Politico Poll: Most Citizens Want Trump To Stay In

In the wake of Trump’s terrible comments from 2005 when he was a Democrat…and, again, most men and women say the same or worse…Politico has an interesting poll

A wave of Republican officials abandoned Donald Trump on Saturday, but, at least for now, rank-and-file Republicans are standing by the party’s presidential candidate, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was unearthed Friday that had the GOP nominee crudely bragging about groping women and trying to lure a married woman into an affair.

Overall, fewer than four-in-10 voters — 39 percent — think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out.

But voters are largely viewing Trump’s comments through their own partisan lens: 70 percent of Democrats say Trump should end his campaign, but just 12 percent of Republicans — and 13 percent of female Republicans — agree.

The poll was based on hearing the Trump comments and then his subsequent apology. It creates an interesting dynamic, where the political class are abandoning Trump and calling for him to step aside, while the rank and file are not (really, he shouldn’t have been the nominee in the first place, but, that’s a different post).

And the poll goes on to note that voters may take it out on the elected Republicans who abandon Trump.

Let’s face it: we know Hillary and Bill, among other Democrats, have done and said far, far, far worse. And are give a pass by Democrats and their compliant media. Trump’s comments were despicable, but, then who among us is without sin and can throw the stone?

Of course, we arent running for President, and, shouldn’t we be better than the scum of the Democrats?

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41 Responses to “Politico Poll: Most Citizens Want Trump To Stay In”

  1. Conservative Beaner says:

    The country is going to hell and all the left wants to talk about is Trump’s treatment of women. They obviously don’t want to talk about Hillary’s emails. They don’t want to talk about how she will sell out the middle class to her Wall Street masters. They don’t want to talk about how she wants open borders which will harm the American worker.

    Didn’t the left tell us it was just all about sex when Bill got caught with his hand up someone’s skirt? What about Ted Kennedy’s treatment of women including Mary Joe Kopechne who died at his hands. The casting couch in Hollywood and complaining about equal pay for women when they pay women less themselves.

    This why I hate politics.

  2. Hal. P says:

    Oh my.. Trump said BAD thing.. really people are SO Upset about his words..

    How about Bill Clintons actions, Rapeing women, and Hillarys Acaions, covering them up and ruining their lives.

    Ones ACTIONS are worse the people Words…

  3. john says:

    I am glad that Trump will stay in. How about you Teach ?In? or Out?
    And let’s not forget those “words” that he said?They were a confession of sexiual assault

  4. Deserttrek says:

    teach, you need to grow the fuck up. this is much ado about nothing and makes me wonder if you are part of the hillary camp. no thinking human being would care about this while hillary is on record for open borders and trade agreement to drag down the middle class. get a grip on reality

  5. Deserttrek says:

    William Teach
    11 hours

    I enjoyed Trumpites trying to spin away today on blogs and Twitter. They look like Democrats trying to defend their unhinged folks like Pelos, Kerry, Charley Rangel, etc.


  6. Jeffery says:

    Can you list some of what Secretary Clinton and President Clinton said that is worse than Trump’s “grab them by the pussy”?

  7. Zachriel says:

    Politico Poll: Most Citizens Want Trump To Stay In

    Q. Do you think Trump should drop out?
    A. No, no, no no. Give him a shot.


  8. Zachriel says:

    Hmm. The blog software embeds the video, but cuts it off. Or cut and paste this URL into your browser.


  9. Jeffery says:

    I have mixed emotions on the politics of this. Trump should never have been nominated in the first place, is obviously unfit to be president, but the Republican primary voters voted him in.

    The risk of Trump being elected has obviously been dropping precipitously since the American people got to compare the candidates directly at the first debate, but it’s possible he can recover. Almost any other legitimate Republican candidate (except Cruz) led Clinton in head to head polls.

    There’s an 80% chance (or more) that Clinton wins. There’s no good mechanism for getting Trump off the ballot – after all, many early votes have been cast, ballots printed – some states may refuse to honor a “change”.

