Because You Drove A Fossil Fueled Vehicle, It Snowed In Tokyo For First Time In 54 Years

This is your fault. Especially the Warmists who refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral. It’s horrific!

Climate Change Causes First Tokyo November Snow in 54 Years

Climate change has caused many unusual weather occurrences around the globe. Tokyo for one is currently experiencing its first November snow in 54 years.

In a surprising turn of events, the Japan capital of Tokyo was treated to a snow show beginning in the month of November. This is due to an untimely drop in temperature. Because of the cold front, some public transport systems experienced a delay in the onset of the snow.

But, wait, it’s even worse than you think!

The first November snow after 54 years occurred more than a month in advance of the expected annual snowfall called the “hatsuyuki.” The last time it snowed in Tokyo was in 1962, but in a smaller quantity that did not even accumulate in huge number and are not visible on the ground. But this year’s snowfall on a November looks heavier than that of the 1962 occurrence.

Because of that, this current snowfall is said to be the first snow that has accumulated on Tokyo ground on a November since authorities started recording from 1875, according to BBC. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) already issued some warning to prepare the residents for snow-related incidents such as icy roads and the collapse of makeshift greenhouses.

We’re dooooooooomed! I blame you!

(Interestingly, those periods were actually times of cooling within the Modern Warm Period)

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6 Responses to “Because You Drove A Fossil Fueled Vehicle, It Snowed In Tokyo For First Time In 54 Years”

  1. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    If glowball warming caused this snow fall to what do they attribute the snow of 1962 or the far worse occurrence in 1875?

  2. jl says:

    By that “logic” when it doesn’t snow it must be evidence of an absence of global warming.

  3. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    You got it jl. Neither snow nor the lack thereof is an indication of anything but todays weather.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    You think that’s bad, the WaPoo has cited anonymous sources who confirm that the Russians have hacked Christmas for Trump.

    Those damn Rooskies …

  5. Jeffery says:

    The Earth is currently in a period of rapid warming caused by an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. One outcome MAY be changes in the outflow of Arctic cold to the northern hemisphere.

    Some less thoughtful denizens wonder aloud that if the Arctic is warming, ‘How can it still send COLD air to the US, Europe and Asia’? ‘How can “global warming” cause colder winters in Tokyo, London and Chicago’??? The answers lie in actual facts. In winter, Arctic air temperature reaches 50C below zero – and even as the Arctic warms more rapidly than the rest of the Earth, it is still brutally cold in winter*. One still controversial hypothesis states that the warming Arctic results in changes the jet stream allowing this still brutal cold to sink southward into the US, northern Europe and Asia (i.e., Tokyo snow in November).

    *N.B. – Yet Arctic summers are also getting warmer with longer stretches above the freezing point of water ice, hence, less summer ice.

  6. Liam Thomas says:


    Remember those numbers….Had your party given half a shit about the POOR people IN YOUR country instead of trying to make it harder on them by saving a few molecules of Co2 from entering the atmosphere….From trying to make sure that every gay man can put his cock whereever he wants….by trying to ensure that the dozen or so people in the country that are gender confused have their own bathrooms that they will most likely NEVER USE….

    Perhaps if you had worked to address blacks killing blacks instead of murdering cops in protests…….

    Perhaps if the left had worried more about putting food in their own peoples mouths then worrying about a small town in Iowa putting up a manger scene once a year.

    Perhaps if the left had been concerned about the 97 million people that have NO JOB or were shuffled off onto a paltry SSI disability they might have seen different numbers.

    Perhaps if the left was more concerned about America then they are Mexico and Somalia and letting millions of people flood into our country taking jobs that REAL American citizens might be able to do…..

    Perhaps if Harry Reid had not lost 13 senate seats under his watch….Presided over the continual erosion of political power to protect failed policies of a Black President who did NOTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE EXCEPT PISS THEM OFF AND GET THEM TO RIOTING AND MARCHING IN THE STREETS….

    Perhaps if your last president resided over JOBS SUMMITS instead of BEER SUMMITS..or actually seemed to care about the poor people and the unemployed people in this country……

    Perhaps if your candidate actually didnt take PAY FOR PLAY from a dozen countries and raised her snooty nose at congress when inquired about why she let Americans die in Libya.

    Perhaps if HRC had actually done something for Americans instead of bragging about getting a rapist off or being outted in emails as hating the Black president she publicly adored….

    Perhaps….just perhaps if the Democrats actually cared about anything other then social issues they might have hit a grand slam and put the GOP firmly in the miniority which was where they were headed after GWB and his retarded war in IRAQ….

    Perhaps jeffery if there were less people like you unhinged about losing and more graceful in defeat then perhaps….just perhaps the left might have a chance….

    but with people like you posting on blogs, the MSM which no one trusts anymore denouncing everything Trump does including where he goes to dinner with his family…..

    Get used to being the party of lost causes….because even your blue collar rust belters when they start getting their jobs back…when inner cities start getting some TLC finally……when hispanics are not rounded up and deported like the left has been screaming…….

    When trump becomes the next Reagan and brings about pride in America again…then just perhaps……The democrats can sit in their corner and rant and rave and appear as lunatics and crybabies…..

    While the rest of the country moves on and enjoys once again prosperity at the cost of a few PPM of CO2…which people without Jobs dont give a shit about……

    Perhaps one day the left will get it….this is not the 80s-90s anymore…Social issues dont matter when people are being murdered in their own streets and people are going hungry and the government decided they had to buy something that cost them a 1000 a month.

    Perhaps you’ll wake up one day….or not….My hope is NOT…because the people get it….Obama was popular…the Democratic party IS NOT.

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