pushed for expansion of health-insurance subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans; investments in education and retraining; middle-class tax cuts; and a higher minimum wage. These are core, standard-of-living improving policies. They would do far more to help the economically precarious — including and especially white working-class voters — than Donald Trump’s top-heavy tax cuts and trade wars ever could.

Here’s the problem. These Democratic policies probably would help the white working class. But the white working class doesn’t seem to buy that they’re the ones who’d really benefit.

Is this starting to look like a DNC press release? And one of the reasons why so many said “to hell with the Democrats and Hillary and the media”? This is the typical Democrat elitist opinion, acting like mom and dad trying to tell people what’s best for them, when these voters have different ideas. The whine continues on and on and on, cementing the wrong ideas for the Democrat party on their loss. People are tired of the nanny state government, they’re tired of it picking winners and losers, they’re tired of being called racists and denegrated, tired of seeing their jobs go overseas and to imported labor, tired of being patronized, tired of the government acting like mom and dad, and tired of the silly Social Justice Warrior policies of the Democrats.

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15 Responses to “White Working People Voted Against Themselves Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Actually, Sec Clinton garnered almost 3 million more votes than Trump. The American people preferred the Democrat, as bad a candidate and as unpopular as she was/is, to the Republican.

    Clearly, Trump voters see something in Trump that the majority of Americans do not, but it seems unlikely to be related to economic concerns. Since being awarded the presidency, Trump has not given rural whites any reason to think his/Republican policies will help them. If Trump accedes to Congressional Republicans, the working classes will see cuts in Social Security and healthcare programs. It’s unlikely that the Republicans will agree to a $1 trillion infrastructure/fiscal stimulus.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    Actually, Sec Clinton garnered almost 3 million more votes than Trump. The American people preferred the Democrat, as bad a candidate and as unpopular as she was/is, to the Republican.

    W E D O N O T C A R E!

    Trump won the presidency fair and square….the system is designed so that unhinged leftist or crazed righties do not hold overwhelming power.

    We all know the story….the south was not going to join the union until the founding fathers made the compromise that ensured that the southern states would have equal say in the government.

    States like California, NY, Florida, Texas, Illinois would determine the entire countries policies under leftist arguments that popular vote is all that matters.

    IT is NOT….we are a nation of 50 states that each have an equal say……So SAD TO BE BAD LEFTIES…..learn to divest your crazed liberals to other states….so you can win more electoral votes….thats how the system works……..

    WE DO NOT CARE…..so shut the fuck up and deal with it you lame brain moron…….

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Without California she didn’t win the popular vote. One state, even one that votes the way you want it to, should not ad cannot be allowed to run the election and the country.


  4. drowningpuppies says:

    In other news:

    The Obama administration rushed Thursday to cancel a program set up in the wake of Sept. 11 to track and deport illegal immigrant Muslim and Arab men, hoping to hinder President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to impose extreme vetting” on Muslim visitors./blockquote>
    Another ‘fuck you America’ from Choom Boy.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    Its hard to fathom what the left is even thinking anymore…..

    The fact that they want to harbor law breakers is mind boggling…..

    I get that they want all these illegals so they can win a few seats in the house and stuff….but if we deported all the illegals…..literally all of them…..

    The left would have about 12 senate seats and 100 house seats and own about 6 state governorships….

    So its fundamentally understanding why they want to protect illegals……..

    BUT CRIMINALS? That I dont get…they murder liberals more often then they murder conservatives…..These people want to behead GAYS and Lesbians…..and yet the leftist proclaim their love for the sexually challenged…….

    We all know they just USE all these groups to garner power….in the end they do very little and blame it on those racist Repubs…….Once again a party that has totally lost touch with Americans as they vie for 50 different PACS within their own party to maintain some semblance of relevancy.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    Rev Hoagie,

    It is worse than that.

    Without LA and Cook County she doesn’t win the popular vote.

  7. gitarcarver says:


    The NSEERS program was instituted after 9/11 and tracked men over the age of 16 from different nations.

    The program didn’t really work and according to most reports was dormant. In its history the NSEERS program never caught or stopped a terrorist attack, which was it’s primary reason for existing.

    The functionality of the program was absorbed into other DHS programs where the information could be shared faster and more efficiently.

    In all honesty, the program needed to go.

    That being said, the REASON it was cancelled is important. If Obama cancelled it because of the budgetary issues or redundancy of the program, I don’t have an issue with that.

    If he cancelled it to throw a big middle finger at the President elect and the people of the country, then that is a real issue and one for which Obama should rightly be criticized.

    Like I said, the program was a waste and needed to go. There is an acceptable reason for ending the program and a less than acceptable reason for ending it.

  8. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Then all is well, gitarcarver, since Obama is well known for cutting or discontinuing outdated, unused programs. He’s eliminated how many so far? 1,500? 800? 20? 1? oh, that’s right, zero.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    Rev Hoagie,

    The program needed to go. I hope we can agree on that.

    I agree that it is more likely that Obama is doing this to make a “statement” rather than some sort of fiscal or practical move.

    But if the argument being made that Obama is making the country less safe with the deletion of a program that wasn’t being used, that’s a stretch to me. If he was deleting a program to just be an ass, well, that fits with his past.

  10. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    The program needed to go. I hope we can agree on that.

    Of course we agree. I just don’t think that has anything to do with the elimination of the program. Obama hasn’t tried to eliminate waste in anything, not even the price of his own plane. Trump’s an idiot but he knows the one thing all us business types know: if you want a better price, ask! He just doesn’t care because like most leftists it’s not “his” money.

  11. Jeffery says:

    Laim brain,

    We wouldn’t expect you to care. But many actual Americans do. We’re not debating who is the president-elect, only that the American voters preferred Sec Clinton over Trump. So Teach’s contention that Americans preferred Trumpism is untrue. I’m sorry if the facts give you a great big butthurt. Hahahahaha

    More Americans voted for Clinton than voted for Trump.

  12. gitarcarver says:

    And yet Hillary is not president nor will she ever be.

    THAT’S the real “butt hurt” to the leftists.

  13. Dana says:

    Jeffrey’s statement assumes facts not in evidence, that the voters in California and New York actually are Americans.

    Of course, I can’t see anyone who voted for Mrs Clinton as being a real American.

  14. drowningpuppies says:

    Jeffrey’s statement assumes facts not in evidence, …

    That’s true about 97% of the little guy’s comments.

  15. gitarcarver says:

    The other thing is his statement seems to say that the people in the electoral college are not American or that Hillary got more votes in the Electoral College.

    Also, in case you missed it, one of the leaders of the “faithless electors” movement was in contact with the Clinton campaign.

    What a shock.

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