CNN Totally Debunks Hillary Health Conspiracy Or Something

Why? Because they’ve seen a letter from her doctor!

The new birthers: Debunking the Hillary Clinton health conspiracy

From Donald Trump and his top surrogates to the right-wing media and its engine rooms of outrage in the blogosphere, Hillary Clinton’s opponents are ramping up efforts to sow doubt over the candidate’s health.

Much in the way “birthers” (Trump was among the most prominent) sought similar ends by questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship, the “healthers” are using junk science and conspiracy theories to argue that Clinton is suffering from a series of debilitating brain injuries.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend, former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani first accused the mainstream media of hiding evidence, then encouraged doubters to “go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness.'”

There is absolutely no credible evidence to backstop any of these claims, including on the “videos” Giuliani cited. Clinton’s physician — the only person to speak on the record who has actually examined her — has repeatedly affirmed the former secretary of state’s health and fitness for the highest office in the land.

So, let me ask: if only one person has spoken on the record, and hasn’t provided the same level of health records demanded of John McCain, then how do we know? This is the same CNN that ran multiple stories, both print and on TV, about this. For instance, Dr. Sanjay Gupta ran a special on April 1, 2008, all about McCain’s health.

And then this one: McCain faces questions on age, health. There were serious concerns over McCain’s past skin cancers and his age (it was a video no longer coming up).

And CNN wasn’t quite as accepting of what McCain’s doctor said, going as far as to note that “According to the American Cancer Society, such a melanoma would be classified as Stage IIA, which is associated with a five-year survival rate of about 78 percent and a 10-year survival rate of about 66 percent.” The article digs deep into his health.

And here we are again, in an article about McCain allowing a peek at his records: “McCain, a cancer survivor, is particularly under pressure to prove to the public that he is physically fit for office.”

Yet, with Hillary, CNN will not only take her word, they will defend her. Because there’s no reason to prove to the public that she is physically fit for the office, right?

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15 Responses to “CNN Totally Debunks Hillary Health Conspiracy Or Something”

  1. Hoagie says:

    See, I think Hillary! being ill is on the plus side. In fact the sicker the better. She becomes more electable if the chances of her getting from the election to the inauguration diminish.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    See everyone should hope she is sick other wise she gave the russian mafia the password to her server WILLINGLY otherwise.

  3. david7134 says:

    Hillary definitely is having seizures, considering the extent of her brain injury something is wrong if she is not. She also has a brain to peritoneal shunt to relieve pressure from her hydrocephaly. Now, she is taking very large doses of steroids. I don’t know if this is in association with her brain injury or not. The level of medical care she is receiving is not good. You can tell that she is getting steroids by the fact that her size has doubled in five years. Her coughing fits are likely drug related. Could be ACE inhibitors that are doing this, but many psychotropic drugs will cause excessive drying that would trigger coughing. All in all, she is very ill and an accounting is required.

    Oh, for our liberal friends, if you wish to counter this argument lets use the same science that you use on climate matters, you have to prove my statements are not true.

  4. Liam Thomas says:


    Nah I think your diagnosis is all wrong….I think the Russians have weaponized Hillary and she is being forced to drink Vodka all day long to help the Russian Economy since the fall of oil prices.

    This can all be explained away….She is a babbling DrUNK.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    Don’t people on the left remember when TEAM OBAMA started calling HILLARY a RACIST during the 2007 primary?

    Bill Clinton was outraged…..Hillary Clinton Was outraged….

    Just yesterday she gave this very measured, totally without passion speech. Thats pretty obvious they have her drugged up and she cant get it up even if she wants too.

  6. david7134 says:

    From my sources, both are alcoholics and really don’t need Russian help. But, she would sure get free booze from them in return for any secrets they wanted.

  7. drowningpuppies says:

    What is this thing about the Hag?

    Is she sick or something?

    I know she’s a liar but…

  8. Liam Thomas says:

    Anyone remember this:

    Last January, the leftwing Huffington Post reprinted an article Geoffrey Dunn wrote in 2008 for an African American newspaper “detailing the persistent racism in the Clinton campaign”

    — or, as the HuffPost’s headline calls it, Hillary Clinton’s “racist dog whistles.”

  9. Yeah, that epipen thing ticks me off. I keep one around due to a severe allergy to certain shellfish, particularly clams and scallops (the latter ticks me off, because I love them), and I can also get MSG overload from that allergy. Mine is about 2 years out of date (though, still usable if needed), and I was going to get another. I’m all for the free market, but, this is not the free market dictating the price, it’s a greedy cocksucker sonofabitch taking advantage of people. Almost sounds like a liberal point of view, but, really, I think this is something all sides can mostly agree on.

  10. Liam Thomas says:


    Just go to the emmergency room and tell them you are a Black Hispanic Muslim….they will give you a dozen for free.

  11. john says:

    ahhh guys the personal attacks on Hillary just don’t seem to be working
    Any chance of switching to a different type of offense ?
    At this rate the Senate looks blue

  12. Jeffery says:

    Mylan’s Epipen is off patent, but the FDA has yet to approve a generic competitor, therefore Mylan can still charge whatever they can. That’s how a monopoly works.

  13. Liam Thomas says:

    ahhh guys the personal attacks on Hillary just don’t seem to be working
    Any chance of switching to a different type of offense ?
    At this rate the Senate looks blue

    Ahh John you must be so ecstatic that your side…murders people who release documents…Have a candidate who is a multi-millionaire accepting money from all those big corporations you hate….Sleeps with foreign nationals in exchange for influence and donations to her charitable foundation……Breaks the law by having a personal server and email account…..boldly lies about almost everything.

    However I have predicted that this will be a wave election costing the GOP all three branches. In fact I predict Paul Ryan loses his seat and that John McCain is finally defeated. Not that I wish either its just that Republicans have finally learned something……

    New Rule on the right….when we send you to D.C. we expect you to get things done…No excuses, no flip flopping, no delays…..Do it! or we will find someone who can….

    Communists on the other hand love their goose stepping liars who cant be dirty enough or ugly enough to cause them to revolt………YET….but its coming…..Bernie Sanders was the Democrats version of the GOP’s TEA PARTY MOVEMENT….it will pick up steam from here on out.

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