Good News: Hollywood Stars Take Long Fossil Fueled Trips To Philly To Whine About Fossil Fuels

Climate change hypocrisy on dispay. Can we call it Leo Dicaprio Syndrome?

(Haaretz) More than 1,000 people joined Hollywood stars including Shailene Woodley, Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover in Philadelphia last night on the eve of the Democratic National Convention and vowed to keep fighting for climate and environmental justice issues, even though their preferred presidential candidate would not be driving the party’s agenda.

Sarandon, who like the other stars in attendance campaigned on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders, said the rally’s turnout was proof that theirs was a movement and not a cult of personality as some critics alleged. (snip)

The event was organized by NextGen Climate, a San Francisco-based environmental advocacy organization. The event included musical acts and a screening of the documentary “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change” by writer/director Josh Fox. Fox is best known for “Gasland,” which included memorable images of Pennsylvania homeowners setting tap water aflame.

Well, obviously, and as typical, the movie is all about Progressive values, and has nothing about Warmists practicing what the preach. It does tell you that you can dance, and sing, and write poetry. Vote. Annoy your friends, family, and neighbors, er, spread awareness.

Oh, and carry your trash on your back for 5 days (in the courage section). Perhaps all these Climahypocrites in Philly can cart away all their trash for a change?

Perhaps they could all walk home instead of using fossil fueled vehicles and planes.

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4 Responses to “Good News: Hollywood Stars Take Long Fossil Fueled Trips To Philly To Whine About Fossil Fuels”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Shailene Woodley

    What a shame….Such a talented actress who is in danger of alienating half her base by doing this political crap.

    Well I guess at 24 years old she still hasnt grasped the complexity of being a star.

    OH well her hero Susan Sarandon has it down….thats why Susan does about 1 movie a year as a bit part player and the days of headlining ended when she started calling Bush Hitler.

    Good Job Shai….. We will anxiously await your name throwing diatribe that will end your career too.

  2. Hoagie says:

    I could never understand that myself, Liam Thomas. Why would anybody not in politics mix politics into his profession? I was in the restaurant business for most of my career but I wouldn’t so much as put up a sign endorsing a person for dog catcher. I have respect for my customers and their personal views, just like my personal views, have nothing to do with our business relationship. I know I’ve made conscience efforts to avoid doing business with people and companies who deliberately tried to politicize our business relationship and I didn’t agree with them. I’m not interested in Danny Glover’s political point of view but since he made it known to me I avoid all his work. When you multiply that by millions of people across the country it adds up. If he was as smart as he seems to think he is he’d shut up, vote for Klinton and take my money. He’s another dumbass.

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    This is why I want to know nothing about a persons personal or political life when I watch movies or TV.

    i want to enjoy their talent without being prejudiced by what I know is their ugly or politically charged real life.

    Its why I wont watch anything made by James Cameron……Every movie he makes an Evil Corporation or the US military is destroying the planet…..Every movie is a political statement……I hate movies like that….

    But its what hollywood does…..I was watching The Walking DEAD the other night….Season one Finale….

    They are trapped in the CDC and this mad scientist makes a really bizarre statement…..

    “EVERYTHING IS RUN ON FOSSIL FUELS….WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!” Blaming the fact that they are all gonna die in an hour when the diesel back up generators shut down.

    However given the same scenario it does not matter if its a billion squirrels in cages ……THE GRID WENT DOWN>>>>PEOPLE left their jobs…..the grid shut down regardless of what was making energy….

    However the common 20 year old watching the show would think…….OMG those EVIL FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES>>>>>THEY KILLED THEM ALL.


  4. JGlanton says:

    They should all fly down to Venezuela’s worker’s paradise and help out with the food lines. And stay forever.

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