Good News: It’s Easier To Get A Gun Than A Puppy

It’s apparently become a big thing for media folks to attempt to purchase firearms, particularly AR-15’s and similar “assault weapons”. All to tell us how easy it is to purchase a weapon and pass an instant background check when one is not a list which would ban them from ownership. Apparently, these media folks must have some skeletons in the closet making them think they should be denied.

And, then we have CNN’s Doug Criss

It’s easier to get a gun than to get a puppy

The way our laws are written, guns are easy to get in this land of the free.

Buying from a gun store? Background checks and waiting periods might slow you down — but only a little.

Buying from a private seller? In all but a handful of states, there’s really no hoops to jump through at all.

In fact, it’s easier to get a gun than …

First, Doug notes that it is easier than getting a driver’s license, which requires lots of training and probationary periods to find out if you are worthy to drive a multi-ton vehicle capable of crushing other people around daily. Which is not a Constitutional Right.

Then a passport, which requires a few hoops, like taking a picture to send in with your application, and, thanks to government incompetence, can take up to six weeks to receive back!

And cold medicine, which is behind the counter in many cases, as it contains pseudoephedrine, used to make meth. Neither is a Constitutional Right.

And divorce? There’s often a waiting period to get a divorce. But no waiting period, or at least not a long one, to exercise your Constitutional Right to a firearm.


Pet: In most cases, you must be 21, show ID and you may be asked to provide personal references. In some cases, the adoption agency may do a home check before handing over the pet.

Gun: No personal references. No home visits.

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3 Responses to “Good News: It’s Easier To Get A Gun Than A Puppy”

  1. acethepug says:

    Absolutely, it’s projection, a feature of the Left.

    Because they are horrible people filled with sexism and racism, they assume everyone else is, too.

    Amazing how all these brain-trusts, lamenting the ease of acquiring firearms, have missed two rather large counter-points to their screeds.

    One, most of the killing done in Chicago is with ILLEGAL firearms, which not only proves that, get this, criminals who ALREADY break the law don’t have much problem breaking even MORE laws to get guns to kill people with … and Chicago ALREADY has some of the most strict gun control laws in the country.

    Two, for all those hundreds of millions of guns out there, in the hands of tens of millions of people, I’d say the Lefty claim that every gun owner is a potential threat is pretty much absurd on its face.

    One also has to wonder why Obama and the Left subscribe to the “no true Muslim” defense every time still another Islamic terrorist strikes, but are more than happy to use those actions to … blame ALL gun owners and pro-2A advocates.

    Leftism is truly a mental disease.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    “The law is very clear. When you knowingly attempt to purchase a firearm with the intent of giving it to another person, you are trying to bypass the legal pathway to firearms ownership,” he said. “This, in itself, is a very serious crime. I do not see how any member of the press can get away with potentially committing a felony just to boost their ratings and mislead the general public.”

  3. Hoagie says:

    What member of the press tried to get someone else to buy them a gun? When?

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