Climate Change Makes Fires So Hot Now That They Melt Stoves

The first thing that caught my attention with this University Of Brokeifornia article was the headline, Why the climate change fight needs a new type of entrepreneur, figuring that writer Andy Murdock was going to argue for more Government intervention in creating new entrepreneurs. And it it does include that

Policies have proven to be effective to change behavior, and can provide opportunities for clean tech businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Soliculture, Carter’s own startup that sells solar greenhouse technology originally developed in her UC Santa Cruz lab, has benefited from the tax rebates available to consumers who invest in solar building projects.

Here’s Da Crazy, where, apparently, because Other People drive fossil fueled vehicles, fire is now hotter

“It’s only been in the last five years that we’ve seen the real impacts of climate change on our livelihood, and that’s going to cause the right situation for entrepreneurs to play a role in climate change mitigation,” said UC Santa Cruz physics professor and tech entrepreneur Sue Carter.

The impact of climate change couldn’t be more real to Carter. In 2015, her house burned to the ground in California’s massive Butte fire, during the worst wildfire year on record in the western U.S.

“It was so hot that even the wood burning stove was completely melted,” said Carter.

When climate change is a vague, distant concept, it’s easy to ignore. When your house burns to the ground, you pay attention. But where others might have just seen tragedy, as both a researcher and entrepreneur, Carter saw opportunity.

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5 Responses to “Climate Change Makes Fires So Hot Now That They Melt Stoves”

  1. John says:

    Teach please check and see if your info is up to date on CA budget deficits I believe, again, you are out of date

  2. John says:

    teach why are you surprised that a wood fire could not melt a cast iron wood stove?
    Cast iron unlike steel melts at only 1200f steel takes a lot more heat 2700F

  3. Liam Thomas says:

    That “golden egg” reference is to gargantuan “surges” in revenue from capital gains earned in Silicon Valley and voter-approved tax hikes on the rich and corporations.

    Sure California is running budget surpluses right now because everything is being poured into the stock market.

    California has a 10.67 percent tax rate surcharge on banks and financial instututions. People are pouring their money into the Stock market and the market has been doing really well……

    Not because of Obama but because the FED has kept interest rates at ZERO….meaning no one can earn anything on savings… the only place to go with money is the Stock market where you get capital gains TAXES by the boatloads.

    Once the FED starts raising rates the market will cool and California will once again find themselves looking for money.

  4. Hoagie says:

    2.teach why are you surprised that a wood fire could not melt a cast iron wood stove?

    I think the reason Teach bolded that comment was because he found it amusing the “professor” was stunned the stove melted not that he was.

    This refers back to a previous comment of mine. The noble “UC Santa Cruz physics professor” immediately jumps on “the tax rebates available to consumers who invest in solar building projects”. In other words, stealing tax dollars to make big bucks while shouting “the sky is falling”.

    After all, the “distant concept” of AGW could no longer be ignored because her very own house burnt down in a forest/brush fire. Since there were never any brush or forest fires before it must be AGW. Oy vey.

  5. Jl says:

    But let’s ignore the fact there’s absolutely no proof “climate change” has anything to do with a wild fire seaon.

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