Everybody Panic: No One Can Stop Trump From Using Nuclear Weapons

Fortunately, Trump’s no Caesar yet, as the Washington Post’s Alex Wellerstein has a meltdown in the Era of Trump

No one can stop President Trump from using nuclear weapons. That’s by design.

Sometime in the next few weeks, Donald Trump will be briefed on the procedures for how to activate the U.S. nuclear arsenal, if he hasn’t already learned about them.

All year, the prospect of giving the real estate and reality TV mogul the power to launch attacks that would kill millions of people was one of the main reasons his opponents argued against electing him. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons,” Hillary Clinton said in her speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. She cut an ad along the same lines. Republicans who didn’t support Trump — and even some who did, such as Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) — also said they didn’t think he could be trusted with the launch codes.

That’s funny. Because enough people in the States that mattered ignored the bleating and voted to make Trump president. Deal with it.

Now they’re his. When Trump takes office in January, he will have sole authority over more than 7,000 warheads. There is no failsafe. The whole point of U.S. nuclear weapons control is to make sure that the president — and only the president — can use them if and whenever he decides to do so. The one sure way to keep President Trump from launching a nuclear attack, under the system we’ve had in place since the early Cold War, would have been to elect someone else.

Perhaps Democrats should have nominated someone else who could have beaten Trump, instead of engaging in Trump Derangement Syndrome based on unhinged feelings of future doom.

Wellerstein goes on to explain exactly why only the President can initiate the launch of nuclear weapons, an interesting read from just an informational point of view, before ending with

The people who set up the current command-and-control system did believe there was a check in place: elections. Don’t want an insane president to have nuclear weapons? Don’t put one in office. But this isn’t necessarily much of a check — even rational presidents have bad days; even high-functioning people succumb to mental illness or substance abuse. (snip)

Congress ceded a considerable amount of power to the presidency in 1946. Seventy years later, maybe it is time lawmakers took some of it back.

So, now that Trump will soon be President, Things Must Change. In 2008, a demagogue with delusions of grandeur and a belief in the extreme power of the Executive Office and the will to use it was elected, a guy with no actual executive experience and penchant for destroying political opponents, yet, these same weenies writing for news orgs felt no need to worry about him using nuclear weapons. I guess it has to do with the notion that Obama wouldn’t want to irradiate all the golf courses.

Fortunately, Trump is no Caesar

Yeah, TDS in full. After eight years of a true imperial presidency.

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4 Responses to “Everybody Panic: No One Can Stop Trump From Using Nuclear Weapons”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Seriously if Trump nuked the planet his real estate would be worthless….he has more incentive NOT TO NUKE THE PLANET then most politicians would ever have.

    Trump is an Isolationist who is interested in stopping ISIS but that is it….hes not interested in NeoConservative empire toppling or regime changes and in fact wants to bring our troops home….not NUKE ANYONE….for gawd sakes….the elections over people….stop trying to scare people into voting for Hillary!!

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    Sarah Palin speaks….

    She wonders if Trump is not a Crony Capitalist……….lolol.

    You think>?

    Of course he is. Anytime a prez steps in and favors one company over another he is using cronyism.

    However Ron Paul accused Obama of being a Crony Capitalist because he was giving money to certain GREEN ENERGY companies….thus favoring them over Other industries….and this could be said to be true as well…..

    Some of them even built most of their products overseas……

    So what is the most important aspect is vastly reducing regulations….by some counts the average corporation faces 18,000.00 per worker in regulations…..and that the typical manufacturing job spends around 20 percent of its product cost on employees….

    Reducing regulations which would include eliminating the MANDATE to provide health care for every employee will do three things.

    1. Return full time jobs.
    2. Eliminate automatic overtime over 40 hours even to salaried employees.
    3. Create an environment in which jobs are created to fill an expanding economy.

    Crony Capitalism….Im all for it if it does not favor one corporation over another but rather saves jobs and brings back jobs……..

    go for it….we’ve tried it the other way for 240 years and it aint been such a pretty sight.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    People are focused on Carrier….Lets not forget that FORD agreed to remain in the USA and not move its entire small car line to Mexico….1000’s of more jobs saved….

    Whats incredibly stupid is the USA is one of a very few countries that TAX products made in America but DOES NOT TAX products made in other Countries…..

    THUS the entire focus of our trade deals is to incentivize….literally job loss in the USA as major companies find it much more equitable to manufacture out of country then sell these products back to America.

    Most business people I know which is where I get this information from….scratch their heads in puzzlement as they tell me these things…..

    Im with em….Why would a country do that? Especially when you have trillions of dollars in products flowing into the country UNTAXED………

  4. Dana says:

    Sorry, but no, just no. As President, Donald Trump will have the authority to order the launch of nuclear weapons, but he doesn’t launch them himself. The orders to launch have to pass through the Air Force and the Navy, and while the Armed Services would obey a rational order, such as using nuclear weapons against an enemy with who we were at war, those orders would not be obeyed if they were irrational.

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