In Wake Of Berlin Terrorist Attack, NY Times More Concerned With Tolerance And Stuff

This is typical. Whenever there is a terrorist attack performed by a member of the Islamic religion, the political left jumps into concern for not the people attacked, but for those of the Islamic religion. We saw the same thing in the wake of all the sexual assaults throughout Europe of late, which have continued. Not too mention all the violence, crime, uncivilized behavior, and so forth. Primarily coming from all these “Syrian” refugees, who tend to be young, fighting age men from throughout the Muslim world

The NY Times Editorial Board wrote this screed prior to the knowledge that the German police are now seeking a Tunisian man.

A Cruel Test for Germany

The populist right has wasted no time waiting for facts to emerge about the identity of the attacker in Berlin or a motive to slam Chancellor Angela Merkel for her humane asylum policy and to push its xenophobic agenda. This dangerous — if predictable — reaction plays directly into the hands of the Islamic State, which would like nothing better than to start a war between Christians and Muslims in Europe.

Interesting. Whenever there is some sort of “hate” crime here in the U.S., the NY Times, along with its liberal associates, wastes no time in blaming the American right before the facts emerge. Which, in these cases, usually ends up with it being a hoax or being perpetrated by a leftist. And the part about playing into the hands of ISIS is a cute bit of mental gymnastics, but doesn’t actually hold up to reality, especially when, in almost every case, we learn that the person is, in fact, a radicalized Muslim.

As the police asked the public to stay vigilant, Ms. Merkel, who said “we must assume” the attack was an act of terrorism, appealed to Germans not to let terrorism steal their way of life: “We do not want to live with the fear of evil paralyzing us.” Still, Christmas markets in Berlin remained closed on Tuesday. London’s Metropolitan Police assured that it had “detailed plans for protecting public events,” and France’s interior minister, Bruno Le Roux, said that after the attack, “security for Christmas markets was immediately reinforced.” Heightened fears across Europe are understandable; the attack resembled one on Bastille Day in Nice, where a truck was used to slaughter more than 80 people.

Yeah, people tend to get fearful when Islamists use the exact methods ISIS has told them to use to commit mass murder and mayhem, especially when they are already terrorized by the hundreds of thousands of so-called refugees being let into their countries by the political leaders over the reservations of the people.

The Berlin attack risks igniting in Germany an already charged debate on refugees. “It would be particularly difficult for all of us to bear if it is confirmed that this deed was carried out by a person who sought protection and asylum in Germany,” Ms. Merkel said. Running for re-election next year, she is politically vulnerable, with mounting opposition to her government’s asylum policy. Last New Year’s Eve, assaults on women in Cologne by mobs of North African and Arab men set off outrage. In July, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a German train and a 27-year-old Syrian asylum seeker blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 others, compounding public fears.

That would seem cause for concern, would it not?

President-elect Donald Trump also jumped in on Monday, lumping the Berlin attack with the assassination on the same day of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey and an attack within hours at an Islamic prayer center in Zurich, tweeting, “The civilized world must change thinking!” That is the wrong response. The motivations for the attacks appear completely different. In Zurich, the assailant, a Swiss citizen of Ghanaian descent, opened fire on worshipers, wounding three, and was later found dead not far away.

Right. We shouldn’t respond by rethinking the way we let people from 3rd world hellholes, replete with Islamic radicalism, who think women are second class citizens and sex toys, who refuse to assimilate, who have no problem with uncivilized behavior and committing crimes against the people of the host nations, and many who are radicalized, in to our nations with barely a background check. I suggest Mr. Trump move them all to the areas where people like the NY Times EB live here in the U.S.

Here’s the money quote, in the last paragraph

With each new attack, whether on a Christmas market or a mosque, the challenge to Europe to defend tolerance, inclusion, equality and reason grows more daunting. If Europe is to survive as a beacon of democratic hope in a world rent by violent divisions, it must not cede those values now.

Practice all these things for people that do not practice it themselves? Practice tolerance in the face of widespread violence, crime, sex assaults, rape, terrorist attacks, and so forth? I think not. Inclusion for these people? I think not.

It’s an interesting, and typical response from the Liberal Elite, who rarely have to encounter these people in person. And, who rarely practice it themselves. Just consider all the Sore Loser Symphony and Trump Derangement Syndrome on the pages of the Times itself. Where’s the tolerance?

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4 Responses to “In Wake Of Berlin Terrorist Attack, NY Times More Concerned With Tolerance And Stuff”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    I remember in 2007 when Obama was running for Prez and everyone was calling Bush Hitler etc……The working scenario was that if Obama was elected he would be NICE to these people and they would all love us…..

    It was because of the cowboy and neocons that the muslims hated us….as if that explains why they used to hijack airplanes under Carters Administration….Why they have been blowing shit up for 4 decades now….

    but of course it was all Americas fault….

    So because its all Americas fault thats why they are killing people in France, Germany and England and all across the EU….

    but its Americas fault because we want to vette muslims….Oh dear god thats profiling…..

    Im amazed the left allowed us to pass sex offender laws.

    The theory was…Obama will save the world and make muslims love us again…….

    Iran was his coup de ta……….as it turns out they are thumbing their noses at him…laughing at the dumbest guy in the room and have gone quiet now that Trump was elected……

    pretty similar to flaunting the captured embassy staff at CARTER but releasing them the day Reagan was sworn in………

    Gotta love the stupidity on the left when it comes to world events.

  2. Hank_M says:

    The NY Times never misses an opportunity to be-clown itself.

    No one with a brain pays them any attention.

  3. Dana says:

    Our host quoted The New York Times:

    With each new attack, whether on a Christmas market or a mosque, the challenge to Europe to defend tolerance, inclusion, equality and reason grows more daunting. If Europe is to survive as a beacon of democratic hope in a world rent by violent divisions, it must not cede those values now.

    Yet the editors’ solution to not ceding those values is to keep letting in people who do not share those values; the editors want to defend pluralistic Western democracy by allowing in people who do not believe in tolerance or democracy.

    Of course, the left are so much smarter than us rednecks — just ask them; they’ll tell you so! — so I s’pose that they simply must know what they’re doing, and we’re just too stoopid to understand. Maybe if they could ‘splain it to us, preferably avoiding words of more than two syllables?

  4. Jeffery says:

    More policing, better intelligence, not smearing all Muslims… seems reasonable.

    Protecting the public and foiling terrorism in Germany and across Europe will require far greater cooperation on intelligence and policing among neighboring nations. That work will become even more urgent as the Islamic State, facing defeat in Syria and Iraq, trains its sights on Europe with new vengeance. But as governments expand counterterrorism efforts, as they should, they must also avoid tarring the vast majority of Muslims in Europe, whether recent asylum seekers or longtime residents, who are law-abiding people as vulnerable to terrorism as anyone else, and are now themselves the target of hate crimes.

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