NY Times Aghast At Trump’s State Department Picks

I guess they would have preferred someone who would use their family “charity” to make oodles of money via pay for play decisions while in office, push to bomb a country then leave it in tatters for Islamists to take over, lie about the reason 4 Americans were murdered by Islamists, have cozy relationships with China and Iran, and create a personal server to thwart government rules and law while passing national security material in a manner that allows it to be hacked, much less sharing it with people who did not have the clearances to see it

Flawed Choices for the State Department

Set aside the fact that Rex Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil and Donald Trump’s apparent choice for secretary of state, knows scores of world leaders and is a skilled businessman. Why would Mr. Trump choose as his top diplomat a man whose every decision or action would be tainted by suspicion that he’s capitulating to Russian interests or those of the oil industry, having spent his entire career at Exxon Mobil?

Because he won the election. You lost, NY Times Editorial Board. Get that through your heads. For all the caterwauling about Russian interference, what of the much greater interference from the supposedly non-partisan Credentialed Media, which was incredibly biased against Trump and was essentially pro-Hillary, working to defeat him and elect her? What of all the op-eds masquarading as news articles about the dooooooooom that electing Trump would bring, while they gently chided Hillary for her failings, and even worked to protect her from the allegations of wrongdoing, shady business, even criminal activity?

Mr. Trump seems impervious to ethical standards. By naming Mr. Tillerson, he risks burdening his administration with another appointee likely to ensure endless controversy.

Mr. Tillerson has no background in diplomacy beyond corporate deal making. And his relationship with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s authoritarian leader, raises serious questions about whether he could manage Russia policy in a way that advances America’s national interests. Mr. Putin even gave him an “Order of Friendship” award in 2013.

Normally, the NYTEB is super-enthused to talk to enemies, even wanting normalized relations, such as with Cuba and Iran. But, that’s when a Democrat is in office.

American-Russian relations are at their worst since the Cold War, a result of Mr. Putin’s annexation of Crimea, the war in eastern Ukraine, his attempts to destabilize countries in Europe, and bombings of civilians in Syria.

So, Mr. Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and current SoS John Kerry have utterly failed? Perhaps we need someone who knows what they hell they’re doing. Did the NYTEB ever think about that? Of course not. This is a typical Leftist knee-jerk reaction. It wouldn’t matter who Trump picked, there would be apoplexy and opposition regardless.

The hit piece goes on to assault John Bolton, who might get the number two position at State. Leftists have long had a burr in their bums over him, ever since he served as Ambassador to the UN under George Bush, so, there’s nothing unusual with the Times assaulting him.

Mr. Trump will soon lead America in facing an increasingly unstable world of complicated and intractable challenges. He needs the best possible advisers at his side. Mr. Bolton does not make that grade, and Mr. Trump will have his work cut out for him in making a convincing case for Mr. Tillerson.

Trump won. He convinced the people he needed to convince in order to win the election as our system is set up. Don’t like it? Win an election.

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9 Responses to “NY Times Aghast At Trump’s State Department Picks”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Trumpski is neither a god nor a king. He couldn’t even win a plurality of voters, much less a majority. Nope, Trumpski is marginally legitimate as prez and will have to put up with withering criticism from start to finish. As a natural fascist he will try to silence his critics as best he can, constitutionally or not. Every decision must be challenged loudly. As Rush said about Obama, we hope Trumpski fails and quits before his first term is up.

    John Bolton? The engineer of the ill-fated Iraq invasion and occupation?

    Exxon could make billions if the US lifts sanctions against Trumpski’s handlers, the Russians.


  2. drowningpuppies says:

    #Not Tired Of Winning

  3. Jeffery says:

    Energy Dept gives the prezelect transition team a big fat “Fuck you”. Hahahahahah


    Now that will make Der Trumpenfuhrer, his brown shirts and his fluffer supporters furious! How dare they not do as they’re told!

    Heads exploding in Trumpski Tower. How will Il Douche retaliate?

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Pretty sure they’ll comply after Jan 20.

    And a few dumbasses will be looking for other employment.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    How will Il Douche retaliate?

    Right now as the request is from the transition team, it can be denied.

    Once it comes from the President, that’s a bigger issue.

    One would think that Trump would act like anyone who ran a company or was the head of a department would: You ignore a legal order and you’re gone.

    People who actually work and people who are actually supervisors understand this. Perhaps that is why Jeffery doesn’t get it. It seems the more he talks, the more it becomes clear that he is not a business person at all, but a poser.

  6. Jl says:

    Funny reading J’s “comments” as they become more and more unhinged. Right now he seems to be at stage 3, which I believe is 3rd grade name-calling. If nothing changes I doubt he’ll graduate to 4th grade.

  7. Dana says:

    Rex Tillerson not only has more negotiating experience than either of Barack Obama’s two secretaries of State had when they were picked, but he rose from an entry-level production engineer to Chairman and CEO of Exxon by working hard and being promoted to increasingly responsible jobs within the company. He was elected Chairman and CEO to begin on New Year’s Day of 2006, and has now spent almost 11 years running, very successfully, the ninth largest publicly traded company in the world.

    That’s really what the left fear: Mr Tillerson is a man who knows how to run an organization, and they are afraid that he’ll make the State Department actually perform.

    For the left, a lot of Mr Trump’s cabinet appointments are a problem, because he has picked so man people who have actually run things, successfully, in business or in the military, and the left are deathly afraid that the Trump Administration will get the federal bureaucracy under control.

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    Heads exploding in Trumpski Tower. How will Il Douche retaliate?

    He will most likely find your ip address and send people to have a pleasant discussion with you….thats what dictators do right?

    Your comparing him to Hitler and Putin….so if you really believe that do you not think they could find you on the internet….figure out who you are….especially if your someone of Import as you claim then you might just disappear….perhaps thats what happened to John…..

    Is Jeffery next?