Warmists Seem A Bit Unhinged Over The “Trump Effect” On Climate Change

I’m hoping to move away from lots of daily Trump posts, but, I doubt that will happen anytime soon, not when so many Leftists are providing such great material. Like

‘Trump effect’ will test global momentum on climate change

Donald Trump’s presidential victory throws into doubt America’s policy stance on the major global issue of climate change – and does so at a pivotal moment, just as nations from around the world are trying to solidify and build on a landmark accord to slash carbon emissions nation by nation.

Mr. Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he would “cancel” the Paris climate agreement reached by nearly 200 nations last year. That agreement, the details of which negotiators are now discussing at a UN conference in Marrakech, legally requires that countries monitor and report their progress on emissions of heat-trapping gases. But it doesn’t bind them to actually meet their pledged targets for reducing emissions.

Now, with the Paris agreement newly in force as of last week, it’s not clear if Trump will actually pull America out of the deal. But he can certainly withdraw US leadership on climate action – with repercussions for both US carbon emissions and international momentum on the issue.

“It is going to be difficult if the federal government pulls out of the game for the states, the cities and the businesses to do it on their own,” Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy with the Union of Concerned Scientists, said at a press conference in Marrakech. “It is an ambitious target especially, when you’re trying to do it without the support of the Congress.”

First, I hope he keeps his word about removing the U.S. from Paris. Second, it was set up to explicitly avoid Congressional participation. You know, the duly elected Legislative branch.

Then we have, along the same lines

Trump win the ‘most miserable U.S. election result’ for fighting climate change, scientists say

Environmental activists were devastated by the election result, with May Boeve, leader of the 350.org environmental group, calling it a “disaster.”

“Trump will try and slam the brakes on climate action, which means we need to throw all of our weight on the accelerator,” Boeve said. “In the United States, the climate movement will put everything on the line to protect the progress we’ve made and continue to push for bold action.”

Let’s hope he does slam those brakes on.

Of course they do. They could see their power, prestige, and money dry up.

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8 Responses to “Warmists Seem A Bit Unhinged Over The “Trump Effect” On Climate Change”

  1. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    If I remember right, Trump is all for clean, renewable energy. He is just against the way we have been going about it. He wants to let the free market dictate how we go about it instead of the government trying to force it and throwing huge sums of money at it.

  2. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    I have not seen anything attributed to Trump which would indicate he is for dirty water, polluted air, lead filled soil or oceans of oil slicks. I could be wrong. Maybe Zachriel can make us up another list.

  3. Dana says:

    Donald Trump is a businessman, and as a businessman, he’d probably be perfectly happy to let any company or person who can develop a better, cleaner energy source to do so. What he might not do is pick favorites and throw taxpayer dollars at them.

  4. Phil Taylor says:

    It seemed symbolic to me that it was the state of Pennsylvania the birthplace of American Democracy where Government of the people, by the people, for the people, was founded, was the state that took Trump over the top.
    Well done America.

  5. david7134 says:

    They are saying that AGW is officially dead with Trump’s election.

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    The AGW crowd do not realize what a disservice they are doing to the world.

    Professor Robert Berner of Yale University has researched oxygen levels in prehistoric times by chemically analysing air bubbles trapped in fossilised tree amber. He suggests that humans breathed a much more oxygen-rich air 10,000 years ago.

    Further back, the oxygen levels were even greater. Robert Sloan has listed the percentage of oxygen in samples of dinosaur-era amber as: 28% (130m years ago), 29% (115m years ago), 35% (95m years ago), 33% (88m years ago), 35% (75m years ago), 35% (70m years ago), 35% (68m years ago), 31% (65.2m years ago), and 29% (65m years ago).

    Professor Ian Plimer of Adelaide University and Professor Jon Harrison of the University of Arizona concur. Like most other scientists they accept that oxygen levels in the atmosphere in prehistoric times averaged around 30% to 35%, compared to only 21% today – and that the levels are even less in densely populated, polluted city centres and industrial complexes, perhaps only 15 % or lower.

    In effect the clear cutting of our planet is causing the PPM of o2 to decline while allowing a rise in both Co2, Nitrogen and Ozone….further inhibiting the growth of food.

    In short eliminating fossil fuels will have almost no effect because the real problem is the introduction of massive amounts of fertilizers and the clear cutting of forests the world over while not replanting what we take in nearly every country but the USA.

  7. david7134 says:

    I totally agree with you and find your assessment a refreshing change. I am not a tree hunger but I plant every time I get a clear piece of land. To me, that is one of the most important things we can do.

  8. Liam Thomas says:


    It is all our responsibility to do such I would surmise….The problem is that the nations of the world dont understand this…

    From National Geographic…a most certain AGW supporter….

    In this Wild West frontier of guns, chain saws, and bulldozers, government agents are often corrupt and ineffective—or ill-equipped and outmatched. Now, industrial-scale soybean producers are joining loggers and cattle ranchers in the land grab, speeding up destruction and further fragmenting the great Brazilian wilderness.

    Ive flown over, walked, rode, trudged and shed a tear over the absolute mass destruction of the Rain forest and its very disheartening….

    It is why I have often posited the position of What makes you think we deserve to live….when I see the absolute carnage humans are inflicting on this planet….Its somewhat refreshing what the AGW is doing but by the same time they are simply going after the wrong group…..They see co2 rising…..and the burning of fossil fuels creates co2 and voilla they have reached a simple explanation of WHY co2 is suddenly spiking upward when there are so many other variables at play here.

    It is why I chose Costa Rica to live when I retire….I hope that I can influence the South Americans to slow and be more responsible in this insane clear cutting of mother earth for economic expansion.