Who’s Up For The Rap Guide To Climate Change, Featuring Bill Nye?

Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t hate you for exposing you to this bit of ear destruction. Chris White calls this the worst 5 minutes of music ever. It’s bad. Really bad.

(Daily Caller) Comedian and former TV show host Bill Nye “The Science Guy” collaborated on a new global warming-themed hip-hop song lecturing listeners about the evils of climate change skepticism.

Nye is featured in a new song by Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman that drones on for more than 5 minutes about why millennials, among others, should paint scarlet letters on so-called man made global warming skeptics.

The song, titled “The Beef,” hashes out a laundry list of grievances environmentalists and politicians level against people who strike skeptical positions against scientists who claim global warming is real and man-made.

It’s lyrics are a hodge-podge of words and spliced together sentences bemoaning how the skeptics’ views on global warming still get media attention despite politicians and celebrities best efforts to drown them out.

And here it is. Again, I do not hate you

I made it through the first 30 seconds. How’d you do?

The song itself (with it’s original title, considering how many others have used “What’s beef?”) is part of an album (snicker) entitled The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, with “Twenty-four original tracks diving deep into the science and politics of climate change. A great gift for activists and climate deniers alike (effects may vary).” Hey, it’s only $15! Or, you can snag it with a torrent….oh, wait, no one has cared enough to bother.

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11 Responses to “Who’s Up For The Rap Guide To Climate Change, Featuring Bill Nye?”

  1. Hoagie says:

    At 30 seconds you have a high tolerance level for crap, Capt. Teach. Climate science continues to prove itself ridiculous when they get “rappers” to propagandize about it. We all know rappers, like movie stars are EXPERTS in climate science.

  2. john says:

    Hoagie would probably prefer the climate truthers National Anthem http://www.ecowatch.com/koch-brothers-pay-celebrities-to-sing-climate-change-denier-anthem-1882129456.html
    You can see how many views that got on YouTube

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    1 About half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared
    2 Forests currently cover about 30 percent of the world’s land mass (National Geographic)
    3 Forest loss contributes between 6 percent and 12 percent of annual global carbon dioxide emissions (Nature Geoscience)
    4 About 36 football fields worth of trees lost every minute (World Wildlife Fund (WWF))

    All of this in the last 40 years. God People. Its not the burning of fossil fuels that is causing the rise in CO2….it is the combined burning of fossil fuels along with the catastrophic loss of CO2 SINKS.

    Not only do these massive amounts of trees USE UP CO2 but they EXPELL CO2 when they are clear cut.

    Again the AGW people prove they have an agenda…..the dismantling of large corporations they hate…….Oil/Gas/Coal.

    Its not about actually saving the planet….its about punishing the Fossil fuel industry that provides around 65 million jobs globally.

  4. Liam Thomas says:

    There are solutions.

    Anything GREEN is good…..Im all for green…I use green myself….My home in Costa Rica is all green with not only 35 solar panels but three windmills.

    But we have to stop this clear cutting of the Amazon Rain forest. We have to stop the clear cutting of our forests and move to Metal studs and digital print and of course recycling.

    A cohesive plan by the right which actually solves the problem would be a refreshing concept not simply the denial that the problem exists.

    It actually does exist and to a large extent will only escalate as we continue to defoliate the planet of its CO2 sinking forests and vegetation.

    The right needs a plan….a working plan, and as per the GOP little government concept any legislation is bad legislation therefor the only thing the GOP can hang their hats on anymore is…….
    NO…NO and HELL NO.

  5. Hoagie says:

    That’s not really accurate Liam, at least not the conservatives I know. We are all for “green” except the left has kidnapped the term. Any time I try and have a “conversation”* with a leftist about what can be don about conservation and energy etc., the response I get is like we’d get from john: “you’re a denier, you don’t care, you’re for corporations, you’re a racist**”.

    Therefore, when we try and explain some modern ideas that do not include paying tribute to ALGORE or dismantling the capitalist system that generates wealth for more people than any other in history the left shuts i’s ears and then it’s mind. Their usual response whenever a non-governmental solution to anything is proposed. You would think that since “conserve” is the same root as conservative they would be able to do the math yet still, it alludes them.