    “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve grabbing you by the pussy.”

  10. Liam Thomas says:

    The left accuses the right of drinking kool aide and looking thru rose colored glasses……

    what they dont mention is the left makes and sells both the kool aide and the glasses.

  11. drowningpuppies says:

    The left has always been a bunch of perpetually aggrieved pussies.

  12. Hoagie says:

    The left has won when a vile comment as a civilian ten years ago is considered worse than:

    “In the past week:

    – Justice drops the case against a gunrunner from Hillary’s Libya fiasco whose testimony would certainly have harmed Obama and Hillary.

    – Evidence surfaced that the White House participated in the cover-up of Hillary’s violation of national security laws with her private server even though they said they absolutely knew nothing about the server and would not interfere with an investigation.

    – We have learned more this week about how the investigation of Hillary by the Justice Department and FBI was a pure sham as they gave immunity to so many, took so much stuff off limits, and even carried out the destruction of evidence. The email investigation was pretend, just like the IRS investigation and any supposed investigation of the Clinton Foundation. It is clear that the White House, Justice Department, State Department, and IRS are working specifically to protect Obama and Hillary instead of working for the American people.

    – Aleppo and Syria are deteriorating rapidly despite Obama and Kerry being extremely tough and telling Russia and Assad to stop it.

    – Obama partially blamed the Civil War in Syria on a drought he says was caused by humans. That is one of the most ignorant statements ever. The war is because Assad is a tyrant, and the Mideast is essentially a desert that has had continued droughts for millennia.

    – An NBC News man topped Obama’s stupidity by saying the worthless Paris climate agreement would stop hurricanes.

    – Obamacare is collapsing rapidly. The multiple lies to pass the law are more obvious every day. The law is greatly harming the middle class and small employers and reducing the potential for full-time jobs.

    – An NSA contractor who committed the same crime as Hillary by keeping classified documents at home on several nonsecure devices is under arrest. Why isn’t Hillary?

    The media, of course, don’t focus on any of these things. Instead they trot out a tape of Trump talking dirty about women eleven years ago.”

    The left has become so corrupt it can only function as a criminal enterprise. We will have a corrupt kleptocracy and those on the left are all for it because it’s their side which is corrupt and the thieves.

  13. drowningpuppies says:

    It’s unlawful for political campaigns to coordinate with PACs although, where Democrats in general and Hillary in particular are concerned, the laws never seem to apply.

    But Trump said ‘pussy’ 11 years ago or something.


  14. Jeffery says:

    What’s disturbuing is that it’s become clear that conservative males don’t understand the difference between dirty words and admissions of sexual assault.

    Trump described assaulting women. He didn’t tell a joke with “pussy” as the punchline.

    This is a big problem in cloistered conservaland – decent folk don’t agree with you, but you’re only now discovering that. Unless you’re invited to do it, grabbing women by the arms, legs, hair, breasts or genitals etc is not normal, and is not just vile – it’s against the law. What Trump (and the adolescent Billy Bush) was describing and joking about was assault.

    Do you guys really not see the difference between dirty jokes and sexual assault or are you just exhibiting political business as usual? This is serious.

  15. gitarcarver says:

    Wait…you want Trump to be held accountable yet give Hillary a pass on actively looking to destroy the women who Clinton assaulted and raped?

    You don’t see a problem there? You don’t have a problem with the actual sexual assault and rapes of Bill Clinton and Hillary supporting hios actions?

    Talk about a disconnect.

  16. Adam Kelm says:

    Nobody is buying this. He is a reality star, and we knew what we were getting into when we voted for him. If the nominations for GOP were held today, he would win by bigger margins because we know the other candidates are bought and paid for by globalists. Its become painfully obvious that many in the conservative media were playing Good Cop to the Mainstream media’s Bad Cop. It was manipulation designed to keep us passive and inert. This is psy-ops and it will not work this time.

  17. Jeffery says:

    Wait… you’re defending Trump’s behavior by blaming Bill Clinton?

