Which Climate Change Costume Are You Wearing This Halloween?

You probably thought that the Cult of Climastrology had forgotten to drag Halloween into their silly beliefs. Of course not. And you can totally take Halloween to the next level

Take Halloween to the next level with these 5 statement costumes

Eco-themed Halloween costumes are definitely in. After all, it’s a night devoted to terror and excess. But how do you stand out in a sea of BP oil spills and sexy Ken Bones?

This year, don’t just dress like an environmental catastrophe. Act like one, too. Science has spit out some nasty (and terrifying) stats about our changing world lately. We have a few suggestions for ways you can be equally obnoxious this year. Just remember — it’s for the planet.

So, we get things like

Costume: Farty scape-cow

Fact: Methane emissions are 60 to 110 percent higher than we thought. Double, double, toil and trouble. Fires burn, and the cauldron is certainly bubbling. We’ve been underestimating methane emissions from oil, coal, and natural gas exploration by 20 to 60 percent, says a new study in Nature. Creepy.

Act it out: Cattle take a lot of the blame for methane emissions, but fossil fuels are big emitters, too. Explain this to partygoers while wearing your best cow suit and spritzing gag fart spray.

Sounds like you’ll be the life of the party. Bet you’ll have a lot of invites to next year’s party.

You can also go as

  • Wildfire
  • Average June
  • New York underwater (this is a group project)
  • Pissed off wilderness

Doesn’t this sound fun?

Halloween is all about getting scared, and pissing people off, for educational reasons. So rock that jerky costume. Wear it with pride. And tomorrow, crowdfund against pollution — or plant a native, organic, and water-wise garden — or support family planning and sexual education in your community. Yes these stats are spooky-sad, but get into it, have fun, definitely don’t light yourself on fire, and remember there’s still plenty we can do.

I never knew that Halloween is about pissing people off for education reasons. As for plenty you can do, of course this doesn’t require you to actually go carbon neutral in your own life. You can still drive a fossil fueled vehicle to the Halloween party where you’ll annoy everyone.

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6 Responses to “Which Climate Change Costume Are You Wearing This Halloween?”

  1. Dana says:

    Let’s see, I’m wearing jeans and a work shirt and work boots; I’m going as what I am — a working man — for Hallowe’en!

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    From an Article in Nature.

    Ignore how long it is….read it….

    In September, Nature put a post on Facebook asking scientists who were starting their first independent position to tell us about the challenges that they faced. What followed was a major outpouring of grief. Within a week, nearly 300 scientists from around the world had responded with a candid catalogue of concerns. “I see many colleagues divorcing, getting burnt out, moving out of science, and I am so tired now,” wrote one biomedical researcher from Belgium

    Young scientists and senior scientists alike feel an acute pressure to publish and are weighed down by a growing bureaucratic burden, with little administrative support. They are largely judged on their record of publishing and of winning grants — but without clear targets, they find themselves endlessly churning out paper after paper. The crucial question is whether this is harming science and scientists. Bruce Alberts, a prominent biochemist at the University of California, San Francisco, and former president of the US National Academy of Sciences, says that it is. The current hyper-competitive atmosphere is stifling creativity and pushing scientists “to do mediocre science”, he says — work that is safe and uninteresting. “We’ve got to reward people who do something differently.”

    Our informal survey suggests that the situation is already making research an unwelcoming career. “Frankly, the job of being a principal investigator and running a lab just looks horrible,” wrote one neuroscientist from the United States. Tingley wouldn’t disagree.

    I feel this all the time….my colleagues do as well…when we talk its “are these 80 hour weeks worth it?” Consensus is yes…but thats because we are not forced to alter science….we simply collate facts and figures and present our end of the deal to the group running the show and let them decide what they want to do with them. This is why Im such a skeptic when it comes to AGW….not that the planet is warming or that co2 is rising….ITS WHY that pushes these guys to keep cranking out papers to get those grants….it its why that keeps others from getting grants because those giving the grants WANT ONE CONCLUSION….not thinking outside the box.

  3. Basil says:

    I’m going as Sweet Meteor Of Death. If that won’t change the climate, nothing will.

  4. Jl says:

    “New York under water.” That’s right-climate kook James Hansen said the West Side Hwy in Manhattan would be under water by now.

  5. Rev.Hoagie® says:

    People who believe in AGW also believe Killary would make a good president. See any similarities between these two fallacies? I mean other than neither is based in fact.

  6. StarTripper says:

    I read that the creatures emitting the most methane are termites so I guess we should all go spray the rain forests with insecticide.

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