Mike Pence to GOP: ‘It’s Time to Come Home’ Or Something

I actually had a funny little NY Times Editorial Board piece on Hotcoldwetdry teed up, but, this one is bugging the hell out of me

(NBC News)  With two weeks until Election Day, Mike Pence has squared up his message for Republicans: “Come home.”

The GOP vice presidential candidate repeated the line seven times at a campaign rally on Monday afternoon.

“I want to submit to all of you, it’s time to reach out to all of our Republican and conservative friends and say with one voice: ‘It’s time to come home and elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States,'” Pence emphatically told a crowd of several hundred supporters at a Salisbury, North Carolina, campaign stop.

Pence asserted that their ticket has “won over independents” and “many southern Democrats,” yet in recent weeks, Trump has lost the support of a litany of Republican lawmakers, effectively fracturing the party amid depressed poll numbers.

See here’s the problem: he’s not asking for our votes, he’s deeming the way we should vote. Throughout this whole Trump fiasco, I’ve mentioned this numerous times, namely, that Trump won’t ask for our votes. He’s come out with some good plans and such, ones which would be great if not attached to the name Trump.*

But politicians still need to ask for our votes. I don’t mean by name, but asking groups for their votes. Trump and company have asked Bernie fans for their votes. Blacks. Democrats. Other groups. But, not conservatives, and not really Republicans. He’s said he didn’t need our votes.

So, this “come home” schtick has annoyed me more and more as the day wore on, politically. Perhaps Pence should come home and get back to his conservative roots.

*This was meant more as a backhanded compliment towards Trump. He has released some excellent plans, such as the one from Gettysburg and his SCOTUS picks. If, say, the plans and such were attached to Rubio, Cruz, or some other Republican, #NeverTrump would be super thrilled. They’d say that, while some were more pie in the sky, which we get during elections, the plans and such were great. But, because they come from Trump, they are ignored.

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10 Responses to “Mike Pence to GOP: ‘It’s Time to Come Home’ Or Something”

  1. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    He’s come out with some good plans and such, ones which would be great if not attached to the name Trump.

    So because they are attached to the name Trump, they aren’t good plans any more?

  2. I was actually trying to make a positive point about Trump, namely that his ideas and plans would probably be well received by many, many conservatives if they didn’t know they were Trumps. A backhanded compliment. Unfortunately, my updated additions didn’t save and the original draft was posted.

  3. […] Mike Pence told Republicans to “come home” and vote for Donald Trump on election day. […]

  4. o0Nighthawk0o says:

    Fair enough.

  5. Dana says:

    I don’t really see your complain as a distinction which makes a difference. In a way, it might be a wiser ploy, asking Republicans to come home than specifically asking them to vote for the odious Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump is the worst candidate ever, except for Hillary Clinton.

  6. Liam Thomas says:

    For me it goes beyond the candidates….HRC is the worst candidate ever. Period.

    but for me it goes beyond election day. Who would have the better temperment in the White House to serve.

    The Donald is all about the Donald….he doesnt give a rats ass about anyone but the Donald.

    HRC doesnt give a rats ass about anyone but HRC…

    The difference is one knows how to play the game and The Donald will be telling everyone all over the planet to kiss his ass after hes elected….he will anger, Infuriate and piss off every ally we have who DARES….D A R E S to disagree with the Donalds ideas.

    He is not capable of sitting in the White House and being the most powerful man in the world…..

    I would shudder at this….and I will say it again…..Bush rode to the White House on the tails of Reagan and lasted 4 years.)

    HRC is going to ride to the White House on the tails of Obama and with the constant drip of email scum filling the conversation for the next 4 years….Barring another Trump or CRUZ nomination……ANYONE the GOP puts out there will soundly defeat this breast stroking cesspool loving criminal we are going to send to the White House.

  7. Liam Thomas says:

    Its actually time for the right to get off their butts….get off their computers and start marching in the streets…..start playing the same games.

    Hell the left learned these tactics from Nixon…..He was using crowd baiters, hecklers, and Saul Alinsky tactics before the left had to have them put into a manual for them As in Saul Alinsky.

    The problem is that Trump totally showed hes incapable of being able to have anyone doubt him, disagree with him or stand up to him as in how he handled the Ms. Universe thing and how hes handled other things…..

    It truly is all about the Donald….I was watching a show the other night on the Donald by CNN….yeah I know it was a hit piece but surprisingly it was pretty fair….most of the people interviewed said good things about him and he didnt come off as anyone other then a shred business man and playboy.

    However the one theme that kept coming home again and again and again…..by all his ex employees was the fact that…..””””HE DID NOT LIKE TO BE TOLD NO””” He did not like for anyone to disagree with him and more then a couple said they were fired for voicing their disagreement with his ideas.

    Thats what we would be sending to the White House….the ONE job on this planet that takes 5 million people to help succeed…is the one man of the planet who would tell them all to shut up…….

    Not good.

    And I know there are a lot of people here who are trump fans but I surmise its more anti-hillary then pro-trump……I get it…but I also in my non apoplectic fit to see HRC defeated understand that the Donald just aint the guy the Right needs to pin the future of the party on…..period.

  8. Dana says:

    Mr Thomas, normally I’d say that Mrs Clinton won’t run for re-election in 2020, her health being so poor, but I didn’t think that she’d run this year, for the same reason. Obviously, I got that wrong, and our only hope is that she has a massive stroke between now and election day.

    Neither major party candidate should ever, ever! be President, but one of them will be, almost certainly Mrs Clinton. Right now, we have to hang on to the House of Representatives, to stop as much of her odious agenda as possible.

    Were a Republican elected with her criminal record, he would be impeached, and we’d see a group of Republican senators, a la Hugh Scott in 1974, going over to the White House and telling him that he would not survive the conviction vote in the Senate. As a Democrat, all you’d see is the Democrats in the Senate holding solidly with Mrs Clinton. It was Mr Trump who said that he could shoot a guy in Times Square and not lose votes, but the truth is that would be Mrs Clinton.

  9. Liam Thomas says:

    Dana I dont disagree…..

    I personally am playing a long game here….Ive said repeatedly that the GOP has lost the war and are in a holding action now.

    But do we really want Trump to be leading this party into the future? A guy who is a democrat….who literally has begged all of the HRC’s base to vote for him….says he doesnt need the GOP, has refused to help them and his every action has hurt them all across the USA.

    Is this the guy we want? NO its not…

    Fox news last night predicted now that the Democrats will win 5-7 more senate seats thus ensuring them the Senate….They also said we are just barely going to hang onto the house…..

    I fear for that as well as people are so disillusioned over trump on the right other then his base of supporters which I still believe are simply HRC haters. My prediction is a wave election against the right….

    they have been in charge for 4-6 years and have DONE NOTHING…but collect a pay check and get that 6 years in so they can draw an enormous lifetime pension and benefits package from the Government….the same people who rail against entitlements went to DC to get hand outs.

  10. Dana says:

    Fortunately, even if he wins, Donald Trump is 70 years old, and not the future of the Republican Party. He will wither and die, and his legacy will be that it was Always About Him.