    Bill Clinton has been accused of rape just as Trump has. Both have had extramarital affairs. Trump has one rape lawsuit and one assault lawsuit pending. Seems like a toss up, but it still remains only one of them is running for president.

    What did Secretary Clinton do to the women who accused her husband of rape, and the ones he had sex with?

  18. john says:

    The Dems are all in for having Trump stay in to the end.

  19. drowningpuppies says:

    This is serious.


  20. david7134 says:

    Hillary threatened and engineered a campaign to ruin the lives of the women that accused big Bill of rape. I know people in Arkansas close to the Clinton crime machine and I have gotten reliable information from people who know of events in Arkansas. If a woman was offended by being raped by Bill, then Hillary came in and straighten her out. Also, Bill would send the Arkansas state troopers into town ahead of him to arranged for nurses to be with him while he was in town, he seemed to prefer nurses. Hillary was well aware of this activity. Hillary also had her flings with women and had a girl friend in Longview, TX.

    Now, Trump is a vulgarian, but just because Hillary is an aging grandmother does not mean that she has any less tendency to be just a vulgar, if not worse. Both have personalities that I would not prefer, but Obama was far more obnoxious than Trump and we put up with his narcissism and superior attitude for 8 years and I think we can do the same for Trump.

    At the end of the day, what is at stake. Trump is the only one running for office that has a vision that will restore the loss to the country created by Obama and the Democrats. Hillary will continue the destruction of our country, there is no doubt on that issue. So, Trump can be a vulgar as he desires, as long as he stops the madness that is fostered by Obama/Hillary and the communist party know as the Democrats.

  21. david7134 says:

    You say that Trump should not have been the nominee of the Republicans. Of the group that were running, only Trump has the nasty attitude that can confront Hillary. The rest were pussies themselves, except for Ran Paul who did not have backing. Would you have preferred Cruz? He is a nut that uses religion to get ahead, if he is truly that religious, I would fall over. But do you know anything about his religious sect? It is about as bad as the Muslims, especially in treatment of women. Then there is Jeb, he is a jerk. Marco does not have it in him and is just a parrot for his handlers. The rest never had a chance. Trumps stated vision is in line with what Americans desire.

  22. Jeffery says:


    You’re repeating the same unfounded rumors found all over right-wing interweb sites.

    What specifically did Secretary do to the women sleeping with her husband?

    Maybe Trump will clarify the threats she made tonight.

  23. drowningpuppies says:

    You’re repeating the same unfounded rumors found all over right-wing interweb sites.

    Maybe the little guy is too lazy to look it up for himself.
    It has been well documented in books by Bernstein, Stephanopolos, Morris, and others.

    By the way, you’re an idiot.

  24. Liam Thomas says:

    You’re repeating the same unfounded rumors found all over right-wing interweb sites.

    Dozens of women came forward on Bill Cosby……..are they all liars?

    A bunch of women repeated the same allegations against Hillary Clinton that she aggressively terrorized them into submission.

    Are they all lairs…

    Quit drinking the kool aid lame brain and open your eyes……….Bill Cosby is guilty and so is Hillary Clinton……..War on women starts with Hillary Clinton.

  25. Liam Thomas says:


    A 1998 interview confirms allegations………In the interview, Hillary said those accusing and investigating her husband “would have a lot to answer for” and that their backgrounds would be investigated.

    In an ABC News interview in 1992, Hillary smears Gennifer Flowers, a women Bill would later admit to having an affair with, as “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t even have much of a résumé to fall back on.” Hillary also referred to Flowers as “trailer trash.”

    CBS News reports: “According to the friend, Diane Blair — a political science professor whose papers were donated to the University of Arkansas Special Collections library – Hillary Clinton credited Bill Clinton with trying to break away from Lewinsky, whom she called a ‘narcissistic loony toon.'”

    3. Hillary, defending an alleged rapist, smears his 12-year-old alleged rape victim, claiming the young girl had a “tendency to seek out older men.” She also laughs on tape over the cunning way she had vital evidence dismissed, destroying the alleged rape victim’s case.

