Warmists Suddenly Very Upset When They’re Hit With Subpoenas

Members of the Cult of Climastrology were enthusiastic over the government sponsored witch hunts aimed by elected Democratic officials at Skeptic groups and individuals, and have long promoted the removal of 1st Amendment rights from those involved in WrongThink. However, when the table is turned, they aren’t particularly happy

(Daily Caller) Two environmental groups backing investigations into ExxonMobil and conservative think tanks by some states attorneys general are furious they’ve been threatened with a subpoena by federal lawmakers.

Greenpeace and 350.org activists were so mad with House Republicans they sent a letter back demanding lawmakers disclose their ties to Exxon, other oil companies and conservtive think tanks. Activists also argued, rather ironically, such requests violate their First Amendment rights.

“As we have explained in detail in our prior letters to the Committee, the Committee’s requests violate basic First Amendment protections, fall outside the proper jurisdiction of the Committee, and are impermissibly vague, overbroad, and burdensome,” Greenpeace and 350.org wrote to Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House science committee.

Interesting. These same groups were big cheerleaders when the subpoenas were flying the other way. Free speech for me but not thee seems to be their ideal. This leads to

(Daily Caller) A top House Republican issued subpoenas Wednesday to the attorneys general and environmental groups conservatives argue are depriving companies and other organization of free speech rights.

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith issued subpoenas to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and eight environmental groups focusing on nonprofit groups for supposedly hiding information related to global warming.

“The attorneys general have appointed themselves to decide what is valid and what is invalid regarding climate change. The attorneys general are pursuing a political agenda at the expense of scientists’ right to free speech,” Smith, who chairs the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, said in a press statement Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, the attorneys general have refused to give the committee the information to which it is entitled. What are they hiding? And why?”

From the press release

Energy Subcommittee Chairman Randy Weber (R-Texas): “Since when did it become a crime to express or hold an opinion? The difference of opinions is what makes our country so strong and unique. It’s this freedom without censorship or restraint that helped build our country. However, this posse of attorneys general believe that those whose opinion, or scientific research, conflicts with the alleged consensus view on climate change should be the subject of investigation and prosecution by government officials – talk about a chilling effect on free speech.”

From Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill.)

“If the debate on climate change is settled, the environmental activists and state attorneys general should have no problem convincing the American public with their own evidence and arguments. Why go to such great lengths to squash differing opinions and anyone who questions their conclusions? These individuals, scientists, and organizations have the right to conduct research, form their own opinions, and voice those opinions.”


Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio): “Instead of upholding the constitution, protecting citizens, and putting real criminal behind bars, these attorneys general are using taxpayer dollars to manufacture charges to send a political message. This demonstrates a clear deviation from the legal duties of an attorney general and the possible abuse of discretionary judgement. It is not the job of the attorneys general to decide what science should be conducted, and their actions indicate their intent is to silence certain voices.”

It’s a fight started by those who wish to use the Government to shut down 1st Amendment Rights, something which is specifically forbidden in the Constitution (remember, the original Bill of Rights was more about telling the Government what it cannot do), and now must be joined by those who wish to protect those 1st Amendment protections. And the first group is not real happy when their own tactics are turned back on them.

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16 Responses to “Warmists Suddenly Very Upset When They’re Hit With Subpoenas”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    When are the leftists NOT upset about something?

  2. Jeffery says:

    The only answer is to throw the filthy, trashy Republicans out of office and replace them with decent Americans.

  3. Hoagie says:

    Everybody but leftist democrats should be “run out of office”. We don’t need Republicans, moderates or anybody not loyal to The Party in office. No one other than democrats are entitled to representation and the very idea of a Constitutional republic is a threat to those who should lead us. Everybody knows that non democrats are stupid, ignorant and racist. We need one party rule just like the Fatherland! Heil Jeffery!

    *Swastika armbands available at jackbootjeffery.com for $4.99 each + shipping. ($1.00 goes to the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism)

    • John says:

      As a Christian Hoagie isn’t greed a sin ?
      Hey it wasn’t the lefties that made us begin calling out republic The Homeland”

  4. Jeffery says:


    Right on! We need to wake up and admit how terrible the Republican Party is and has been for the past 35 yrs or so. And they’re getting worse!

    Far-right racism, hatred and stupidity used to be on the “down low”. Now because of Rush, Fox and the interwebs, what used to unthinkable, much less unspeakable is now standard Republican fare.

