Washington Post Wants Congress To Protect “Dreamers” From Trump

This would be a case of “fake news”, per the media’s definition, which involves scaremongering and hysteria

It’s up to Congress to protect ‘dreamers’ from deportation

WHEN THE Obama administration established a program in 2014 for “dreamers” — young undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children by their parents — the deal was simple: They would register with the Department of Homeland Security and submit to a background check. If their records were clean and they met certain criteria, they would receive work permits and be shielded from deportation on a two-year, renewable basis.

This was another in a long set of Obama overreaches, doing something that was legally dubious, if not utterly against the Constitution. Expect that if Trump tries something in the same vein, the Washington Post Editorial Board will have a snit fit.

Since then, some 750,000 people have registered for the program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and most are studying or working in this country, leading peaceable and productive lives. Yet along with feeling relief and gratitude for having been offered a reprieve, and a way out of the shadows, many feel nervous — and for good reason. Will President-elect Donald Trump, who has threatened to deport all illegal immigrants, use information they willingly gave the federal government, including addresses, to track them down and deport them?

Trump hasn’t threatened to do this specifically, hence, fake news (yes, yes, it’s on the opinion pages, but, really, there’s not a lot of daylight between the news and opinion nowadays.)

That, says Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), would be “the worst outcome.” He’s right. What possible advantage would be gained by targeting and tracking down this group of immigrants, who grew up in the United States, attended American high schools, live thoroughly American lives and in many cases have no memory of any other country?

Here’s the problem: so many of these same “Dreamers” have been demanding, Demanding!!!! that the United States give them money, schooling, free college, healthcare, and be made citizens. Not asking. Demanding. Yet, many of them are out there flying the flags of their country, particularly Mexico, and slamming the US. We don’t owe them a thing. Nothing. Zip. One would think they would be humble and conciliatory and use the word “please”.

Immigration hard-liners will regard Mr. Graham’s bill as amnesty; it is nothing of the sort. He is proposing neither citizenship nor indefinite legal status for dreamers; rather, he would simply allow them to continue leading the lives they have made for themselves in this country, to which they were brought through no fault of their own.

And, along with that, what we’ve gotten and will get are two things. First, the parents who brought them will of course have to stay, because we can’t separate the kids from the parents, even though it is acknowledged within DACA that the parents are at fault. And, of course, all the relatives have to come, too.

Second, this further incents people to come to the U.S. illegally and demand they be given amnesty (it is amnesty). Unless the bill cracks down heavily on those who would come illegally now, we’ll continue to have this problem. And, based on past performance, the bill won’t.

Mr. Trump has promised to repeal Mr. Obama’s executive actions on immigration, including the one from which dreamers have benefited. He is empowered to do so. Similarly, Congress is entitled to pass legislation that would lift the threat of deportation from a cohort of young, promising and energetic immgirants who will be a benefit to this country and its economic prospects for decades to come.

Cool. The economic prospects of taking jobs from actual American citizens. Let’s face it, if Congress does pass something legalizing DACA, the next step for liberals like the WPEB is to make sure that these people can vote. Because they’ll vote Democrat. And that’s the ultimate endpoint.

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15 Responses to “Washington Post Wants Congress To Protect “Dreamers” From Trump”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Teach typed:

    Not asking. Demanding. Yet, many of them are out there flying the flags of their country, particularly Mexico, and slamming the US

    Since this is the heart and soul of your screed, please provide evidence. You may be right, but data/evidence, and not just anecdotes, would help you win over the unpersuaded. Otherwise, you are just practicing bigotry.

    And really, you’d more accepting of “Dreamers” if they were more polite? LOL.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Again, the lying libshit psycho guy draws two flags on the argument…



    Never gonna win if you keep drawing them flags there, little guy.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Rev White Nationalist supplied two examples of anecdotes, which may or may not be genuine.

  4. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Finally you got it right. I am white and I am a nationalist. I know that you are an anti white racist but I was unaware that being a patriotic nationalist in your book was somehow bad. Weren’t George Washington et al American Patriot Nationalists? I do believe they were for the political independence of our country which is the definition of a nationalist.

    I hope you guys have been riding the Trump stock market since I mentioned it a way back. At this point I’ve broken six digits increase in one of my accounts thanks to #stocksforTrump. Everybody seems aware that the Obamanation we had is dying. Knowing there is no way Crooked Stinky will ever be president has had a very positive effect on my portfolio.

    Bye-bye Stinky. hahahahaha.

  5. Jeffery says:

    So neither Teach nor his fluffers have any evidence supporting Teach’s white nationalist screed. Hahaha

    Dump has been good for the Wall Street bank stocks hasn’t he?!? He’s hired several for his cabinet. We’re sure they’ll make decisions based on what’s good for the working classes, Hahahahaha.

    It will be interesting to see if Obama’s steady stock rally continues into Dump’s half-term (if he serves at all). Are you going to cash out your “6 digits increase” or is your confidence in your god-king so great you’ll let it ride?

