Exxon Forces Democrat AG To Back Down On Climate Witchhunt

One of the things that all the Democrat attorney generals who’ve decided to go after Exxon forgot is that there is this thing called “The Constitution”. Oh, and the law. Standards of conduct. And that Exxon is a really, really big company which keeps really smart lawyers on the payroll, ones who certainly graduated from some of the best law schools in the world. And can pay to hire more, if needed. And they can all argue those Constitution and law thingies

(Washington Examiner) A group of Democratic attorneys general have suffered another blow in their bid to find oil-giant Exxon Mobil guilty of fraud in a highly-politicized climate change investigation.

A court document issued Wednesday evening says Claude Walker, attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, has agreed to withdraw his subpoena demanding documents and emails from the oil company related to its discussion of the risks posed by climate change. (snip)

On Wednesday, Exxon agreed to stand down its legal action given Walker’s agreement to withdraw his subpoena.

This is the second time Walker was forced to withdraw a subpoena in the climate fight. Walker had gone after the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute a few months ago for its ties to the oil company. The think tank responded with threats of sanctions and Walker withdrew.

CEI is not backing down, and is seeking sanctions against Walker. Exxon just wants to get along, which would usually be a smart move for a business. In this case, they should have sought sanctions, as well, which would dissuade other AGs from playing these games.

Of course, ExxonMobile has also sued Massachusetts AG Maura Healy earlier in June, so, that could actually have forced Walker’s hand in backing down.

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2 Responses to “Exxon Forces Democrat AG To Back Down On Climate Witchhunt”

  1. Robert What? says:

    One of the things that all the Democrat attorney generals who’ve decided to go after Exxon forgot is that there is this thing called “The Constitution”

    In the age of Obama, Holder, Lynch, Roberts, etc, you can forgive the states AGs for assuming that the Constitution doesn’t matter any more.

  2. Liam Thomas says:

    No the constitution no longer exists under this administration.

    To wit…..right now the DOJ has said they are going to wait an arbitrary 27 months to release Hillarys State Department Emails.

    Emails that would infuriate even her own base of voters and most likely hand the nomination to Trump.

    The constitution does not exist. So far even the police being tried in PHILLY for the so called murder of a black man have all been acquitted by a trial of their peers despite the DOJ demanding that 6 mostly BLACK police officers be tried for a crime against a thug.

    This president is a disgrace….he is but a shadow of things to come as a comliant press allows the left to do whatever they want including breaking the law in order to further the MOTHERLANDS MARCHING ORDERS.

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