    “I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing,” Hillary wrote in the affidavit about the 12-year-old girl.

    Hillary is even captured on tape laughing at the fact that she got the only piece of evidence against her client dismissed: “He took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” Hillary says, audibly laughing.

    The alleged rape victim told The Daily Beast what she would say to Hillary if she ever has the chance: “‘You took a case of mine in ’75, you lied on me… I realize the truth now, the heart of what you’ve done to me. And you are supposed to be for women? You call that [being] for women, what you done to me? And I hear you on tape laughing.'”

    In 1991, Mrs. Clinton called the onslaught of women accusing her husband of sexual misconduct or consensual infidelity as the “bimbo eruption.”

    Hillary “told Esquire magazine in 1992 that if she had the chance to cross-examine Flowers, ‘I mean, I would crucify her,'” notes The Washington Post. ​


  26. Jeffery says:

    Thanks. A wife of a hound dog dislikes her husbands mistresses, going so far as to call some of them names!

    On noes! She called one of her husband’s hot girlfriends a “failed cabaret singer” and horror of horrors, “trailer trash”.

    And Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon”

    And others, “bimbos”.

    Did she kill any of them? Kill their dogs? Tell their husbands? Key their cars? Get them fired?

    What did Ivana say to Marla Maples when she found out TheDon was schtupping the young Marla? Do you hold it against Ivana?

    As a lawyer Clinton was obligated to defend her client. Get over it. Trump is CURRENTLY defending himself against a rape lawsuit (13 yr old girl) and an assault/attempted rape lawsuit (wife of a potential business partner). Has, or should, Trump ask his lawyers to go easy on the plaintiffs? Would his legal svengali, the late Roy Cohn (yes, that Roy Cohn) recommend going easy?

  27. david7134 says:

    Unlike you, I don’t browse the internet for information. I got this from various people in Arkansas. I have no idea what the internet is saying. But there is a video produced for the election in which the women detail what their concerns are from Hillary.

  28. david7134 says:

    Have any of the commenters seen information on the lawyer to Assuage being killed, supposedly by suicide by throwing himself in front of a train?

  29. teach, you need to grow the fuck up. this is much ado about nothing and makes me wonder if you are part of the hillary camp.

    Desert, I’m of the camp that a person who polled extremely negatively against Hillary, had no experience, and had a higher negative than Hillary should not have been nominated. A guy who not long ago was, in fact, a Democrat. A guy who espoused leftist positions.

    Trump has virtually no ground game. Almost no campaign offices in the states he needs to win. No GOTV. Where are the yard signs? Do you see many? Where are the people making calls? The guy is a walking talking gaffe machine. We’re supposed to care what our candidates stand for. When does this guy talk about liberty and freedom and limited gov’t? He’s constantly shooting himself in the foot, and you know the leftist media will take advantage of this.

    I don’t want Hillary. But, Trump was the wrong guy. The GOP should be running away with this.

    At the end of the day, the fallout is all on you folks who supported Trump.

  30. jl says:

    I’m not sure, but was it NBC that released the tape? If so, funny how they sat on it for ten years or so while they hired Trump to host his own TV show, and paid millions in return. I’m again so shocked that liberals can be such hypocrites…….

  31. Jeffery says:


    You’re describing hearsay and anecdotes. People from Arkansas told you Secretary Clinton has girlfriends and Bill Clinton’s detail would round up nurses for him to have sex with. You previously also said that nurses are doctor-worshiping sluts. And doctors are god-like.

    These same Arkansans told you that Secretary Clinton would move in and “straighten” out her husband’s rape victims if they objected to being raped.

    Those are hard to believe tales!

  32. Jeffery says:

    Tonight is TheDon’s make-or-break, all-or-none act, and it looks like he plans to Go Big or Go Home. Today he’s been talking with accusers of decades-old Bill Clinton assignations. Let’s see how it plays out.

