Surprise: Warmists Link Hurricane Matthew To ‘Climate Change’

The United States hasn’t been hit with a major hurricane (category 3+) in over 10 years, almost 11. We are fast approaching 4,000 days since that last strike, Wilma in October 2005. So, obviously, ‘climate change’

(Think Progress) Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful cyclone to form over the Atlantic in nearly a decade, has forced the Navy to airlift non-essential personnel like spouses and children out of the controversial Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba Sunday. (snip)

Hurricane Matthew, the strongest storm since Hurricane Felix hit the region in 2007, is a Category 4 of the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane intensity. On Saturday it was ranked Category 5. (snip)

As human-caused climate change exacerbates, the planet is experiencing more extreme weather events like hurricanes. A graph of natural catastrophes over the last century shows a clear rise in number of meteorological and hydrological events, including storms and floods.

Scientists have linked worsening Atlantic storms to global warming. “Rising sea levels exacerbated Sandy’s storm surge, for example, a direct link between global warming and storm damage. And abnormally high sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic probably intensified the storm,” writes NASA.

Pretty funny definition of “more” and “worsening.” We’re seeing very few, and even fewer strong hurricanes. But, they’re more and worse. Sigh.

Then we have uber Warmist Eric Holthaus (who is actually a rather nice guy)

Katz says that, no matter Matthew’s impact in Haiti, the storm serves as a wake-up call for vulnerable parts of the world in an era of climate change. Heavier rainfall, stronger hurricanes, worsening crop production, and rising sea levels are all particularly pronounced in Haiti, and are all expected to worsen in the coming decades. “People [in Haiti] are very self-sufficient,” Katz says, “but a hurricane is just not the kind of situation where self-sufficiency does the trick.”

A wake up call! And more government control. Surprise.

Of course, Twitter is replete with the Matthew-climate change silliness.

And we had a winner for being one of the first and wackiest, though, sadly, she’s blocked me because I dared to call out her own BS (so, I have a mobile screenshot taken when not logged in to Twitter)

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7 Responses to “Surprise: Warmists Link Hurricane Matthew To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. JGlanton says:

    worsening crop production,

    Which I’d dumbest, that or the earthquake swarm reference? These warmists are not shy about showing off their ignorance and lies. It’s like an army of Debbie Wassermans.

  2. john says:

    Teach we have had more Cat 5 hurricanes in the last 13 years than in any other 13 year period
    Isabel 2003 September 11–14† 42 165 270 915 27.02
    Ivan 2004 September 9–14† 60 165 270 910 26.87
    Emily 2005 July 16 6 160 260 929 27.43
    Katrina 2005 August 28–29 18 175 280 902 26.64
    Rita 2005 September 21–22 24 180 285 895 26.43
    Wilma 2005 October 19 18 185 295 882 26.05
    Dean 2007 August 18–21† 24 175 280 905 26.72
    Felix 2007 September 3–4† 24 175 280 929 27.43
    Matthew 2016

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Teach we have had more Cat 5 hurricanes in the last 13 years than in any other 13 year period

    Once again, john shows he can’t read. From the cited article:

    Thirty-one Category 5s have been recorded in the Atlantic basin since 1851, when records began.

    Apparently john thinks that history began in 1851 and all the years before don’t matter.

  4. Basil says:

    Wait. I thought fewer hurricanes were proof of Global Warming Climate Change TM:

  5. JGlanton says:

    It causes fewer storms when there are few storms, bigger storms when there are big storms, and more storms when there are more storms. It’s the perfect science!

  6. Deserttrek says:

    the abusers again show they are evil idiots

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