Man Who Took Fossil Fueled Trip To Manhattan Warns It Will Soon Be Underwater From ‘Climate Change’

What does it take to get Mr. Obama anywhere? Let’s start with a fossil fueled (FF) helicopter flight to Andrews AFB. Then the FF flight itself, which typically includes a FF backup plane and several FF fighter jets. Then a big FF convoy of vehicles which get low MPG. Then reverse for the trip back to D.C.

(Weekly Standard) President Obama warned of a submerged Manhattan without efforts to combat climate change during a fundraiser in New York City Wednesday night.

“[T]he majority of people believe in things like science — and scientists,” an official transcript of his remarks reads. “And so when scientists tell us that the planet is getting warmer and we need to do something about it, the majority of people think that’s a good idea, let’s do something about that, because we don’t want Manhattan to be underwater.”

Good news! It’ll take a long, long time for Manhattan to be underwater. By the time it becomes a danger, the earth will have flipped to a typical Holocene cool period

You can see it bigger, and other NY sea level data, here. 0.93 feet in 100 years is just barely above average for the last 7-8,000 years, and still well under the expected sea rise during a Holocene warm period. Fortunately, we have Mr. Obama, putting out well above the average carbon pollution to tell Other People that they need to be forced to Do Something by government. While at a fancy schmansy fundraiser.

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6 Responses to “Man Who Took Fossil Fueled Trip To Manhattan Warns It Will Soon Be Underwater From ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jeffery says:

    By the time it becomes a danger, the earth will have flipped to a typical Holocene cool period

    Really? What makes you think that? Hope? Magic? The global mean surface temperature varies for no physical reason?

    The Earth has warmed more in the past 100 years than it cooled in the past 6000 years. What makes you think a “typical Holocene cool period” is on the near horizon?

  2. Dana says:

    Now if only we could get global warming to drown Chicago and foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia, we could call that progress!

    Think what we could accomplish if we could move our financial capital to Lexington, Kentucky! We’d revitalize the economy of one of our poorer states, the banksters would be able to see really good basketball, and my riverfront property in Estill County would soar in value!

  3. John says:

    Teach do you realize that the rate of increase during the timeline shown has increased ? That the seas are rising faster in the last 10 years than the average increase in the last 100years?
    Of course this would be expected since we are seeing record high temps year after year now

  4. Jl says:

    James Hansen, one of the head astrologers, was “predicting” a major highway would be under water in New York back in the 80’s, and it was supposed to have happened by now. So the fools keep moving back the date, and other gullible fools keep believing in them.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    I suggest NY get to work and build a sea wall around Manhattan. It would after all provide a bunch of “””””SHOVEL READY JOBS”””” for the democrats Union Lackeys.

    What better way to solve NY’s unemployment problem.

    Just follow Denmarks example. IF rising water is such a fearsome foe then confront your demon not scream the sky is falling and do nothing.

    IF THEY REALLY BELIEVE THEY WILL BE SWALLOWED UP….the wall should have already began.

  6. Jeffery says:


    Perhaps this will put you at ease:

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement yesterday (June 2013) of a $19.5 billion, multidecade plan to defend New York City against rising seas and severe storms illustrated two truths that resonate far beyond his home city.

    Mayor Bloomberg is years ahead of you.

    “As New Yorkers, we cannot and will not abandon our waterfront,” Bloomberg said. “It is our greatest asset.” His $19.5 billion plan—the price tag matches almost exactly the damage inflicted on the city by Sandy—calls for the construction of permanent levees, sand dunes, portable storm barriers, and other climate defenses. Visitors to lower Manhattan in coming decades may find a Dutch-style dike between them and the harbor.

    Is your criticism that they aren’t moving fast enough for you?

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