Say, What Would It Take To Make Warmists Take Personal Action On Hotcoldwetdry?

It’s funny that this question has to be asked time and again. It simply highlights that so few Warmists are willing to make more than token changes in their own lives to match the cult-like beliefs they espouse for Everyone Else

What Would It Take to Make You Do Something About Climate Change?

Bad news if you like living on Planet Earth. According to a report from the Committee on Climate Change, things are looking pretty bleak on the environmental front. If we carry on refusing to recycle or travel everywhere by bike, the worst-case scenario could see us hit with 118-degree heat waves, widespread flooding, and other hellish symptoms of global warming as early as the 2080s.

If this happens, we’ll finally be able say “I told you so” to all the annoying people who refuse to acknowledge that climate change is, you know, a thing. But despite that huge bonus, climate-stoked wars, new diseases, food and water shortages would make it a pointless victory unless we make some drastic changes to the way we live our lives, and soon.

Even though a lot of people say global warming is important to them, we’re slowly boiling in our own filth because nobody seems to be doing all that much about it. To find out how screwed we are, I asked a bunch of people on the streets of London what it’s actually going to take to get people to care about the state of the planet.

Boiling in our own filth!!!!!!!1!!!!

Anyhow, there’s Yonn, 20 years old, who eats less meat and stuff

It’s difficult because I don’t think protesting really changes anything. I think we just have to change the way we act every day. People really need to start getting out of their comfort zones, because not enough people think about it seriously at the moment. But also, the people who have an influence on the world, like politicians and economists, should think a little less about making money and more about the Earth, otherwise nothing will change.

And Emily, 42

So unless it’s like a governmental thing that changes stuff, nothing’s going to happen, and it might be pretty unpleasant for a while until then. If we were all going to be doing something, we should have been doing it fifty years ago. I don’t think the UK can save the world, or ourselves, really.

And Joseph, 19, who has lots of arguments with his family over ‘climate change’

We all need to wake up and start caring, though, and stop being so apathetic, because the way we’re moving is going nowhere positive. We all need to make a conscious effort, and actually realize what we’re doing to our planet.

There are a few other people mention, who super care about the issue and want to see something done, but, are really only taking token steps in their own lives, but, interestingly, note that, for the most part, they talk about “we” rather than “I”. They want everyone else to be forced into this, to do things they themselves won’t do. Even though we’re “boiling in our own filth” for refusing to give up fossil fueled vehicles and take bikes.

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7 Responses to “Say, What Would It Take To Make Warmists Take Personal Action On Hotcoldwetdry?”

  1. John says:

    And let’s add Teach to that group
    Approaching 50 he has finally stopped fearing CFL light bulbs and after comparing his Duke power bill from 10 years ago has been pleasantly surprised
    He had been told that would be skyrocketing increases in his bill
    Yes our nation’s carbon footprint has gone down even as population increased
    Of course that doesn’t mean Teach or any of the others that post here are going to go over to fight ISIS
    That would entail too much of a lifestyle change
    Right guys?
    When all do a little big things can be accomplished

  2. JGlanton says:

    I’m doing my part by riding my bike at least 100 miles a week. Of course this means I need more protein so I eat more meat. I’m supposed to have 130 grams per day to maintain the muscles without deficit. Thats a lot of steak! I made two batches of beef jerky this month for snacking.

    • John says:

      130 grams is 4 oz
      That sure doesn’t seem like a lot to me
      Congrats for the exercise !!
      I myself am in a sloth period except for work

  3. John Glanton says:

    Think again, John. We have to eat about a pound of steak to get 130 grams of protein, give or take depending on the meat. And since you don’t want it to be tender fatty steak with marbling, it isn’t easy to eat that much lean beef (or other meat). I usually don’t get there but it’s a goal to think about. People who are serious about it have boring frikkin diets and they hate it. I like to enjoy food and drink beer so I’m not serious about it. That’s why so many people are drinking protein powder shakes and eating protein bars these days.

    • John says:

      Doing better than me at just over 6 feet I know I shouldn’t be trying to carry 210 ponds getting close to 70 years
      But I will admit to eating for reasons other than simple nutrition

  4. david7134 says:

    I am doing my part. I have a big trash pile about once a month that I burn. Then I run my air as cool as possible. Then I like to drive big cars. All this as the whole concept is one big hoax.

    Lets have the politicians lead a carbon neutral life without the ability to use carbon credits. That will never happen and so the issue does not exist.

  5. John Glanton says:

    Yeah, John, you have to enjoy life too. I reached 225 lbs and my back hurt, but through bike riding and following my idea of exercising while watching sports (instead of sitting in my chair eating snacks) I reached 195 without doing any dieting. In fact I was eating more and drinking more beer because it made me hungry and thirsty. Then I was feeling better and my back doesn’t hurt and started dating some pretty hot ladies, so it paid off that way. One of them was a certified dietitian and she told me that I was starving my muscles of protein given my exercise level, especially at my age when we don’t generate much muscle any more. She is on 100 grams protein a day and looks like a gazelle so I started eating more protein, too.

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