    The Dow is up over 12,000 points since Obama was inaugurated – that’s over a 140% increase in less than 8 years. Let’s hope our shitty businessman, El Presidente Elect Dump doesn’t screw it up! The US can’t declare bankruptcy can it? Hahahahaha

    White nationalist is a phrase, and you can’t separate the components. For example, you can be a dick and a sucker, but that’s different from being a dick sucker. So, the descriptor “white nationalist” is figuratively constructed like “dick sucker”.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    One can be an ass and one can be a slammer.
    Put those two terms together and you get little jeffy.

  7. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    Hahahahahaha. You are unhinged as well as a filthy pig. You are a perfect example of a leftist. You are uneducated, vulgar, stupid and most of all always wrong. Like when you said Stinky would win. You lied!! I assume you have made no money in the market hence your blind-stupid response.

    They are beginning to realize if they don’t call off Jill’s recounts the millions of fake democrat votes will be found. I estimate 4-6 million fake votes by loyal Nazi’s like yourself who said:

    So I guess you have decided that based on the description above, you aren’t voting for Hillary.

    Au contraire! I plan to vote for her several times!

    Comment by Jeffery— October 29, 2016 @ 8:06 pm

    Wow. That was only a week before Stinky got her ass handed to her and you and the democrat party got the collective Middle Finger from the American public. Hahahahahaha.

    As you sink lower and lower into your filthy mind and dementia remember this: That stinky, lying, ugly commie pig will never, ever, ever be president. Hahahahahaha. Now go back another loser you filthy degenerate.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Rev GED,

    Actually, Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.

    The Republicans obviously stole a few battleground states, mostly by voter suppression, some by cheating. Republicans, like all fascists, are brutal and clever.

    The uneducated fundamentalists in rural America voted against negroes, mexicans, muslims, liberals, college kids, scientists, hollywood, queers etc – all those people Making American Not Great. The “new” economy doesn’t have much use for uneducated fundamentalists – neither will the Trumpenfuhrer.

    More power to them. Once Trump and the Rethugs in the House finish with the ACA, Social Security, SNAP, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, crop subsidies and block grants to red states, those poor rural folk will feel like little DB after his first week in stir following his original bestiality conviction. They will try to backload as much as possible to give them more time to consolidate their fascist power.

    Ironically, the Trumpenfuhrer’s biggest threat will be the 2nd Amendment that he claims to revere. The right will even be amenable to restrictions as long as the negroes, mexicans, muslims etc are “quieted”.

    Rev, tell us a little something about your schoolin’… Hahahaha

  9. Stosh says:

    As the present law is written, if you are in the country illegally, deportation is one solution for your illegal act. Breaking into someone’s home doesn’t give you the right to live there….

  10. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    It is hilarious to watch Jeffery call everybody with whom he disagrees a plethora of nasty, racist, bigoted names and attribute those characteristics to the very people he defames. One can’t have an adult conversation with someone who insists upon calling you names. Unfortunately I think Jeffery has spiraled down into the depths of insanity and depression. Backing a loser can do that. Backing a loser who is beaten by another loser must really sting. Maybe had the democrats run a human being instead of that filthy Stinky they would have won. Hell, Trump won and he’s a real democrat. He ruined the Republican ticket which should have been Cruz and still beat the weak candidate whose only claim to fame was she married a president, was a do nothing Senator, a failed Sec State and a filthy liar. Oh, and she had lady parts. Now we have the democrat Trump which is driving Jeffery crazy ( a short trip that is ) but at least we saved Congress, the States and the SC. I’ve heard rumors Trump plans to switch parties after the election. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Has anyone seen Stinky? Where’s Stinky? Hahahahaha.

  11. Liam Thomas says:

    Ronald Reagan ran a union. Was a Democrat for most of his life. As governor, Reagan raised taxes, turned a state budget deficit to a surplus.

    In other words whats so different about Trump and Reagan….they were both very motivational and they both were able to start a movement.

    Reagan started the NeoConservative movement which believes in big government….He ran humongous deficits at the time of his presidency.

    What endears Reagan to everyone is the fact he brought the country together and ended the strife and conflict that the 10 year war called Vietnam had inflicted on this nation.

    I hope Trump can do the same once people see what he can do…but if he does nothing or more precisely the GOP led Obstructionist government backed by a fearful Democratic party who is going to be primaried if they work with Trump refuses to help Trump with his agenda….then he will be a divider and the GOP will pay dearly at the polls in 2018.

  12. Jeffery says:

    some 750,000 people have registered for the program

    Sucks to be them. Even someone as stoopid as the Trumpenfuhrer can read a list! Or he’ll hire a Mexican to read it to him. Trumpenfuhrer’s Schatzstaffel will round them up and toss them back over the Wall first thing, and have fun breaking a few heads in the process. It’s how fascists help Make America Great Again.

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