    *leftists are always talking about a conversation but what they really mean is a monologue or a lecture where we sit down and shut up and they talk.

    **every argument with a leftist sooner or later degenerate into name calling and their favorite is “racist”.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    john wrote:

    You can see how many views that got on YouTube

    The video is put out by warmists john.

    You can see that people like you have no sense of humor and can’t even realize satire when you see it.

    How do you make it through the day with that vacuum between your ears?

  7. Jeffery says:

    Uh oh. Liam has been drinking the CO2. He claims that CO2 in atmosphere (regardless of source) causes warming.

    What say you, Covians? Do you think it possible that CO2 can cause atmospheric warming?

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    I’ve never denied CO2 causes warming….EVER…what I have always said is that their are many ways in which co2 gets into the atmosphere…..

    We have had this debate before….The sierra club talks about farming, ranching and the razing of our forests as a prime example of how co2 gets into the air. The receeding ice from the warming that has been naturally occuring releases giga tons of stored and locked co2 into the air.

    But you dont want to hear the truth….all you want to hear is that co2 is rising….and we need to raise taxes, raze the fossil fuel industry and THAT is not a solution.

    @Hoagie…. I get what your saying but most conservatives would never go for anything that is truly needed because it would require LEGISLATION, REGULATION and MONEY……all 3 of which the libertarian arm of the GOP hates, loathes and despises….

    So I ask for a plan…none is forth coming other then let the market forces dictate…..As Sean Hannity says we are for all of the above…..great….but that still is not a plan.

    And as an engineer who has been doing environmental impact studies around the globe for decades now I can tell you that the clear cutting of our forests is a monumental reason for alarm…..

    I want to solve the problem because to be honest co2 above 600 will start harming our ecology…..and at the rate we are clearing our forests….600 is within shouting distance.

    However I still hold out hope for a DO event around the corner before we hit the 600 mark and all of this might be moot…

    In America we clear cut and then plant….the truth is growing trees sink far more co2 then aged trees….the problem is the Amazon rain forest is not be replanted and could never be….they are razing it….I have walked the floor of a clear cut Rain forest and its gut wrenching.

  9. Liam Thomas says:

    And let me be clear….CO2 is not the main driver of weather or heating….IT IS O N E of many reasons why the planet is heating up. Thermometer readings are not indicative of a warming planet. The hottest year on record is simply a collection of airport thermometer readings.

    HEAT RETENTION(Even the IPCC agrees) is the primary reason for alarm and the heat retention of the various atmospheres is not up that much(That is why the email scandal was referring to they could not understand why the temperatures were not rising)….4/10th’s of ONE DEGREE F. in the stratosphere for example in the 47 years they have been doing measurements.

    However MY concern with co2 is that at a certain point…my plant guys tell me that point is around 600 plus of co2. Anything up to around 600 is manageable and in fact will encourage growth….beyond 600 there becomes a point in which species begin producing excess nitrogen throwing our eco system out of balance.

    This is why I am all for green, why Im all for addressing the clear cutting of the rain forests and other nations other then the USA clear cut their forests WITHOUT replanting.

  10. Jeffery says:

    There are many sources of atmospheric CO2, in fact MOST of the CO2 entering the atmosphere is natural! And natural processes reabsorb what they release – i.e., are in carbon balance. Hence atmospheric CO2 has been reasonably stable for the past 1 million years. Yet in the past century or so atmospheric CO2 has shot up from 280 ppm to over 400 ppm and is still rising rapidly. No doubt some of the increases can be attributed to changes in land use, but most of the rapid increase seen the past century come from fossil fuel generated CO2 (according to the IPCC). This has been demonstrated by examining changes in the ratios of carbon isotopes in the atmosphere with time.

    Regenerating the great forests would be part of the solution.

  11. Jeffery says:


    Both Liam and I have stated that atmospheric CO2 is causing the Earth to warm. Any rebuttals?

    I’ve never denied CO2 causes warming….EVER…what I have always said is that their are many ways in which co2 gets into the atmosphere…..

    Can we all agree on a few facts? The Earth is warming. CO2 is increasing. CO2 causes the atmosphere to warm.

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