BrExit Is Totally Bad For Climate Change Or Something

Why, yes, of course the Cult of Climastrology made sure to link ‘climate change’ to BrExit. They did it before the vote, and now that those looking for freedom and all the other things the Leave movement was about, the Warmists are still whining. Here’s Chris Mooney

Why an E.U. without Britain is bad news for the fight against climate change

It’s not just the upheaval in global financial markets.

Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, there may also be negative consequences for international climate change policy, a number of climate change advocates and analysts say.

Of course, as Mooney goes on to say, they really do not know what will happen. Will the U.K. kinda be a part of the EU’s climate goals? Will they go their own way? What they do know is this at the end

But hey, at least there’s one rather paradoxical (and, frankly, sad) potential upside for international climate policy. As Ed King of Climate Home noted, as an expected British economic downturn caused by the Brexit kicks in, “the resulting economic slump could lead to a fall in greenhouse gas emissions.” Roaring economies generally produce considerably more greenhouse gases than slowing ones.

So even as Britain’s departure throws international climate policy into turmoil, it might slightly lessen global emissions.

Interesting. Warmists are hoping for a financial downturn, which hurts actual people, as opposed to the computer generated ones that the computer says will be hurt by tiny amounts of CO2, in order to reduce greenhouse gas output. They do not care.

Oh, and lots of Warmists expect the UK to continue on and follow the EU rules about ‘climate change’ as if nothing has happened. Screw the people who wanted out. This is the Progressive version of democracy. They do not care about freedom and liberty, and they really do not care if people are hurt for their pet cult.

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6 Responses to “BrExit Is Totally Bad For Climate Change Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Teach typed:

    Warmists are hoping for a financial downturn

    No, you’re lying again. The author you quoted was not wishing for a financial downturn. So who was?

    Most liberals opposed the UK leaving the EU.

  2. Odysseus says:

    Oh Noes something that might threaten the new global oligarchy, quick blame racism and threaten Global Warming Climate Change Climate Weirding whatever we’re calling it this week.

  3. John says:

    Coldists are hoping that no one will notice that Brexit is a job killer
    In unity there is strength
    There is now an excellent chance that Scotland will vote to leave “great” Britain
    Russia will see Brexit as further weakening NATO
    Warmists are quite pleased to see that our US dollar is continuing to be THE strongest currency no matter how much Obama prints
    Cook dusts are quite the SADZ that their prediction of inflation failed completely

  4. PapaMAS says:

    Oi. Those stiff-necked Brits. It’s almost like the self-appointed elites want to dictate policy and force compliance rather than convince a majority their policies are correct while working with the opposition to craft compromises which take everyone’s views, rights and situations into account – you know, like in a functioning democracy. Having gone straight to their nirvana where every bureaucratic pinhead is an unaccountable, thuggish dictator reigning lordly over the serfs, all that’s left to them is to whine, moan, grind and gnash their teeth, wear sackcloth, pour ashes over their heads, and predict the imminent demise of the world due to stupid, ungrateful peasants pulling their better’s hands from the cookie jar.

    • John says:

      And you think that Brexut is going to be the new dawn of a workers paradise ?
      Those workers have already seen their wages cut by an immediate 10% in real value who will squirm more the millionaire who loses £100,000? Or the worker who lose 10% of what little they earn?
      The big divide in voting was by age, under 50 wanted to stay over 50 to leave
      Who has the most to lose in the future?

  5. John says:

    ExxonMobil has a website
    On it they admit that climate change is real, is caused by carbon pollution, and day that the government should do something
    Are they warmists?

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