    So called moderate Repubs like Paul Ryan call for reducing the federal government to defense and privatizing the rest!

    We need to admit that the GOP is the greatest obstacle to American prosperity. But if the American people want to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, the ACA, EPA, FDA, FCC, FEC etc, they can elect more Repubs. If they are so frightened that they want to discriminate even more against Blacks, women, immigrants, gays and non-Christians, they can elect more Repubs. If they think the problem with America is that the wealthy aren’t wealthy enough, they can elect more Repubs.

    We have had conservative mob rule for the past 35 yrs and look where that got us. It’s time for a change.

    Isn’t it ironic that Donald Adolph Trump is the candidate most similar to a Nazi, campaigning on fear, and blaming the “other” for all your problems. And isn’t he a second generation Nazi?

  5. drowningpuppies says:



  6. david7134 says:

    Well, Jeff certainly was able to identify what is wrong with the country, but include both parties. Oh, I watched Greenspan talking and he listed much of the same problems that Jeff did as holding back the economy, that is as far as government agencies and programs.

  7. david7134 says:

    A question, for anyone but the resident nuts (jeff and john). To determine if we truly have an issue with AGW, would it be reasonable to measure the amount of CO in the air and compare to the amount of CO2 to determine if fossil fuels are the reason for the increased CO2 accumulation. That is motors will produce more CO than other CO2 sources. Any thoughts?

    • John says:

      Exxon says that is correct, that burning fossil fuels causes an increase in CO2 levels

  8. Hoagie says:

    By omission from the Fuhrer’s list we can surmise that white and yellow people, heterosexuals, Jews and Christians, men and natural born Americans are going to be on the “hit list”. Apparently those horrible white, Christian men who founded and designed this country were no good. So now we know the fascist goal of the left and how Herr Jeffery does project it to , what else, a white, straight male: Trump. And he’s rich too.

    I have a question. Why do fascists hate the rich? They themselves are all rich. I mean take little Herr Jeffery. I can tell he has money, a far leftist education, a religion of hate and envy and is swimming in white privilege. Seems like Der Fuhrer hates himself?

    He’s a fascist oikophobe! You nee to see a shrink there Fuhrer.


    • John says:

      Wow Hogie you are sounding like you are going to blow your cork soon!
      The stress of life in America seems to be getting to you
      Try to relax and take a vacation, Maybevyo the places you did your military R&R at
      I see air fares to Manila as low as $530
      Itveould be good for your mental hygiene

  9. John says:

    They probably would have subpoenaed the AGs who were going after Big Tobacco too
    Remember Big Tobacco also claimed that the science wasn’t settled
    Teach did Joe Camel get you hooked on nicotine ? He was a pretty cool guy with his stylized uber masculinity
    Teach do you think that the government also “shut down 1st Amendment rights ” by restricting advertising of tobacco? They made them say right on their own packaging ” hey this stuff kills you and others around you”
    Now of course they didn’t take away your right to proclaim ” hey I love to smoke tobacco/nicotine and like the way it makes me feel” you CAN still say that, although most people would tend to feel sorry for you.
    The day is coming when they will do the same for fossil fuels, making those companies say ” this product caused carbon pollution that causes global warming”

  10. Jeffery says:


    What’s the matter, afraid of learning something?

    It’s been proven that the increased CO2 has originated from fossil fuel burning (Ghosh and Brand, 2003). Did you know the 14C proportion in atmospheric CO2 has been dropping steadily? (N.B. – 14C has a half-life of 5,730 years). That sure is consistent with the concept that 14C-negative fossil-fuels are contributing the CO2. Or do you hypothesize that there exists some natural and unknown mechanism preferentially pulling 14CO2 out of the atmosphere??

    Did you know that because of the clean air act, CO levels have been plummeting, even as we drive many more miles! Incompletely burned hydrocarbons yield more CO, and new cars with their sophisticated controls are much more efficient (thanks feds!).

    Was that where you were going? That a drop in atmospheric CO “proved” cars were not adding CO2 to the atmosphere?

  11. drowningpuppies says:

    Oh no!
    How will we survive????

    One of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to move responsibility for climate change to a new Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.


  12. david7134 says:

    Thanks, you just conclusively proved that CO2 is not coming from man and that you need to look at another source. Good comment.

  13. Andrew says:

    John: RealClimate.org has explained that. Go to that site & search for the page entitled “How do we know that recent CO2 increases are due to human activities?”

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