RNC Asks Republicans To Help Decide The 2016 Party Platform

Here’s an interesting proposal

(Fox News) Donald Trump’s rise has fueled an identity crisis of sorts for the Republican Party – and now, the GOP is seeking the public’s help defining what the party of 2016 represents.

On the heels of the final primary contests that solidified Trump’s claim to the nomination, the Republican National Committee on Wednesday launched an interactive website, www.platform.gop, for people to share what they would like to see in the party’s platform. That document will be drafted and adopted at the convention in July.

“While Democrats are letting party insiders write their platform behind closed doors, Platform.gop is proof of our Party’s philosophy of listening to the voice of the people and honoring the democratic process,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.

There are 6 categories: the economy, a Constitutional government, energy and the environment, healthcare and the safety net, foreign policy and national security, and families and schools. In many, I found myself writing comments, such as in the energy one.

In the Internet age, I initially found myself wondering if each module was a bit too unwieldy, yet, these are important, and should not be something quick and easy. It requires thoughtfulness. I found myself writing multiple paragraphs on ideas for illegal immigration and making sure legal VISA holders are not allowed to become illegals.

Of course, many ideas will not be embraced by those who work in the federal government arena. They surely would not to repeal the 17th Amendment (which changed the way Senators are elected, from being appointed by state legislations to direct election), which would help return power back to the States and the People, where it belongs. They would be uninterested in instituting term limits for Congress. Or anything that limits the power of the Central Government.

Priebus, in a video on the new website, said the RNC launched the platform site so people can add their “voice to the process of establishing and reaffirming our party’s core principles during one of the most important elections of our lifetime.”

He made clear this will include an “unshakable commitment to life, individual liberty, a strong national defense and an economy that creates opportunities for every American.”

Compared to the Democratic Party platform, which is about killing the unborn, letting weirdos use the opposite sex bathrooms/showers/locker room, weakening America’s national security and defense, stifling the economy through myriad rules and regulations, and increasing governmental control over everything.

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2 Responses to “RNC Asks Republicans To Help Decide The 2016 Party Platform”

  1. Jeffery says:

    True, the Republicans need all the help they can get to slow their inevitable implosion.

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion that we should have white courts, Hispanic courts, Black courts, Muslim courts etc? Maybe female courts.

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion that we base immigration policy on religious beliefs?

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion that we should torture/kill the wives and children of suspected terrorists?

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion to put huuge tariffs on imports?

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion to break up NATO?

    Will the RNC stand behind candidate Trump’s notion to support nukes for Japan and Korea?

    The RNC will likely support Trump’s “plan” to slash the taxes paid by the wealthy.

  2. Han Solo says:


    Good of the Republican party to keep the myth and lies going that government can actually create jobs.


    Its things like this that just shows how much the republican party needs to die.

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