Surprise: Warmists Blame Beached Whales On ‘Climate Change’

I’m going to start blaming everything on ‘climate change’. Forgot to call a customer back? Climate change. Speeding? Yes, officer, it was climate change. Caught looking at a girl’s posterior, reading what is written on her yoga pants? It was climate change

Climate change suspected as whales wash up dead in Chile

Several large whales have washed up dead in recent months on beaches in northern Chile, where scientists suspect they are moving to in increasing numbers because of climate change.

After the beaching of hundreds of dead whales in the south last year, the trend has now shifted to areas where the phenomenon was previously rare.

Last weekend, a 14m-long fin whale was found dead on rocks at a beach near the city of Coquimbo. This prompted experts from the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) to investigate. They say that the whales in the Pacific off Chile’s coast are acting unusually. (snip)

“There has been an increase in marine life in the area, possibly due to climate change,” said conservation medicine professor Frederick Toro, of Andres Bello University. “That may have increased the diversity of the whales.”

I blame all the scientists in clothing with links to petroleum moving around in fossil fueled vehicles and boats.

The rise in whale beachings might also be a natural consequence of the greater number of whales now in the region, Dr Cerda said.

So, it could possibly be something totally natural? Huh.

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4 Responses to “Surprise: Warmists Blame Beached Whales On ‘Climate Change’”

  1. john says:

    Surprise coldists refuse to acknowledge massive Cat 4-5 hurricane because it has not hit USA
    Actually they ‘warmists” used the word “possibly”
    well of course it is “natural” teach as opposed to what supernatural like that God made the whale beach itself?
    Cat5 storms are uncommon they have been only 31in the last 90 years about 1 every 3 years however there have been 9 in the last 13 years or 1 every 1.5 years They are happening about 2x as often now as they have been in the past.
    2 Cat 5 storms made landfall in 2007
    Katrina hit as a Cat 3 a Cat 2

  2. JGlanton says:

    “They are happening about 2x as often now as they have been in the past.”

    Writes the guy who links to a chart showing only one Atlantic Cat 5 over the last nine years.

    It looks like they happen in bunches. No real conclusions can be be drawn from this data.

    Here is the global tropical cyclone frequency since 1971:

    No real trends to see there, just a little downhill over time.

    For cyclone intensity trends, here is the global accumulated cyclone energy since 1972:

    It has risen in 15-16, but not up to the levels of 2005, 1998, and 1993

    Here is 159 years of U.S. minor and major hurricane counts. Is there a trend here?

  3. Hoagie says:

    ….what supernatural like that God made the whale beach itself?

    Yeah, cause a whale never beached itself before, right?

  4. Jeffery says:

    Dishonest scientists offering more than one hypothesis to explain a phenomenon! How dare they mention global warming!

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