Obama To Make Case That Hillary Would Be Third Term

Day two at the Donkey National Convention was about humanizing Hillary, a tall order indeed, as well as pandering to people, such as having the mother of Michael Brown, a guy who was killed because he attacked a police officer and tried to take his gun, speak to the assembled masses. Today it is about more pandering to interest groups, and telling us that she will be Obama’s third term

(USA Today) President Obama will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention for the fourth time Wednesday to make an argument that only one president has made successfully in modern times: that his policies deserve a third term in the form of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The speech is as important for Obama’s place in history as it is for Clinton’s future. And it will require Obama to juggle a variety of rhetorical chores: defending his own legacy, unifying the Democratic Party and promoting his once bitter rival for the presidency.

Well, let’s see. Real wages have been stagnant. Real unemployment is high, and the jobs market is a disaster, with the reduction of white collar jobs and the explosion of low paying service industry jobs, especially part time ones. Savings are down. Cost of living is up. The number of people who have left the jobs market in despair is at record highs. Welfare and food stamps recipients are at all time highs. College debt is at historic highs.

Government spending is at ridiculous levels. The debt is over $19.4 trillion (remember, he called Bush un-patriotic for increasing the debt). He pissed away taxpayer money with the Stimulus, son of Stimulus, grandson of stimulus, not to mention all the “green” energy loans.

The NSA is spying on all Americans. The CIA spied on Senators. The IRS targeted Obama political opponents. He and his administration have continuously attempted to thwart transparency. The VA scandal. Obamacare, something which polled poorly before it was passed, when it was passed, and post-passage, is imploding.

On the foreign front, he blew off the Arab Spring and Iranian Green uprising. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He’s treated our allies like Israel and England poorly. There’s little trust for America now. ISIS has exploded on the scene under his watch. He turned a stability plan in Iraq around and made it a mess. Syria is an utter disaster. Russia is rising, and even took Crimea. He launched an air war in Libya, deposed Gaddafi (a scumbag, but one who stood against Islamists), and the left, turning the nation into a failed state rife with Islamic extremists. Oh, and it was an illegal venture, designed to protect oil for France and England. Benghazi.

As much as anyone, Obama has proven the impact that a single convention speech can have. After all, he catapulted his own trajectory to the White House with by a keynote address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

“There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America,” he said then. “There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.”

That speech came 12 years ago Wednesday — a historical coincidence that Obama is sure to note.

He’s denigrated and demeaned political opponents, and even used the power of the government to target them. Racial tensions are at all time highs. Black unemployment, especially for young black men, is very high. He’s taken the side of racists over law enforcement. He’s legalized those here in the country illegally, and brought in folks from countries with histories of Islamic terrorism, with little in the way of background checks. He’s worked hard to divide us.

The list can go on and on and on. As horrible as Donald Trump is, continuing the Obama policies, and even expanding on them, would be an unmitigated disaster.

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6 Responses to “Obama To Make Case That Hillary Would Be Third Term”

  1. Dana says:

    Even CNN, once derided as the Clinton News Network, had a blurb on the bottom of the screen at 5 AM this morning saying that the Convention was about “humanizing Hillary.” Uhhh, why would the Dems need to “humanize” Hillary unless she wasn’t already human?

    As for President Obama claiming that Mrs Clinton would be, in effect, a third term for his Administration, why are the Democrats claiming that Mrs Clinton is a “change maker”? She can be one, or she can be the other, but she can’t be both.

  2. Hank_M says:

    The “Change maker” theme is to counter Trump calling Hillary the status quo, more of the same.

    As for being a 3rd term for Obama…..god help us. Our host has listed all of the “accomplishments” of the Obama years and it’s a list of disasters, both domestically and worldwide. With little left to ruin, I’d expect Hillary to simply finish selling out the country for even more personal enrichment.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    . As horrible as Donald Trump is,…

    Might want to think about that, Teach.

    Seems like he’s been pointing out the same things you’ve been writing about.

  4. John says:

    Obama’s approval rating is 300% higher than your GOP led Congress
    What has Congress done except try to repeal Obamacare 54 times ?
    Teach Trump is Putin’s boy and you want him
    None of our allies trust Trump who wants a weak NATO so the Putin can expand
    His campaign manager worked for 7 years for Putin’s Ukrainian stooge
    Trump publicly thanked his Rusduan and Chinese friends for the hack

  5. gitarcarver says:

    Obama’s approval rating is 300% higher than your GOP led Congress

    And when the GOP Congress approval rating was higher, you never said a word. You rely too much on polls and not enough on principles, ethics or knowledge.

    What has Congress done except try to repeal Obamacare 54 times ?

    Passed bills that were fought by the Democrats to try and insure freedoms. Tried to pass spending on the Zika virus which Obama hated….

    There are lots of things that got done john. It’s just that you are willfully ignorant of them.

    None of our allies trust Trump who wants a weak NATO so the Putin can expand

    Bull. None of the allies trust Hillary or Obama. This administration has been an unmitigated disaster on foreign relations.

    Trump publicly thanked his Rusduan and Chinese friends for the hack

    And Clinton thanked the Chinese for their money in purchasing her.

    The real question has to be “why aren’t you thanking the hackers for exposing corruption in the Democrat election process? When the Wikileaks occurred under Bush and put people’s lives at risk, you supported them. Now that the leaks and hacks expose the people tou support, you want to dismiss them.

    You’re simply mad that Trump is beating Clinton in many polls now and are lashing out at the fact that the Democratic party is being exposed to all as being much more corrupt.

    Wail away little boy.

  6. Seems like he’s been pointing out the same things you’ve been writing about.

    Comment by drowningpuppies

    True, but I just don’t trust the guy on so many issues. He suddenly changed from being a Dem to being an over the top Republican.

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