  33. Jeffery says:

    The Sniffler went Big, Brutal and Nasty!!

    An cavalcade of lies!

    We guess his plan was to solidify and energize his base. He has obviously given up on swaying new voters.

    Debate Firsts!!

    His plan to assign a special prosecutor and put his opponent in jail is very Banana Republican.

    Have you grabbed a woman’s genitals? “No I have not.”

    Trump whined that Clinton got more time to talk. Untrue. He had over 1 minute more air time.

    Trump whined about it being “3 on 1”.

    His weird stalking.

  34. Jeffery says:

    Forgot to add that Trump threw Pence under the bus, but in fairness Pence threw Trump under the bus earlier.

  35. drowningpuppies says:

    Trump kicked Hillary’s as so bad Soros wants his money back.

  36. Liam Thomas says:

    Do you guys really not see the difference between dirty jokes and sexual assault or are you just exhibiting political business as usual? This is serious.

    Sure we see the difference….but The left doesnt appear to see the difference when it involves one of their own…..right??

  37. Liam Thomas says:

    I don’t want Hillary. But, Trump was the wrong guy. The GOP should be running away with this.

    At the end of the day, the fallout is all on you folks who supported Trump.

    Amen Brother. Im with ya on this. Have been from the start. What I find disconcerting is that the GOP will take a Decade to recover from this as the left Aided greatly the the Democrat TRUMP, has effectively painted every one right of stalin as a Racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, woman hating, knuckledragger.

    LIKE MEGAN KELLY ASKED HIM IN THE FIRST DEBATE…Donald when did you become a Republican and Im not sure he actually answered.

  38. Jeffery says:

    According to snap polls, YouGov and CNN, Clinton won handily amongst voters.

    Should President Clinton II appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Der Trumpenfuhrer’s business dealings?

    Trump told 27 lies last night, and counting. He opposed going into Iraq, FALSE. What’s Aleppo, LOL. Boohoo, she got more time than me, LOL. Boohoo, they’re ganging up on me, LOL. I have no business in Russia, FALSE. I didn’t say check the sex tape, FALSE. Her emails were acid washed, FALSE. After getting a subpeona you deleted 33,000 emails, FALSE. Clinton laughed at the rape victim, FALSE. Clinton’s campaign manager started the birther movement, FALSE. Clinton wants single payer healthcare, FALSE. Clinton will raise everyone’s taxes, FALSE. Ambassador Stephens sent 600 emails for help, FALSE. People saw bombs in the San Bernadino apt – FALSE. I don’t know anything about Russia – TRUE!

    Clinton did falsely claim the economic gains since the Great Recession went to the top, but clearly in 2016 their have finally been real and significant gains by the 99%.

    Anyway, the truth can’t matter to Der Trumpenfuhrer’s fanboys, as long as he promises to go after the Negroes, spics, muzzies, pussy etc…

    Trump launched a new political party: The Banana Republicans – We jail our opponents. Sounds just like the dictator he longs to be.

    More vile tapes on the way. Trump promises to sue for $5 million anyone who releases outtakes from the The Apprentice.

  39. Dana says:

    Hillary Clinton did pretty much the same things that got Bradley Manning locked up for 35 years. Hillary Clinton did pretty much the same things that have Edward Snowden living as a (coddled) fugitive in Russia. Hillary Clinton did worse things than David Petraeus, and he was disgraced and got two years probation and a $100,000 fine.

    What will Mrs Clinton going to get for her criminal activities? Sixty million votes!

  40. Jeffery says:


    You’re better than this.

    No, she did not do the same things, or worse, as Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and David Petraeus… all of whom intentionally discloses classified gov’t information. There is no evidence that Secretary Clinton disclosed anything, and certainly no evidence she intentionally disclosed classified information. In fact, Petraeus pleaded guilty to distributing classified information.

    You are correct that she will likely get 60 million votes and win the election in a landslide, unless a Trump supporter can get past her security and assassinate her.

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