Oops: Suddenly, The New Yorker Is A Bit Concerned Over Executive Actions

Yesterday, we had the Washington Post being all concerned with too much executive action. But, only if Trump wins. Not really that Obama has gone hog wild with them. Today, James Surowiecki at the New Yorker is a bit concerned

Obama used the power of the pen to make policy. What would Trump do?

Huh. Nothing on what Hillary would do? Anyhow, it does start out with Obama’s increased unilateral power grab (which is defended later in the article), then we get

Donald Trump has made it clear that he sees Obama as having “led the way” in using executive action aggressively and that, if elected, he intends to do the same. “I’m going to do a lot of right things,” he has said, and he’s pledged to reverse many of Obama’s executive orders and memorandums “within two minutes” of taking office. Most concretely, he has promised to use his power to restrict entry to the U.S. in order to curb immigration from any country “compromised by terrorism.” In Trump’s view, that includes Germany and France. He’s also likely to step up deportation of undocumented immigrants, resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline, declare China a currency manipulator, and reopen coal leases on federal land.

Not everything Obama has done with his executive power will be as easy for Trump to overturn. Regulations that have gone through a formal rulemaking process, such as the Clean Power Plan, typically can’t just be discarded by a new incumbent. That’s why Obama’s executive agencies, like those of his predecessors, spent the final year of the Administration hurriedly initiating a host of regulatory proposals—so that the proposals could make it through the rulemaking process before Obama leaves office.

Still, were Trump to win, many of Obama’s accomplishments would be under threat. Even rules that can’t be rescinded can be left unenforced. Trump, who says that global warming is “bullshit,” has vowed to cancel the Paris Agreement. Technically, he can’t, but the deal has no enforcement mechanism, so he’d be free to just ignore the Paris goals and do nothing about greenhouse-gas emissions. And what Trump can’t reverse with his pen he can mitigate with executive-branch appointments, as Ronald Reagan did when he named the rabid anti-environmentalist James Watt to head the Department of the Interior.

And there’s the rub of the matter: what Democrats are really upset over is that Trump could use executive actions to roll back Obama’s big government actions, along with simply refusing to enforce previous rule making. They don’t care whether Hillary would continue to use lots of unilateral executive actions, because they would be helpful to their cause.

Random thought: I will never understand why Progressives/Statists/Democrats think increasing the power of the central government, along with the President and the Executive Branch, is a good idea. They never stop to think that all the negative aspects will effect themselves. They think it’s all lollipops and unicorns, and the Bad Things will happen to Other People.

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13 Responses to “Oops: Suddenly, The New Yorker Is A Bit Concerned Over Executive Actions”

  1. acethepug says:

    Mr. Teach,

    The reason the Left never, ever considers the ramification of their actions is because they never have had to.

    The media will shill and cover for them as they always have, as they currently are with so many anti-Trump stories that use so-called justifications that would apply just as well, if not better, when used against Obama and/or Clinton.

    To be fair, the real reason Trump may not be able to wipe his backside with the Constitution as Obama as (and as Clinton will) is because the media and Congress will fight him over it, even as they turned a blind eye to Obama and would do the same for Clinton.

    The concept that Obama did this, and that therefore those people who enabled him have no basis on which to oppose Trump, will never even occur to them.

    They are willfully blind, deeply stupid, or malignantly evil (or some combination of the three).

    The Golden Rule eludes the Left on all fronts, moral, ethical, and intellectual.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    The reason the Left never, ever considers the ramification of their actions is because they never have had to.

    Not anymore.

    SJWs just don’t seem to know how friggin silly and stupid they are. How does a women-only lounge fit into the “equality” movement?

    And what about the men who identify as women, do they get to go into the safe-space, swinging their dicks?


  3. acethepug says:

    drowningpuppies — heh, I just read that.

    Hilarious, I love watching the Left eat their own.

    Thank you for the smile.

  4. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Random thought: I will never understand why Progressives/Statists/Democrats think increasing the power of the central government, along with the President and the Executive Branch, is a good idea.

    Simple: it’s because they control the White House right now. You see their concern when the possibility of them not controlling the White House looms.

    But it’s not just the White House: what the left do not like is the idea that the individual states control anything. One of the biggest complaints of, say, the gun-grabbers is that the next state over might have less stringent gun control laws.

    Of course, they are thoroughly hypocritical on that as well: they are just fine with places like San Francisco declaring themselves to be ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal immigrants, even though they were appalled, aghast, distraught when Hazleton, PA, tried to enforce laws aimed at keeping out illegals.

  5. david7134 says:

    What the left does not understand is the principal of precedence. Once established, hard to get rid of and can be used by the other side. So, Trump has a lot of power at his disposal thanks to the liberals and their abuse of the Constitution.

    Always remember, lyin, crooked Hillary killed 4 Americans.

    Oh, the Muslims that challenged Trump has been found to be an extremist, imagine that??

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    Not quite at the ‘dodging sniper fire on the tarmac’ level but still another lie from the lying little whore…


  7. Jeffery says:


    Do you have any evidence that the Khans were extremists?

    Probably the Shoebat asshats as your source? Right?

    God have pity on your soul.

  8. drowningpuppies says:

    Do you have any evidence that the Khans were extremists?


    Suck that ISIS cock, little guy.

  9. Jeffery says:


    And that is one reason decent Americans oppose Trump. He has become so horrible that even the media, who crave conflict, have started to criticize his vulgar nature.

    dave or anybody: Any evidence that the Kahns are extremists?

    Their son did something most conservative typists refuse to do: he fought Muslim extremists in Iraq, paying with his life, and likely saving several American soldiers in the process.

    And Hoagie, the thin-skinned Trump and their ilk accuse all Muslims of being evil and extremists.

    Suck that Trump cock, little puppy.

  10. drowningpuppies says:

  11. Jeffery says:

    The experiment that was America is ending after only about 240 years. Post-science, post-evidence, post-truth America…

    The far-right has always conflated license and freedom. Just because you have the freedom to hate women, gays, Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans (in fact, all non-white, non-male, non-X-tians) doesn’t mean we should adopt your insecurities as policy. And the freedom to spout racist and xenophobic nonsense does not immunize you against withering criticism.

    Trump assailed all Muslims, especially American Muslims, and when Muslims push back he and his vile minions soil themselves.

    Did any of Trump’s children fight for your freedoms in Iraq or Afghanistan? LOL.

    You condemn a young man and his family who actually sacrificed for America, and lionize a bunch of wealthy layabouts who have an international allegiance to money and power.

    All this said, Trump’s minions will continue to support him. He hates women, Blacks, Mexicans, gays, Muslims and will appoint justices who agree with that.

    Trump could behead a family of five on the steps of the Lincoln Monument in prime time and his minions would still kneel before their god-emperor.

  12. drowningpuppies says:

    Trump assailed all Muslims, especially American Muslims,

    — that little guy who exaggerates often

    Uh, no he didn’t.

    But keep sucking that ISIS cock, little guy.

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